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King Kroc: The prologue

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:10 am
by Cakeman
Kroc wandered through the green jungle that was his and his tribes home. He was alone, walking and thinking. Thinking slowly and thouroghly, because there was a lot in the balance. The old ways didn't sustain his tribe like they used to.


Old ways had given way to new ways before, so it wasn't an apocalypse or anything. In the beginning, crocs had just waited in the water, eating what came close. Then they had gotten smarter and better and mor numerous, and prey had become scarce. So the old ways of lying still gave way to hunting, then to hunting in packs, then to raiding other tribes. There had been shamans and kings. Now food was once again scarce, and Kroc had to give his tribe a new goal.

Suddenly, he spied something in a clearing up ahead.


"Odd" he thought. But then again, this part of the jungle was new to him. They had come here in search of enemies to fight and food to eat. It looked like a structure of stone, like the ones he had heard was erected in the northwest kingdoms.


As Kroc approached the pyramid, he could see it was kept, the encroaching jungle kept in check. The steps were scratched by croc claws of old, and he felt a certain belonging. The braziers at the top were lit. Kroc started to ascend the steps, when a figure appeared.


Figure: Come, King Kroc.

Kroc: You know my name?

Figure: Yes, and I know why you are here. You are looking for a way, for a purpose.


Kroc: Yes!

Figure: All this time, you have been watched by Solek. As he raises the sun every day, he has seen your peoples zeal. The sun is fire, and fire is within you and your tribe. You have felt it. Is this not true?

Kroc: It is true! I have felt something, someone, trying to speak to me. Now that I hear you speak his name, I know it was Solek!

Figure: You are wise. Solek wants you to come here, to his pyramid, so that he can teach you about what he wants (and about fire).

Kroc: I will bring my tribe here, so we can learn from you about great Solek! (And fire. Fire is important, it gives + damage right?).

Figure: Bring them here and I will make space for them (Yes yes, +dam, I'll give you an enchantment to show the others).




Kroc: I can feel it! Great Solek, we will fight for you now!

And thus, King Kroc and his tribe were approched by the cult of Solek, outfitted and slowly prodded into making forays against the larger nations in the vicinity. More to follow, maybe?