New Releases

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New Releases

Postby militaryfreak » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:23 am

Following the great feedback from my build, "Trapped Between Mountains: Came from the Sky" I decided to throw together a few more. Im currently awaiting parts to complete these projects, but I fully intend to finish them all. I had good fun with Photoshop. Let me now in the comments if anyone has a preference for which will be released first.

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Trapped Between Mountains: Came from the Sky
Theme: War, Tragedy
In 2013, following the South Mirthanese military's reclaiming of the island of Narische, rebel groups in the largely muslim area originally backed by South Mirthan, later became supported by international terrorist groups, thus beginning a one and a half year insurgency in the region. During Operation: Red Scorpion, forces of the 6th Army proposed a plan to place troops in the mountainous terrain overlooking the town of Dornhaus, with the goal of observing and disrupting movement of enemy militants to and from the stronghold.
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Soldier of War
Theme: Military, Psychological
Josef Keller is a young infantryman in the 45th Royal Parachute Regiment. Like most restless young men, he dreams of adventure, When the Three Week War, broke out in 2014, Keller and his regiment were deployed as part of an operation to protect the independence of Okinoshima, the “Free City”. As days go by, Keller and his friends learn that war is quite different than what movies would have you believe.

Theme: Drama, War
The allies have entered Germany and the Japanese empire is on the ropes. In the final months of ww2 on a pacific island, Mirthan struggles to support its Axis partner, Japan. After a disastrous defeat, a lone Mirthanese tank commander limps back to Axis territory. He is able to form a makeshift tank crew, and sets out. His mission? Break through and find his brother, trapped with an isolated unit. With no hope for victory, it seems the Mirthanese and Japanese are doomed to a final stand. Is honor worth the price?

New Year in Konigsberg
Theme: Historical, Romance
The storied love affair between Prince Otto Freidman-Kirschtein and the fabled “Samurai Queen” during the Franco-Mirthanese war. Separated for years by the conflict, the two are reunited in the besieged city of Konigsberg. The Mirthanese army prepares a desperate bid to resist the French assault and end the war. If Konigsberg falls, the war will be lost. It is such dire circumstances that ultimately brings people together.

Hornets Nest
Theme: Action, Thriller
A lead Chinese Nuclear scientist has defected to North Mirthan, carrying with him nuclear secrets. North Mirthan claims they will turn him over the US, though the South Mirthanese Defense Division believes the North may hold on to him for more sinister goals. Before any of that can happen, the official is kidnapped by nationalists, who intend to use the nuclear knowledge to destroy South Mirthan. The SMDD hastily readies a team of operators and sends them into North Mirthan. It’s a race against time, as the North Mirthanese, Chinese agents, Terrorist elements, and the SMDD close in to recover the nuclear secrets. The team must move quickly or else risk an international incident.
***coming soon***
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Re: New Releases

Postby TheVengefulOne » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:17 pm

These all look great, especially Panzer!
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