Nocturnal Class Dreadnaught

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Nocturnal Class Dreadnaught

Postby Duerer » Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:25 am


The Nocturnal Class Dreadnaught might be outdated, compared to modern standards, but is still powerful, as it possesses a thick hull and tons of laser cannons, to withstand bigger opposition. Its most dangerous weapon, however is the climate controlling device: Originally used to regulate the climate conditions of planets, whose populations couldn't handle their industrial polution and would have otherwise eradicated themselves, this device can turns green and fertile landscapes into desert wastelands.

I still can't figure out, what faction might use such a warship, since I simply wanted to build a ship based on that design: .
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Re: Nocturnal Class Dreadnaught

Postby Battlegrinder » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:51 pm

Very impressive design, I think you got pretty close to the original image.

As for who might use this thing, I have a few ideas. Since this is an older design, whoever built it (to me, the hull color and weaponry gives it a distinctly Britannian flavor, but it could be almost anyone save for the Scythians and Immortals) has likely upgraded to bigger and better designs by now. So the surplus Nocturnals likely trickled down to lesser powers (as part of trade deals, being bought for scrap, etc). So any of the minor powers might have a couple of these things floating around their shipyard by now.
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Re: Nocturnal Class Dreadnaught

Postby Silverdream » Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:08 pm

This is really awesome. Maybe it would be fitting for the Metal Warriors.

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