Rise of a Nation

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Rise of a Nation

Postby Gorthaff » Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:23 am


History of Hellios
Chapter Four: The Stutter Warp

(...) As it was mentioned before, the Homeworld is located on the fringe of Galactica Nehellenium. Starse are scace here compared to the inner regions, which most of the known empires inhabit. This meant that our ancestors, having invented the regular warpdrive relatively early, still culdn't reach the stars to form a colonial empire. Those brave souls, who ventured forth with the unstable prototypes had to spend months travelling in Hyperspace. If they miscalculated a jump, they could arrive millions of kilometers off course, and would have to spend months more, to reach their destination on sublight drives. The few colonies that were established, grew painfully slowly, and our people feeled more constrained than ever before.
Every single scientist was working on a solution, to circumvent the problem. The answer finally came from a man, nowdays simply known as the Great Founder. He was head designer of a firm called Hellios Astrotech. One of the few early spacecraft manufacturers. A corporation, that was soon to become the single most potent power of our nation. The invention called the Controlled Uncertanity Teleportation Device, or simply Stutter Warp, brought us the long lusted ability, to sail to the stars. Dozens of new colonies were established, and Hellios grew to its majestic size, from the ten year monopoly of fitting the drive on any spacecraft. The Old Empire was established with Hellios AstroTech as primary manifacturer at its side. Both soon to be shaken by the greatest conflict as of yet in our history.                                                          
    The Expansion Conflict leading to the formation of our navy, and the declaration of our independance            
    Will be detailed in the next chapter.                                                                                                            
Workings of the Drive: As you might have noticed, Lego pieces have a habit of fallig off models randomly, when not inspected. These pieces behave as dictated by the Heisenberg Uncertanity Principle. The drive controls this random movement, shrieking and glowing intensely, while spinning at high speeds. (not even the designer is sure of the detailes). This makes the ship appear at a new place without it ever accelerating a bit. This allowes not only for FTL, but fast STL travel as well.
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