Last stand on Raider Valley (hh)

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Last stand on Raider Valley (hh)

Postby alphafalcon541 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:54 pm

So today I had another brikwars with my friend Payton with his huge amount of vehicles. There was quite a few moments when we had to pause game so we wouldn't choke from laughter. W played on a table and a wooden board with a city, desert and factory. I decided to try something new where one person set up on the two edges and the other person starts in the center with more troops. You'll recognize my Aquaraider army, with my battle tank, and dropship. This war hooks to the immortal war since I decided to join the immortals and Payton is very anti immortal. We are fighting over control of the Raider valley city which is used for transporting war gear. It can't be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.
This is the setup with aquaraider soldiers guarding the city, my planes holding the factory, and Payton's AT-AT. There is going to be carnage.
Here is some of Payton's vehicles and men including his tank, and mech suit. There is also some of the factory terrain.
Here is a squad of my soldiers with a medic, a tank, and an armored car with rocket launchers and two to chain guns. This squad actually survived for a while. Which is amazing for my squads.
Payton's slightly drunk, and messed up robot. It did almost nothing for the whole game, but its still cool.
The people mower complete with detaching airplane top, side blades as wheels, a lawn mower underneath, and missile launchers on the side.
First damage, with my tank losing a structure point and some turret armor, nothing to bad. Payton's walker is also injured by my tank.
The people mowers aircraft which tried to suicide into my tank which did nothing except blowing its self up. This did not help him at all.
His mech suddenly disappears after being hit in the crotch with a missile. The pilot feels the pain and is also knocked out. The whole mech is gone. Awesome.
His men start attacking the dropship with any weapon they can but almost don't even scratch it.
One of my airplanes is shot down by a freeze ray and falls into the mind field. Luckily the plane doesn't get blown skywards. No carnage    :cry: .
This airplane is shot down and the pilot is trapped inside. He is forgotten till later. Hes not much help. Still no death.
My dropship is attacked by a drilling vehicle and a pack of c4 which blows open the side and kills one guy. He is unceremoniously tossed out the the door onto the hard ground. Finally more death.
Here he is dead as a dodo. In fact he couldn't be deader.
The first golem is killed and its owner saddened. He died from the napalm cannons on the dropship. He lost both his arms.
The airplane is suddenly set upon by creatures of all shapes and sizes including a clone of Boba Fat. They rip of the cockpit and proceed to try to kill the pilot.  
The mine field explodes killing a few and covering the field with blood. My sniper team is decimated.
The dropship comes down from a well placed bazooka in the napalm containers. Which then hits the napalm cannons, and kills the pilot. That's a quarter of my pilots dead.
The other golem is killed by the dropship crashing, and the owner bursts into tears for about 3 turns. We forgot about him for that long.
The walker is brought down by shooting its front leg apart. It didn't crush anybody, but made for an awesome photo.
Another picture of the crash and the tank behind if you can see it. Some people complain that brikwars because your mocs get destroyed. We think its the best thing.
Combat between Payton's hero( in white), my flame thrower, my sniper/bazooka, and Payton's crazy men. This was not resolved this turn.
A squad of my infantry abandon the tank and run like the wind away from the lawnmower, that is in a really bad mood.
My flamethrowers backpack explodes killing him, the clone, and churning up the red bricks. The backpack had a 1d6 blast radius, and it was already leaking fuel. By now Payton is running out of troops, and vehicles.
The mad scientist who piloted the AT-AT kills him self and his head falls to the floor, staining the carpet red. His body still lays on the table.
A bazooka troop is cut in half by a lieutenant, and red bricks fly. Doesn't the guy look happy.
Three of my men are harpooned, and shot to death. We ran out of see through red then. Using almost all of it on this. The guy with the harpoon through him fell forwards and impaled himself deeper.
One of my  troops head and helmet are shot apart. The sniper is later stomped on for this. Still isn't it a great scene. Lets give him a round of applause.
My sniper and the lawnmower are both killed. The lawnmower being shot by ten normal infantry. The heavy weapons also shoot. The pilot survives though against all odds.
My soldiers not having to worry about the lawnmower charge towards the surviving members of Payton's army. 10 men remain.
Three of the last survivors fight for their lives in vain. Rockets sweep over head and grenades fall detonating on impact.
Three other survivors trudging through the mine field filled with corpses and blood. They know they stand no chance but they will die trying, or drinking maniac beer which awaited at home for them.
The strange drone ends up trying to squish my pilots head.
Payton's tank is destroyed and the other survivors run for it.
Raider valley is secured by the immortal empire. All hail warhead. The war equipment will arrive as soon as our forces are built again. The crazy Payton's are dead. This city is destroyed to. Along with anything remaining of the survivors.
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Postby Brikboyz » Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:21 pm

:studgod: EPIC! WIN!
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Postby Swordsalmon » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:59 am

That's wierd, I know I reviewed this battle report.

Gameplay: An actual game, filled with violence. What else but a 5?
Photography: A couple pictures are blurry, but otherwise just fine. 3
Violence: You used a lot of destruction and red bricks! Also, the awesome AT-AT shot made it all the better. 5
Writing: I didn't like the Immortal Wars tie-in much, since it was rather shoehorned. Descriptions are good, though. 3
Overall Appeal: I didn't like the story, but the battle itself was great! I definitely want to see more.
Overall Score: 4/5 (Average of all scores, rounded)
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Postby piltogg » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:57 am

there was a different one in like the armory or something that was the same and i rated that one allready also i think...

but whatever..

Gameplay: well...  can't really think of how it could be better, so 5
Photography: some blurrys, some good. 3
Violence: around average 4
Writing: it was okish.. 3
Overall Appeal: perhaps... 4?
Overall Score: 3.8
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Postby Zahru II » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:00 am


edit: smooth. real smooth.
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Re: Last stand on Raider Valley (hh)

Postby Natalya » Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:49 pm


You can put this image in OP because it was featured on the BrikWars news feed.
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