Franco-Mirthanese War. 1784-1801

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Franco-Mirthanese War. 1784-1801

Postby militaryfreak » Fri May 12, 2017 12:39 am

***Photos courtesy of "Historical Preservation and Reenactment Guild of South Mirthan"***

During the 1700's Mirthan began to officially blossom as a state. Once a coalition of German colonies and native clans, the kingdom was a major regional power. Its mere prescence has often been cited at the reason the French Empire was unable to colonize the entire island. While the French had previously crushed every clan that stood against it, Mirthan was a state of equal military might in the region, and any attempt of the French to move on any other clan, would be met by Mirthanese opposition. King Gunter Freidman, often refered to as "The Mongrel King" for his mixed German and Asian racial heritage. had decreed that further French Imperialism would be met with military opposition. neighboring clans took advantage of this, raiding and pillaging french villages, knowing that the Kingdom of Mirthan had their backs. it was only a matter of time before the French decided to take action.

Year 1784
In 1784 after repeated skirmishes along the French-Mirthanese Border, the Kingdom of Mirthan and the neighboring Miyazato Domain declare war on the French. The French sweep south, aiming to cut through the weaker Miyazato Domain and circumnavigate the Glistening Desert. The Miyazato raise an army, which is soon crushed by the French army. Upon hearing the news, the Heirless daimyo Miyazato Hikaru passed away from a heart attack. His throne fell to his 22 year-old wife Miyazato Azumi. Azumi was just the leader the Miyazato needed she was an Onna-Bugeisha, a female samurai. She led ruthlessly, initially leading the Miyazato army to scorch the earth and retreat west to slow the French, and rendezvous with her Mirthanese allies. The Miyazato finally made a stand at the strategic port of Nishikama, and the French laid siege.

The Miyazato Domain's armies of Samurai and Ashigaru are hoplessley outmatched agaisnt Frances superior equipment and training. The French were also better supplied, and able to better resupply and replace battlefield losses in a way the Feudal Miyazato armies could not. The miyazato won many skirmishes and a few minor battles, but in every major encounter, the French dominated.

Year 1785
With the Miyazato’s armies either trapped in Nishikama or protecting the clan castle in the city of Toyokoro. The French were able to break through, and entered into Mirthan. The Mirthanese had three armies mobilized. one to reinforce the Miyazato army at Toyokoro, one marching through the neutral Koga Domain, aiming to flank the French forces, and one garrisoned in the city of Wusteland to halt the French advance into the Kingdom. The Mirthanese army was superior to the Miyazato forces, trained in up to date western military standards, and roughly on par with the French army.
The Mirthanese 12th Army led by General Von Deist met the French army near the town of Reinbek. The Mirthanese finally defeated the French advance, forcing them to retreat back into Miyazato territory. After the Mirthanese 9th Army led by Prince Otto Freidman-Kirschtein arrived in Toyokoro, Miyazato Azumi attacked the French forces in the western Miyazato territoty. Between the advancing Mirthanese and the Miyazato force, the French army was defeated. Although with heavy Miyazato casualties.

Year 1786
1786. Mirthanese and Miyazato forces march south and lift the siege of Nishikama after a decisive battle amongst the hills. The army marches east, retaking southern Miyazato territory.

Late year 1786
The Mirthanese marched from Toyokoro eastward, facing the French army at the Battle of the Ishin River. For hours, artillery rained down on both banks of the, famously green colored, river, until the French were forced to fall back behind a nearby ridge for cover. The Mirthanese crossed via boats, as they landed the French fired from the crest of the ridge. The Mirthanese endured a withering hail of fire as the climbed up the ridge, the French line broke in 4 places. Lacking the reserves to fill the gaps,General Francis Papillon ordered a retreat.

Year 1787
The Mirthanese and Miyazato hold the territory in the Miyazato Domain. The Miyazato join Mirthan in confederation, with Mirthanese commanders and British advisors drilling and equipping the Miyazato army in western standards. General Von Deist decides to march his 12th army through the Yoho Mountains to open a new front on the French colonial territory itself. Whilst General Freidman-Kirschtein's 9th army and Azumi's Forces marched to the northeast, aiming to enter the French territory through the valley that separated the two branches of the Yoho Mountains. It is at this point that historical accounts begin to mention “intense friendship” between Prince Freidman-Kirschtein and Miyazato Azumi. This has led many historians to suspect they may have been in a romantic relationship.

Year 1788
The joint Mirthanese-Miyazato force was spotted as it camped outside the valley by French scouts. Three days later, Von Deist’s 12th army was spotted marching down the mountainside in the south. The French General Rémi Pelletier was convinced that Von Deist’s force was the main army, and the Mirthanese-Miyazato force was a decoy. Pelletier moved the majority of his force south. At the Battle of Sasaki Forest, Von Deist’s force, weakened by the mountain trek, was defeated. in a final act of defiance, General Von Deist ordered his platoon to charge, he made it all the way to a few metres from the French lines, only to shout "Verfluche deine schwache Horde!" (Curse your feeble horde) and then ordered a retreat. The French sent a portion of the army to pursue the fleeing Mirthanese army. Leaving a understrength force to protect the city of Venissieux. The Mirthanese-Miyazato force besieged the city. And the Mirthanese 10th Army based in the neutral Koga Domain began to march, strengthening the forces besieging Venissieux, as well as moving North under the leadership of General Claus Bismarck who took the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux without a fight, which was later renamed to Konigsberg.

Year 1789
French reinforcements arrive in the north, and lay siege to the Mirthanese 10th Army in recently the captured city of Issy-les-Moulineaux. meanwhile, the city of Venissieux capitulates to the Mirthanese-Miyazato forces. Prince Freidman-Kirschtein and Azumi divide their forces and march towards the twin ports of Bourges and Montrouge. At Montrouge, the French forces sally forth, and attack Azumi’s army amidst the farmland outside the city. During the battle, in the midst of rallying her forces, Azumi began to show signs of pain, eventually dismounting her horse and falling to the ground. Nearby staff officers ushered her behind the main battle line, where she refused to be taken any further, relaying orders through her second, Brigadier General Bernard Schmidt. She continued to lead, until pain became so great that Schmidt had to personally take command. The unit Chirurgeons could find no visible wounds on her, until an officer mentioned his wife going through similar pains during childbirth. The officer was correct, and there on the field of battle amidst the gunfire and smoke Azumi gave birth to a son. Whom was named Miyazato Shinji. The Miyazato force won the battle and took the city of Montrouge.

Year 1790
1790. General Bismarck’s offensive in the north takes a turn for the worse, and Issy-les-Moulineaux falls to the French counterattack.

Year 1791
The city of Bourges surrenders to Prince Freidman-Kirschtein. French General Remi Pelletier challenges Friedman-Kirschtein to a duel, the winner may keep Bourges, Pelletier wrote in his memoirs that his sacrifice would secure his mens survival in the surrounded and starving city. Pelletier is defeated, and Friedman-Kirschtein allows the french soldiers to leave the city. Effectivley winning the southern front. Freidman-Kirschtein is reunited with Azumi and their armies merge to drive North.

Year 1792
The offensive begins, and Issy-les-Moulineaux is besieged again by Bismarck's 10th Army. The Mirthanese-Miyazato army under Freidman-Kirschtein and Azumi drives north with the long term goal of taking Achelous and Athens. The Okamura Domain joins the war, attacking the French on the Island of Narische.

Year 1793
In a brilliant act of cunning by Mirthanese-allied Ninja, the gates of Issy-les-Moulineaux are opened after several failed attempts, and the castle of the city is taken, walls intact. The Mirthanese regroup to move north to take Telouse.

ImageYear 1794
The Okamura Domain takes the city of New Paris, driving the French from the island of Narische.

Year 1795
The Mirthanese besiege the city of Telouse.

Year 1796
The Mirthanese-Miyazato besiege the city of Achelous.

Year 1797
The French bite back, their army marches to Achelous and defeats the Mirthanese-Miyazato force. General Freidman-Kirschtein and Azumi are separated. Freidman heads west, to join with General Bismarck at Telouse. Azumi retreats south along the coast to meet with a small Miyazato army.

Year 1798
The French break the siege at Telouse. Freidman-Kirschtein was wounded when a cannon shot flung gravel into his right eye, causing permanent vision loss. The Mirthanese retreated, but Friedman-Kirshtein doubles back and defeats the French force sent to pursue them. During the battle, a key unit in the Mirthanese line began to retreat. Despite advisory from the staff officers to fall back, Freidman Kirschtein held a telescope to his blinded eye, and claimed he saw no retreat and ordered his forces to fight on. His force drove the French back, but with heavy losses and was forced to head south with Bismarck’s army.

Year 1799
The French forces continue to advance towards Issy-les-Moulineaux. The Mirthanese scrounged together what forces they could, but it wouldn’t be enough. Azumi and the feeble Miyazato force later arrived to strengthen the defense. Knowing they would surely die if the city was besieged, Azumi and Prince Freidman-Kirschtein married on October 20th 1799, and were blessed by monks from the local Buddhist temple. But things soon turned in favor of the Mirthanese when the Ayuzawa domain declared war on the French. The French already had few naval assets in the region, and only three routes to Mirthan. The southern route was cut off by the Mirthanese and Miyazato, the eastern route was cut off when the Okamura took Narische. And now their Northern route was blocked by the Ayuzawa. Okamura ships soon began raiding coastal settlments, followed by a large Okamura army that landed and began to advance on the defenseless city of Telouse. The French, confidant they could take Issy-les-Moulineaux with only half their force, split the army and sent it north at a rapid pace to reinforce Telouse.

Late year 1799
The final defensive preparations were completed in september 1799, now the Mirthanese just had to wait until the french attacked, or an opportunity arose to break the siege.

Year 1800
The French descend on Issy-les-Moulineaux, the combined forces of Azumi, Freidman-Kirschtein and Bismarck stand steadfast. After 8 hours of battle, the Mirthanese forces are victorious. And to this day, the Battle of Konigsberg (Formerly Issy-les-Moulineaux) is remembered as one of the most triumphant moments of Mirthanese history. Meanwhile, near Telouse, the Okamura force is defeated by the French.

Year 1801
With its sea routes cut off, its army weakened, and local unrest growing. The French agreed to meet with the Mirthanese at the bargaining table. A one-sided treaty that heavily favored Mirthan was signed by all involved parties. The French ceded all lands on the Mirthanese Island to the Kingdom of Mirthan, and agreed to withdraw all remaining forces on Narische. Mirthan would take all the lands, as well as inheriting the Miyazato Domain through the marriage of Azumi and Prince Freidman-Kirchstein. The Okamura Domain would become a protectorate of Mirthan, the Ayuzawa Domain received nothing, but was content with raiding European and Japanese ships. A year later, the Koga Domain appealed to Mirthan for assimilation and was annexed by Mirthan. Azumi’s child, Shinji now 10 years old, was claimed as the son o fPrince Freidman-Kirschtein and received a spot on the line of succession. After the death of King Gunter Freidman, Otto Freidman-Kirschtein became King, and his wife, Azumi Kirchstein would become known as the legendary Samurai Queen. Their son Shinji would later be king for 23 years, and would eventually unify the entire island.

Late Year 1801
All parties met in the Mirthanese capitol of Polis. in attendance, was King Gunter Freidman of Mirthan, Miyazato Azumi of the Miyazato Clan, Ayuzawa Rokuro of the Ayuzawa Clan, Okamura Kirito of the Okamura clan, General Francis Papillon and Governor Pierre Dubois of France. King Freidman took every step to both impress and intimidate his guests, ranging from keeping a small entourage of soldiers with him at all times, secretly ordering the  driver of a carriage carrying Okamura nobles to "take a wrong turn" and drive by a public execution, an extravagant royal ball and a banquet with 82 desserts, as well as expensively imported french luxuries to please French representatives.

The legacy of the war, was Mirthanese dominance of the island, which would pave the way for the islands unification. Prince Freidman-Kirschtein had a Naval ship, HMS Freidman-Kirschtein, a Valiance Class Destroyer, named after him in 2013. His sword, and uniform from the war remains in the South Mirthanese National History Museum in Polis. Other possessions of his are present in Museums all over the country. King Gunter Freidman was already a legend before the war, and is largely not remembered for his participation in the conflict. Azumi Kirschtein to this day is colloquially known as "The Samurai Queen" She would rule for 5 years after the death of King Otto Friedman-Kirschtein, and was succeeded by her son Shinji. She also remains a prominent feminist icon, for her enlightened rule, military legacy, giving military orders during labor, and raising her child whilst fighting a war. General Von Deist would stay with the Army, and has a base named after him on the northern border. General Bismarck is remembered fondly, but not to the same level as Freidman-Kirschtein. The other Clans of the island would be either assimilated, or annexed into Mirthan, the island was fully unified in the year 1880
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Re: Franco-Mirthanese War. 1784-1801

Postby Steel_Valkyrie » Fri May 12, 2017 8:33 am

Very interesting and well-made! I love it!
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Re: Franco-Mirthanese War. 1784-1801

Postby stubby » Fri May 12, 2017 5:04 pm

militaryfreak wrote:Despite advisory from the staff officers to fall back, Freidman Kirschtein held a telescope to his blinded eye, and claimed he saw no retreat and ordered his forces to fight on.


Great vignette work as always.
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Re: Franco-Mirthanese War. 1784-1801

Postby AnnoyedZebra » Sun May 14, 2017 3:04 am

militaryfreak wrote:In a brilliant act of cunning by Mirthanese-allied Ninja, the gates of Issy-les-Moulineaux are opened after several failed attempts, and the castle of the city is taken, walls intact. The Mirthanese regroup to move north to take Telouse.

What is this shogun 2?
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Re: Franco-Mirthanese War. 1784-1801

Postby Cakeman » Mon May 15, 2017 4:33 am

I enjoyed reading this in bits during the day, good narrative and describing pictures. Interested in the turmoil that must have led to the north and south forming later on  :D
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