Unmanned Combat Drones

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Unmanned Combat Drones

Postby Kastrenzo » Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:55 pm

Got bored and decided as practice with LDD I'd try to remake a number of my Unmanned Combat Drones from my several armies.

I don't really have a lot of vehicle worthy peices so I decided to make a lot of drone/UCV *Unmanned Combat vehicle* Machinegun vehicles, Drone Light Tanks, etc. I've got proper vehicles too but that's besides the point.
Almost all of these I have real versions of, All except two which I'll note,  Also I've taken some artistic liberties with some of them,  new "paint jobs" on some of the blacks in particular which I'll do in reality when I get around to it. and some of these haven't had their "real" counterparts shown yet, The idea behind these was my armies are a "post apocalypse" theme, and Fuel is precious and in short supply, so it is only used on important vehicles and such.  So most of these would run off batteries, Solar powered or both.

Short descriptions, each group will be done L to R



Dark Gray Group - The Brotherhood
- Haven't thought of what to call this,  just a large heavy drone with an autocannon, this one is actually older than all of them, it used to be an APC Until it was stripped for parts,

Green Group - Great Triangle Society
- Scrap drone, Thrown together from old car parts and stolen or salvaged drone components from other armies, twin machinegun
- Trianglist Light MG Drone, a basic anti infantry unit of somewhat more tolerable quality, twin machinegun

Blue Group - Techon Sovereignty
- Swarmer, Light Anti Infantry Fighter/Scout with rudimentary flight capability and Energy weapon
- Convert, Captured enemy MG Drone upgunned with TS Energy Weapons,
- Lancer, Captured enemy MG drone uparmoured and Upgunned with powerful piercing "lances" to fight enemy vehicles and UCVs *THIS ONE I DON'T HAVE, Just experimented with some simple ideas of making it into an AT Vehicle with some peices I knew I had IRL

Red Group - MOTA
- Bandit , Captured Dominion UCV With extra Armor added on, Twin machine guns
- Bruiser ,Ramshackle AT Drone built with a high capacity Gauss Gun on top of an old Truck Chasis
- Harrasser, Small mortar drone built on the frame of what was once a small 1-fig car


Black group - New Republic
- Striker X2, Prototype Light Hover tank with somewhat better armor and better protection to critical systems compared to it's predecessor
- Striker Light Tank, Innovative at the time of it's reveal, the Striker allows the NR to field a number of "tanks" to defend it's borders which don't require fuel, can pack a punch, and be deployed in larger numbers than conventional manned tanks, - Gauss Cannon and twin machine guns
- Patriot, A simple MG Drone built off the same premise of the Dominion's, albeit smaller and less armored

White Group - The Dominion

- Tank destroyer drone, A drone that was designed to destroy other drones around the time that they were first used in war. This is a rather rare weapon which has not aged well, Dominion drone operators found it's capabilities somewhat lacking
- Infantry Fighting drone, The first Unmanned combat vehicle to be mass produced and deployed, a Simple, Rugged and efficient anti-infantry weapon. This weapon paved the way for all others, as in Others reverse engineered or modified them*
- Tank Drone, Where the Republic copied the Dominion's IFD, Years later the Dominion attempted to copy the NR Striker Tank into their own version, the Dominion Tank Drone is much heavier, "and with that much more armoured" but is so heavy that it cannot run off batteries or solar panels, and must consume fuel, therefore defeating the entire purpose of UCVs. The design could have worked, but the Dominion Military Brass refused to let their new toy have some of it's extra weight shaved off, and is little more than an expensive, gas guzzling contraption that has no purpose, with the dominion fielding crewed tanks. **

*I don't own this either, I think it's a neat design but I'm not going to bother making it because the whole purpose of the tank drones, was I originally had one tank for each the black and whites,  but I took apart the black one and gave it to the whites,  decided the whites get a couple manned tanks, blacks will use mostly unmanned vehicles, except for APCs*

If you can't see the black vehicles, just head to this thread where you can see the real ones. they don't have the yellow markings on them yet, Yellow is the secondary color of the NR, But I haven't gotten around to applying yellow to any of their vehicles viewtopic.php?f=17&t=11236#p257395
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