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The Outer Haven Incident EP1

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:16 pm
by Kastrenzo
It is the beginning of the 2017th Galatik Revolution, Far away in the Capital of the Imperial Magikstrate, Stearus. Imperial intelligence has ordered an investigation into the rumors of a supernatural disturbance in Galacian space. Imperial Arcane Investigator Declan Remus has been selected to lead the covert operation to the Planet of Outer Haven, the reported source of the disturbances.

Barstow: "Investigator Remus! Good of you to be here,  I would like to give you a summary of your objectives in this mission.  Personally I think we both know this will turn out to be nothing but a wild dungan chase, but the Senior Mages ordered it so here we are"

Remus: "This remains to be seen"

Barstow: "An expeditionary force has already infiltrated into the Gold Sector and have been setting up a base of operations.  You will be sent down to Poland,  where you will then board one of the small unregistered ferries that go between the Purple Sector and the regions of the Gold under "rebel" control.  From there, we have a contact who will take you to our forces in Outer Haven."

"The situation in Outer Haven is a mess. it's almost complete anarchy, controlled by smugglers, warlords, and cultists on the surface. And the system is cordoned off in a quarantine by a Galacian Naval Blockade. We're trusting that our information on the Blockade is accurate, when we say that the Navy cares little for what goes into the planet,  but they pulverize anything that tries to leave the system. "

"Find our forces, and begin your investigation on whether or not we're dealing with a magikal or supernatural entity. Safe travels to you!"

Episode 1


Aboard an unregistered transport shuttle, Remus enters the Gold Sector,  landing on an improvised runway on the planet Outer Haven

Minifigs disembark the shuttle

Disguised as a mere vagrant, Remus exits the shuttle

Remus: "At last."

He wanders around the tarmac, several vehicles have pulled up. Long lost lovers,  smugglers, sleezy taxi drivers, all scurry around the area greeting those that he travelled here with... Yet no one is here to meet him.  

**Rumbling of engines and squeaky brakes**

A heavy green vehicle comes to a stop up ahead of him.

The hatch on the vehicle opens and several armed males clad in green outfits storm out towards the crowd.  They grab everyone that they can catch

Militant 1: "Do not move, infidels!. So help me I will ghost you!"

Female Punk: "Who the fk are you?! let go of me!"

Another male in carrying a scimitar and riding a horse approaches the commotion, he appears to be the one in charge

Militant Sergeant: "Round all these infidels up, they will be taken to temple and tried for their tresspasses!"


Seeing that this mission may have gone sour already, he reaches for a weapon and prepares to fend off these militants

Militant Sergeant: "There! someone take the peach! yelah yelah!"


A taxicab peels away and suddenley Remus sees the driver of another vehicle, matching the description of his contact

Spy: "Investigator!  Jump in!... quickly!"

He dives onto the car and clambers into the seat as the car takes off

**Tires squealing**


Militants: "No!.. after them!  Yelah yelah!"

**Some Time Later

Remus: "So who are you?  what's your name?  and who were those men?"

Spy: "My name isn't important ,  if I told you, My family would be in danger,  just know that you can trust me to get you to where you're going,  after that, we have nothing to do with one another.. and I'm getting the hell out of here before I end up burned at the stake or crucified."

Remus: "Fair enough,  but you havent told me about those men... who are they after?"

Spy: "Those... were soldiers from the Triangular State of Outer Haven.... Little more than Cultists that got too big for it's shoes.  That band of nutjobs control most of the planet, and who are they after?... It'd be faster to say who they aren't after.. Galacians, Muricans, Trattorians... even the Rebels.. Anyone who comes here is treated as a hostile agent until the religious police have determined that they are indeed "pilgrims".  otherwise well,  I'll let you guess as to what happens to the ones who fail their tests"

Remus: "Any other local fauna I should know about then?.."

Spy: "Well there's the Trianglist Cult,  Lots of Gangs affiliated with the space mafia operating around here... occasionally there's Rebel forces in the area,  but honestley both sides of the Galacian civil war pretty much avoid this place.  There's something very wrong on Outer Haven... And the GR doesn't want it to get out,  The Navy has been beating the shit out of this rock in an effort to keep anyone from leaving, and probably an encouragement for -it- to stay  here too."

Remus: "What?.  What is -it-?"

Spy: "The entity... I..I don't want to talk about it... soon enough you'll realize why this place is best left forgotten to the galaxy.  Welcome to hell, Investigator"

*An hour later*

Far from civilization, the car stops alongside a run down brick factory. Nature has claimed this area back, overgrown flora everywhere

Spy: "This is as far as I go,  and the end of the line for you,  good luck"

Almost as soon as Declan exits the car,  it flies into reverse, spins around and takes off into the wilderness

The door is kicked open, and several Magikstrate troops flood out of the building, shatterguns drawn

Trooper 1: "Hands in the air! who are you!?"


*Safety switch of Shatter gun beeps*
Trooper 2 :" Wrong answer."

Another man storms out of the building and shoves the troopers guns down

Adjutant Heskall:"BLAST, YOU IDIOTS!.. This is our field commander! I told you we were expecting guests. !"


Heskall: *bowing* "My apoligies for the rude greeting my lord. Most of our troops are patrolling the forest around us,  but everyone is on edge with Cultist activity in the region,  we heard several shots and explosions earlier.

Remus: "I see... My belongings?"

Heskall: "Arrived yesterday.  This way please"



Heskall: "Investigator, my communications sergeant tells me that there is a Galacian light carrier entering the region within the next hour or two.  If the Cultists are still in the area,  we are going to want to be long gone before the Carrier arrives, otherwise we'll be trying to do our research in the middle of a warzone."

Remus: "Agreed. Assemble the security team,  we're leaving"


Remus, Heskall and four troopers walk through the woods,  searching for anomalous activity

Remus: "I sense something out of place,  this way.."


*Rattling noises, accompanied by rustling in the bushes and trees all around them*

Remus: "Stop!..."

Heskall: "I hear it too.. it's getting louder"

Remus: "No, not just that... feel the air.  its turned cold... freezing even. We're standing in the middle of an anomaly, touch nothing!"

Heskall leans on the wreck of a car

Remus: "Fool! I said touch nothing!"


Suddenley, a pile of dead shrubbery begins to levitate

Heskall: "GAH!, IT'S HERE!"

Remus: "Steel yourselves... Something is with us"


*The sound of wood cracking*
Trooper 1: "Uh... friends?!... you might want to see this"

The tree is uprooted by a powerful force

The Men all stand around it, in shock and awe

Trooper 2: "Poltergiest!"

Suddenley, a chilling low pitched humming throughout the forest

Remus: "No.. this is something else.."

Bricks, heavy metal and other debris starts to levitate

Suddenley, the debris is launched at the men, Remus stops the debris with a magikal shield

Disembodied Voice: "HA.....HA....HA..."

The tree rockets over the troops and at Remus


He stops it with his staff, and forces it to the ground.

Heskall: *Cowering on the ground* "We need to leave.  Now!"

Trooper 1: "Let's find this thing and shred it!"

Trooper 2: "Yes!"


Remus: "Were you idiots raised by Cavemen? What will you do,  run through the forest shooting at everything that moves, attracting every cultist nutjob in the area on us and blowing this whole operation?"

Remus: "What we're dealing with here is a paranormal entity... if it even has a body,  It's likely far from here"

Trooper 3: "Did you not hear that laughing coming from the mountains?"

Remus: "I heard it coming from the sky itself.. but there's nothing here,  the air has returned to normal and I'm not detecting anything else right now...  but there is defenitley very dark powers at work here"


Later that day,  the team takes a rest break in a secluded area

Heskall: "So you've come to the conclusion that the rumors are in fact true?"

Remus: "Yes. I have,  I refuse to acknowledge this "Triangle God" as the locals call it,  but without finding a body, epicenter or some other source of this power, I fear we will not get to the bottom of this."


Remus: "However, this suggests that there may be some kind of artifakt, or multiple that are causing these disturbances.  I believe the Galacians came to this same conclusion,  despite knowing little else about it, they quarantined the entire planet to prevent it from being smuggled off world and spreading.  There has to be a physical source for it somewhere on this world. And I intend to find it before we head home"


**Rumbling of engines in the distance**

Trooper 1: "Sirs!. Sirs!... Cultists! there are cultists here!"

A convoy Several trucks and crude armored vehicles passes by

The lead vehicle pulls up to the old checkpoint, and a Cultist comes out to greet them

Gatehouse Cultist: "Hail, brothers!. Where is this warband headed?"
Passenger Cultist: "We come from Titron, on our way to the Great Oasis deserts, brother"
Gatehouse Cultist: "Very well! you may continue on your journey to the holy lands. May the glory of the Triangle God go with you!"

**Subtle roaring in the distance,  quickly getting louder and louder**
**Automated sensors from the checkpoint start beeping rapidly**

Cultist 1: "Brothers! Do you hear?"
Gatehouse Cultist: "INFIDEL!.. INFIDEL!."


Out of nowhere, a Galacian Strilka starfighter swoops down and buzzes the convoy

Cultists on the truck are minced by the Strilka's Duster guns

The fighter turns around,  and strafes from the opposite direction

GR Pilot: "Ugly Two-Seven, multiple heat signatures in the treeline.. Light'n em up"

Not knowing exactly who is down there, the fighter starts blasting the treeline,  the research team scatters


Cultist Vehicle Crew: "Rotate 20 degrees, elevation good. FIRE FIRE FIRE!"

thump thump thump

Distant wooshing noise in the distance

The fighter afterburns faster to avoid ground fire


Soley focused on shooting it down, the Trianglist AFV crew is oblivious to the incoming heat seeker that the fighter launched


The AFV is ripped apart by secondaries

Another missile and more duster fire slams the gatehouse

GR Pilot: "Ugly Two-Seven, Primary targets eliminated, re-engaging  those heat sigs"

Heskall: "If we don't do something that thing is going to tear us apart!"

Remus: "Quickly! we only have one chance to make this work!"

The fighter strafes them a third time,  And Declan dives out from the bushes and shoots a magik bolt at the fighter's thrusters.


one of the thrusters rapidly overheats and blows.

The pilot ditches it in the field

Heskall: "Quickly, we must ensure the pilot did not survive!"
Remus: "No!. The savages will tend to him,  The carrier must be here, more fighters will be on the way,  we must find cover and lay low for the time being"

**Banging noises**  the hatch flies open

GR Pilot: "Fuck!"

To be continued.

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by RedRover
This is excellent!! Well done!

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by TastySkippy123

This is extremely interesting, can't wait for the rest.

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by Zupponn
More explosions!  I demand more explosions!