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Political Corrections

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:13 pm
by Ben-Jammin

President Karkin sat quitely in his cell. The tiny room was dark and cold, the only light came from a few thin lights on the walls. He had no idea how long it had been since he was captured by some band of rogue terrorists, but he hoped that someone would come to rescue him soon. He was the Kuragin President after all. Even with all the dissent that was occuring lately, surely someone would come to his aid.

Suddenly the door opened and a massive, armored figure appeared in the doorway.

Karkin: "Who do you think you are, kidnapping the Kuragin president like this? You will pay dearly for it."

DARKSABER: "We'll see about that. Enough chit-chat, the boss wants to see you."

DARKSABER hits Karkin in the back of the head and knocks him unconscious.


Karkin awakes to find himself on the floor in a long white room.

DARKSABER: "He's finally coming to,"

Williams: "Thanks SABER, your services will no longer be required."

DARKSABER: "Of course, Mr. President."

DARKSABER leaves the room. Karkin looks around, but only sees a thick wooden desk in front of him. His ears were ringing, and everything was rather blurry. That hit must have done a good deal of damage. Gathering what little strength his aging body has left, he stands up.


Karkin is shocked to see Michael Williams, one of the former members of his cabinet, sitting before him. Williams, one of his most trusted political aides, had spent almost his entire life near Karkin, and Karkin remembered seeing him for the first time as a young child. His parents were elite members of the Kuragin government, and eventually Williams and Karkin had become good friends. Karkin wondered what had happened to Williams, or if the terrorists had captured him too.

Karkin: "Michael! Have they captured you too?"

Williams: "Not quite."

Karkin: "'re leading these people!"

Williams: "You manage to catch on rather quickly whenever your life's in jeopardy."

Karkin: "You traitorous snake! What is the meaning of this!?!"

Williams: "Oh I'll be asking the questions thank you. And do mind that infamous temper of yours. See my two friends in the back there? They have short tempers too, and everytime you start to get out of line, or give me false answers, they're going to beat you with those shock batons. And everytime after that they're going to crank up the voltage even more. So, what's it to be? A few questions or the beating of your life?"

Karkin: "Why? Why are you doing this?"

Williams: "Its actually very simple; but of course you clearly didn't see it. Our nation is, or was, sinking into nothingness. Our economy was horrible, our people were in despair and jobless, and you cowered under our Calvarian agressors and even the other successor states. But I've gone to great lengths to change that. The Kuragin Republic is dead, Karkin. You're now speaking to the president of the new Interstellar Adamarian Federation, a nation of equality, justice, and freedom from your pathetic socialist agendas and crippling policies."

Karkin: "The Adamarian Federation?!?! Do you think you can just turn our ancient societies and principles into your traitor state? You are a fool!"

Williams: "Quite the opposite, actually. The deed has already been done. Already the military advisors and commanders have pledged their loyalty to the new Federation; they long for days of undisputed Adamarian dominance. The people are with us as well. Once our new economic policies and business expansion procedures take root, they will love their new government and follow its doctrines. We will have freedom, and we will have dominance. Your time of cowardice and tolerance is gone. It is time for a new power to take the helm of this sinking ship and save it from the abyss that you are plunging it into!"


Karkin: "You're a delusional madman! You'll be dead! The people will rise against your despicable ways and tear you down!"

Williams: "This coming from the mouth of the man who ignored his people's plight and spent lavish amounts of money and time appeasing himself and his enemies. I am the voice of the people, Karkin. The time of dictatorial reign is over in this state, and soon the others will follow. To put it plainly, the people love me. And they're going to love their new government too. It would seem that we are out of time for questions for now though. Pity."

Karkin: "I suspected you never had any real questions for me anyhow."

Williams: "Ah, at least you have a hint of perception about you. You're right. This isn't about you, or your questions..."

The sound of heavy boots on the floor grows ominously louder behind Karkin, who closes his eyes and breaks out in sweat, readying himself for what is about to come...


Williams: "Its about your execution."

Karkin: "GAAAHH!"

Karkin falls to the floor as Williams' guards beat him with their shock batons. Waves of searing hot electrical energy course through Karkin's body, each blow more fiery and brutal than the last.

Williams: "That's enough."

The two men step away as Karkin lies on the floor, gasping for breath.


Karkin: "Williams, please, you don't have to do this!"

Williams: "Why should I let you go? So you can incite a rebellion? Or attempt to assassinate me? I don't think so."

Karkin: "You say you want to rid this universe of dictatorial rule, but you are already on the path to becoming one yourself."


Williams gets up from his seat and steps over to Karkin's dying body.

Williams: "On the contrary, I actually listen to my people. I hear their plight, and I help heal it. Now you will die knowing that everything you have worked so hard to sustain will come crashing down. Your last moments will be ones of misery and regret as your inheritance is stripped away from you."


Williams: "And the last thing you will see is the face of the one who will take it from you."


After Karkin's death, Williams and DARKSABER prepare to leave the new Adamarian prison.

Williams: "Prep an Archangel for immediate take-off. I need to meet with the remaining cabinet members and the military advisors. Notify Congress that the president is dead and have them wait for affirmation by the cabinet."

DARKSABER: "Yes, Mr. President."


The two eventually arrive on the Adamarian capital, still named Kuragin.

Officer: "Mr. President, General Davidson is awaiting your instructions."

Williams: "And Congress?"

Officer: "Ready for your speech, sir."

Williams: "And so the board is set. All the pieces are falling into place. Soon the new Federation will be on its way to achieving dominance in the Brikverse."

And so, the Kuragin Republic is no more.

EDIT: and yes, I know my photography skills suck.

Re: Political Corrections

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:29 pm
by Thesson

Re: Political Corrections

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:31 pm
by mgb519

Re: Political Corrections

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:55 pm
by Ben-Jammin
mgb519 wrote:

My thoughts exactly lol.

Re: Political Corrections

PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:36 pm
by Natalya
Yeah that Williams guy is full of contradictions.

Re: Political Corrections

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:17 am
by Ben-Jammin
Natalya wrote:Yeah that Williams guy is full of contradictions.


Re: Political Corrections

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:19 am
by Ben-Jammin
Well, basically Williams' agenda is to create a new nation to take the place of the crumbling Kuragin government. He wants to keep his people from becoming a socialist/communist nation which is what Karkin was trying to do. Think of the Bolshevik Revolution, except that this time the revolting Bolsheviks are capitalists with a desire for freedom and vengeance against the Calvarians.