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Luchardsko microspace

Postby Falk » Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:52 pm

I've been working on some LDD stuff lately, and this is what came out of it:

The Defiance-class Battleship. It has alot of cannons and 36 fighters (4x9 ship squadron) Designed to take on Twattorian and Praetorian Battleships it is the largest Luchardsko ship (so far...).

The Victorious-class Light Battleship. It has no fighters and a few cannons. The predecessor of the Defiance-class, it was obsolete just a couple days after I made it, but it's lower cost still ensures it's usage.

The Liberator-class Cruiser. With lots of small cannons, some torpedo tubes and a cannon. This ship is used mainly for defense and occasional patrols, and is (hopefully) effective against fighters and small ships.

The Vigilant-class Frigate. With small cannons and a few torpedo tubes, this ship is used for patrolling Luchardsko territory and attacking pirate groups.

That's it for now.
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Re: Luchardsko microspace

Postby IX_Legion » Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:56 am

I like them! For some reason, the frigate is really cool.
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Re: Luchardsko microspace

Postby The Shadowscythe » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:47 am


Good work kind sire - If I may offer some critism?

Try to move away from binocular/arial turrets over time - the turrets on the defiance look good as a start - and I would say these should be a mark to set the bar too throughout your fleet - try and flesh out your weapons so that the turrets look like they could have the space to contain thier firing mechanisms even if you don't greeble in the details for yourself.

The Vigilant would be a good start for a fleet - try working your way up from the aesthetic of a small ship rather than your way down from a battleship.

Eventually I will be finishing my behind the scenes work and will update this sub-forum with a "How to microscale" thread . . . but for the moment - this is a damn good start kind sire . . . now make more - so that we can explode the living shit out of them!
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