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Outbreak at Ribannald

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:33 pm
by Doopliss
Countless invasion forces smashed into each-other on the Non-Descript Plains dividing the nations, disintegrating humiliatingly.  As time went on, the Legopian Alliance and Connected Bricks of Legopia began using smaller attack forces that were more likely to make it to their destination.

One of these forces, comprised of a single Lich, was sent across the Plains shortly before the Battle of the Unnecessary Wall.  He hid himself in the village of Ribannald.  While there, he slowly grew in power by killing and reanimating anyone he could without worrying about witnesses.  Unfortunately, before his horde could come properly to fruition, he was found out.  Nobody knows quite how, though some suspect Ninja reconaissance, or that the disappearances alone in such a small village were enough.  The Connected Bricks of Legopia quickly dispatched a small squad of units, the only ones close enough to make it on time, to root him out.


Legopian Alliance:
The Lich is guarded by two skeletons (essentially ordinary Minifigs), with three zombies in front.  Any minifigs damaged by a zombie will become one next turn.  Zombies will theoretically obey orders, but only if there are no living (or, at least, uninfected) Minifigs within graagh-ing range.  Zombies can't sprint, or use weapons.

Connected Bricks of Legopia:
The wandering adventurer White Mage has agreed to work with the Connected Bricks of Legopia for this battle.  She's protected by a Viking, a Knight, a Rocketeer, and an Aboriginal.  A BLU Scout is a ways left of the force.


A bunch of idiots.  If they have weapons and aren't outnumbered by the undead, they'll fight.  Otherwise, they'll generally run.

Turn 1: Legopian Alliance

The Zombies begin their advance, killing a villager.

A skeleton has some trouble attacking.  The Lich picks up the slack, draining two Villagers of their life.

Turn 1: Connected Bricks of Legopia

The CBL force heads for the village.  Since the Viking forgot to bring a weapon, White Mage enchants his helmet's horns to deal extra damage to the undead.  The scout sneaks around back.

Turn 1: Villagers

A villager outside the store attacks an approaching zombie, getting bitten for his trouble.
A second villager has more luck, dealing an effective blow with his pickaxe.

Not particularly encouraged by the rescuing Viking charging directly at her head-first, a villager ducks into her home.  A farmer flees to raise the alarm, and a villager outside the Town Hall pulls a pipe out of the ground for use as a weapon.

Turn 2: Legopian Alliance

Another zombie blindsides the cocky villager, giving his bisected victim a chance to finish him off.  Next to them, the battle's first fatality is beginning to reanimate.
The Lich continues his work, reanimating the corpses he just created.

The second attacking villager is also dealt with.  The killer shambles off toward the store.

Turn 2: Connected Bricks of Legopia

The Scout dashes out from behind the building, destroying a skeleton with his scattergun before retreating.  The Viking headbutt-charges one of the new zombies' heads off, and the Rocketeer takes care of the other one.

The Lich, seeing his odds getting worse, attempts to summon in Demonic Tinkerbell for assistance.  He succeeds, but, unfortunately, summons her at his exact position.
The Lich is telefragged.

Turn 2: Villagers

The farmhouse's other inhabitants grab a pair of rifles and head outside.  Farmer John catches his breath.

Turn 3: Legopian Alliance

Demonic Tinkerbell does not like being summoned without permission.  After looking around and confirming that her summoner is already dead, she blasts the Viking with a Lightning spell.  She then retreats.

The zombie's victim joins him in an attack on the store.  The clerk is infected.

Turn 3: Connected Bricks of Legopia

The scout runs around the corner again.  The second Skeleton, waiting in ambush, kills him.

White Mage casts a high-magnitude Cure spell on a pair of zombies.  Their heads explode.

Turn 3: Villagers
The store's patron desperately tries to pick up a Technix pipe to defend himself.  Sadly, his arms just aren't designed for it.  He's quickly killed.

The farmhands set up a defensive perimiter.

Two of the Blue House inhabitants climb out the window behind CBL lines, escaping the battlefield.

A farmhand takes off an approaching zombie's arm.

Turn 4: Legopian Alliance

The aboriginal charges the distracted skeleton, taking another Lightning spell from Demonic Tinkerbell.  Demonic Tinkerbell flies to the shop's roof.

The first farmhand is killed.  The second one misses his shot and flees, screaming to run.

Turn 4: Villagers

An obedient man, Farmer John takes the only logical escape route, climbing out his window.  Having just seen a corpse blasted into his house, the second Blue House's inhabitant does likewise.
The villager in front of the Town Hall makes a run for it, escaping the battlefield.  The remaining villagers cower in the Town Hall.

Turn 5: Legopian Alliance
Demonic Tinkerbell blasts the fleeing farmhand.

The window-jumpers are promptly taken care of.

Turn 5: Connected Bricks of Legopia

The Rocketeer, now out of ammo, flips up his visor.  Apparantly, he's one of the zombies' fathers!

The Rocketeer picks up the Lich's old staff, bringing it to bear against a zombie.  He doesn't manage to produce anything more than a humiliating cloud of smoke.  White Mage has more luck, bringing life to the giant statue in front of the Town Hall.

The statue begins its rampage, punting a zombie into the distance.

White Mage climbs on top of the statue.

Turn 6: Legopian Alliance

Demonic Tinkerbell moves to stop White Mage.  White Mage negates Tink's Force Push, so she settles for giving a nearby zombie a boost up to the statue's arm.

A zombie attacks the Rocketeer, but can't bite through his armor.

Another zombie enters the Town Hall.  Someone inside heroically faints, distracting the zombie so the other minfig inside can escape.
Demonic Tinkerbell collides with White Mage, knocking her off the statue.  Without White Mage controlling it, the statue can no longer act.

Turn 6: Connected Bricks of Legopia

As she falls, White Mage launches a last spell at Demonic Tinkerbell.  Tink manages to get a shield up in the nick of time, but is still knocked to the ground.

Turn 6: Villagers

The last villager runs out of the Town Hall.

Turn 7: Legopian Alliance

While a zombie bites uselessly at the Rocketeer's armor, the skeleton kills him from behind and...  Pelvis-thrusts at the corpse?  I'm terrible at posing skeletons.

Turn 7: Connected Bricks of Legopia

White Mage commands the statue to collapse.  It crushes the skeleton and zombie that had killed the Rocketeer.  Seeing nothing more she can do, she teleports away.

Demonic Tinkerbell takes up the Lich's old staff and reanimates all of the corpses in good enough condition.  Having ensured that the zombie outbreak will continue safely, she returns to Alliance territory.

The Nth Legopian War:
Battle 1: Battle of the Non-Descript Plains
Battle 2: Battle of the Unnecessary Wall
Battle 3: Outbreak at Ribannalad
Filler 1: Capture the Princess
Filler 2: Battle for Ascention
Filler 3: Legopia versus the Manly Santa Day Spirit

Post-Battle Notes:
-Ribannald is an anagram of Brainland.
-By complete coincidence, the three Villagers that managed to survive it were a woman in a wind-breaker, an old man, and a generic-looking male (never before had I wished a minifig was peach), hitting the cast of Left 4 Dead just about on the head.  The gruff-looking male escaping the Town Hall would've completed the team, but Demonic Tinkerbell killed him in endgame.
-Between the zombies and White Mage, if I never pick up a paintbrush again, it will be much too soon.
-Even though White Mage is unaligned, I can't help but feel that this battle makes my brother the good guy and me the bad guy.  Not that that's a bad thing, I mean, I already have the Dark Knight Piltogg ready for deployment.  His supernatural powers use puppies for fuel.
-From now on, in every battle he's not directly involved in, my brother's accursed Ninja hero will make a cameo in at least one picture.  See if you can find him. :P
-I tried a dice worshipping ritual the night before our game.  I can safely say that it didn't work, since my rolls were generally quite poor, but at least it's because the dice-gods seem to be entirely focused on good theatrics.
-In this battle, Neenja was in every Aftermath picture.  Kind of cheap of me, I suppose.
-Around Turn 8, I could've sworn I was screwed.  On an entirely undead-based side, losing my only Necromancer was quite a blow.  In the end, it seemed it was for the better, though.  Demonic Tinkerbell basically won that game for me through attrition, since nobody could catch her.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:38 am
by benkim123
great battle and nice idea

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:58 pm
by Atomsk
Nice.  Where did you get the white hood on that mage?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:06 pm
by tahthing
Atomsk wrote:Nice.  Where did you get the white hood on that mage?

he painted it, i know this since he was asking how to get hold of a white hold but they don't exist so he painted it.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:15 pm
by Doopliss
Atomsk wrote:Where did you get the white hood on that mage?

I'm flattered. :D

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:11 pm
by pesgores
Yes! More!