Metal Box Marauders (WIP)

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Metal Box Marauders (WIP)

Postby PlutoniumDeath » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:32 pm

The Metal Box Marauders (named for what some of their space ships look like.) are a huge horde of minifigs who've recently decided to start a universe-wide crusade of indiscriminate killing called the "Great Red Crusade". They are united by their mutual love of destruction and blood. Most of them aren't even normal minifigs, instead being clones of the minifigs who started the MBM, brainwashed to indiscriminately kill everything non-MBM. Whether it be pedestrians or just simple plant life, if it isn't part of the MBM, it's fair game to the clones. However, with overwhelming numbers, comes great weakness. Most of the frontline infantry of the MBM (aside from the heroes) are protected only by prayers to their "Blood God", which they call "Korhn" and thin metal armor, which is about as protective as wearing a Kevlar vest and running in front of a Browning M2 that's being fired. To make up for this, they focus heavily on using vehicles called "Ultra-Heavy tanks" (Apocalypse Tanks) and augmenting themselves with cybernetiks (Which really does nothing aside from prolonging the already short lifespan of MBM infantry in battle). They also love chainswords and huge amounts of dakka.

This thread here will contain my work on the MBM Ground Forces, MBM Ultra-Heavy Tank Battalion, MBM Space Navy, and MBM Chair Force, their term for Air Force.

Let's start with the Ground Forces shall we?

This is an MBM Infantry Squad, which is the meat of the MBM. Notice the guy in the center wearing a suit and nice peaked hat. That is a commissar, the MBM equivalent of an Officer. This guy's job is to make sure the squad dies heroically while taking as many foes as they can with them (read: yells at his men to charge the enemy, and if they don't charge the enemy, he kills a squad member to make his men attack the enemy). The squad is made up of 6 light infantry with MP-13s, 2 gauss-gun infantry (Anti-Tank), and a commissar. They can also field either a Marksman (Top-left corner), who functions like a sniper, 2 Penitents (Middle), who are peach suicide bombers (the MBM believe that peaches can redeem themselves by blowing themselves up along with the enemy), or an Akula Drone controller (Top-right corner), who controls an RC bomb called a APCE30 (Reporting name: Akula) which can either have standard High Explosives (Titanium colored plating on top), AT Explosives (Dark Red colored plating on top), or Frag Explosives (Olive Green colored plating on top).

These are shocktroopers. Notice that they are not in a squad. That's because they tend to ignore having squads. The reason for this is because of their power armor, which gives more protection than the regular thin metal armor. To the far left is a kommandant. They wear power armor as well (because some of the commissars assigned to put shocktroopers into squads have a mysterious case of lead overdose). In the center is a shocktrooper. They're armed with LMG-12s, which unleash more dakka than MP-13s. To the far right is a death squaddie. They carry flamethrowers and wear a modified variant of power armor to make sure that they don't blow up when shot at. Overall, they cost more than the regular infantry, but make up for it with more protection.

These 3 individuals are heroes of the MBM. To the far left is Skinface, aptly named for his tendency to skin peaches he killed just so that he can make a mask out of their skin. He uses a suppressed sniper with no scope (perhaps trying to emulate the White Death?) and a skinning knife. He happens to be one of the original founders of the MBM. In the middle is XM05. He used to be a shocktrooper until the first time he got killed. He was pieced back together and his armor modified to carry a life-support system. Now, every time he gets killed and isn't gibbed, he has a chance of getting back up to keep on fighting. He carries an experimental RT+GT chainsword which has a chance to blow up and a pistol, which can't fire. To the far right is Admiral Valerius. This minifig is the leader of the "Great Red Crusade". He uses a fekkin' Gatling gun emplacement that doesn't need to be set up as his main weapon. It takes a turn to spin up; but once it's spun up, he can unleash loads of dakka on those unlucky to be in range.

I am still working on this army.
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