Bad Dogs Never Die

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Bad Dogs Never Die

Postby Theblackdog » Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:25 pm

Britannian Traffic Control: "Bavarian Frigate Josef, you are cleared out of the system.  Have a nice trip."
Bavarian Captain: "Danke, control.  Auf wiedershein!"
Captain Harris: "Bloody unbelievable if you ask me.  Just a year ago we were at the jerries' throats, now Bavarian captains fly right into our sector capital and sit down for tea.  Still, with the Scythians and the T.L.A. on our backs it's nice to have one more empire that's not shooting at us."

Britannian traffic control: "Stand by, a new ship has entered the system.  I don't recognize it, but it looks military."
Captain Harris: "Sound the alert!  Intercept them before they do anything -"

Captain Harris: "-oh, bugger."

Britannian traffic control: "Captain, the unknown ship is hailing us.  They say -- you're not going to believe this.  They say the Admiral's returned!"

Some time later, at a nearby airfield...
Captain Harris: "I must say, Admiral, it's bloody great to have you back but I have no idea how you've accomplished this.  Survived a fall from orbit, evaded the T.L.A. on their own homeworld, and escaped aboard a VoL stealth transport... how did you get that, by the way?"
Admiral Blackdog: "I'm glad to be back, Captain.  As for the transport, well, our Immortal allies were most generous with assistance."
Captain Harris: "Really?  Well, we should thank them for their kindness."
Blackdog: "Believe me, I already have."

Blackdog: "You should meet the rest of the squad, Captain.  These men fought their way off Refuge and across the galaxy with me, and you will find no better soldiers in the Empire."
Blackdog: "Crooked James and Willy the Ripper are our two riflemen."
Captain Harris: "Pleased to meet you, I'm sure."

Blackdog: "This is our heavy weapons team.  Roger the Gunman and Angry Billy."
Captain Harris: "Charmed."

Blackdog: "And our point man, Barking Mad Adrian."
Captain Harris: "...always a pleasure."

Slasher Danny: "Wait, what about me?"
Harris: "AAAAAAGH!"
Blackdog: "Oh, right.  This is Slasher Danny, our infiltration specialist."
Captain Harris: "Well, they seem like good lads and I'm sure they'll be of use to us.  And what about that ship?  I haven't seen one like that anywhere."
Blackdog: "You mean the Black Sun?  She used to be a T.L.A. railgun frigate, but our trip back from Refuge was rather... eventful and we ended up having to make some drastic modifications to keep her flying.  But, as you saw, she's still an extremely deadly little vessel.  "
Captain Harris: "Yes, about that... you should be more cautious next time.  Destroying that frigate might seriously threaten our relations with Bavaria!"
Blackdog: "I don't see how.  I mean, we do destroy several ships like this every day.  How did that one manage to get into our home system, is what I'd like to know."
Harris: "Bloody hell, you have been away a while... the Queen signed a ceasefire with Bavaria a long time ago.  We're not at war anymore."
Blackdog: "WHAT?"
Harris: "I know, it's brilliant.  Without having to secure our border with Bavaria, we can devote all our time to fighting the Scythians and T.L.A. alongside the Immortals."
Blackdog: "And have you forgotten how many of our soldiers gave their lives to end the Bavarian menace once and for all?  The Queen's mad if you ask me.  I'll have to go to the capital myself, see if I can't straighten things out..."
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Re: Bad Dogs Never Die

Postby Silverdream » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:11 pm

Oh shit.
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Re: Bad Dogs Never Die

Postby Kalvinator » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:15 pm

Looks like the queens in some trouble.
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