The Hiksos Star Empire! (Last update on: 30-5-GR:2013)

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The Hiksos Star Empire! (Last update on: 30-5-GR:2013)

Postby The Third World » Thu May 30, 2013 1:10 pm

The Hiksos are a very new player on the galactic stage, controlling less than a dozen star systems, but are militaristic expansionists and have no qualms about invading primitive worlds and subduing the natives. The greatest problem the Hiksos face is not from without, but from within: That of the Azure Heaven Sedition, a secretive alliance of malcontents and insurgents that are trying to restore the Empire to it's former status as "The People's Republic of Meroe' " So far they have failed, but they grow bolder with each passing day and have even proved capable of suborning large numbers of military personnel and stealing an incredibly valuable and powerful prototype military vessel.

Thread will house my progress on the Hiksos Army, Air Force, Navy, Planetary Defense Forces, and Sky Lancers: their space fleet.

We Start with the PDF:


These are a standard set of PDF troopers, at the center you have their officer, denoted by red gloves and his bearing of an officers 'Honor Blade' Which is a special close combat weapon only given to Hiksos officers and never leaves their side thereafter. In adition to the Honor Blade he carries a light blaster carbine, which he is specially trained to be able to fire one handed. To the right in the picture is the squad Medic, who is a technical noncombatant, thus the blue gloves and blue shield. However he does have full training as a PDF trooper, and could if need arose drop the shield in favor of a discarded weapon. One to the right of him we have a standard PDF trooper, armed with a field jacketed plasma blaster rifle, his status as a common enlisted man denoted by Olive Drab Gloves.

On the Left side of the picture in Olive drab Gloves we have the Squad's Rocket Trooper and Ammo bearer. A standard squad has five Serpent Venom class rockets for it's rocket launcher, and is instructed to withdraw or retrench when they are exhausted.

On the far left we come to the Squad's heavy weapons specialist, denoted by green gloves, bearing a MkII Man Portable Assault Cannon, the most common heavy weapon in the Hiksos arsenal. This gun put's out a prodigious rate of fire, discharging 10 rounds per second, and has an ammo capacity of 500 rounds. Yes, you would run through a full clip in under a minute of continuous fire, but that is not significant because the gun shuts itself off after 5 seconds to avoid overheating and jamming.
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(I failed to remember to add the back mount that let's the trooper carry a second ammo clip on his back, forgive me.)

Finally, on the far right, with black gloves to denote his status, we have the squad's Junior Commissar. All squad's have a commissar to ensure the Squad's loyalty. This Commissar is armed with a prototype Beam Klave and an Energy Shield. These weapons allow him to in theory fight the whole squad and win. In practice they make him the Squad's go to person when the enemy get's into melee range.

The Squad shown in the picture is vastly under strength, There should be another ammo bearer trooper for the Assault Cannon and two more blaster rifle troppers, bringing the total number of minifigs to 11, this is the standard squad size, as the Hiksos numbering system is base 11.
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(They have 10 normal numbers 1 to 9 plus one more, then 0 on top of that.)

The other groups will be added in subsequent posts and edited into this one.
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Re: The Hiksos Star Empire! (Last update on: 30-5-GR:2013)

Postby 428th Division » Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:05 am

Build starships. Please. Microspace is awesome.
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