Operation Schadenfreude (Prelude)

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Operation Schadenfreude (Prelude)

Postby Kastrenzo » Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:03 pm

Operation Schadenfreude will be a battle, not sure if forum battle or not because it's outcome is kind of rigged to advance kanon, Will be coming in the next day or so

Bakhcha Station, Caspian System
The Galacian military's headquarters

Marshal Shulga and several top military brass hold an emergency meeting.


Shulga fumbles with a communication panel,  pressing a button only to be given an unfriendly sounding beep followed by static, multiple times

Shulga: Colonel Yarmoshuk, what is the situation? DUGA is repeatedly sounding an alarm that the Outer Haven Quarantine has been breached, but ships in the area have reported an all clear?


Yarmoshuk: I received a short wave transmission DUGA reported a small assault on the outpost by cultists, but then went silent and incoming communications seem to be lagging. Something at Z.I.T has lit up the communications network and we're trying to get personnel over there to shut off their connection to the network..

Shulga slams the desk and rattles the table
Shulga:damn nerds.  they're supposed to test their technobobble toys in a closed environment.


An assistant enters the room from a side door
Assistant: Excuse me, I'm sorry. Marshal Shulga, you have a visitor..

Shulga: What?  Can't it wait? I'm fucking busy!

The assistant looks at Shulga and bats his eyes, implying something that the rest of the officers are not meant to be in on..

Shulga: ..Oh..  Fine,  Alright


Shulga: Yarmoshuk,  keep trying to get ahold of Z.I.T, call security there if you have to,  I want whatever's spamming communications taken offline before I get back.

Shulga leaves the room


He walks down the hall into a quiet, colorful room decorated with lavish window art,  flowers and a monument. A woman in some kind of costume stands there reading the plaque quietley to herself

Ziegler: "Always remember the fires in which we were forged as you carry it unto the stars...."  hmm,  that is quite.. poetic... Here lies Kherjit-Aldemir Strenza... hmph, I'm sorry I should know who you are but I'm afraid I don't...

She is startled as Shulga walks into the room


Shulga: .. He was one of the saviors,  The last actually.  He was the last one to go, I had his remains moved here when I learned that I am from his line, The saivors were very important to my people,  and he's very important to me

Ziegler: I see, was he your grandfather or something like that?  did you know him?

Shulga: No.. the saivors died before we even became spacefaring, they came from another part of the galaxy,  the people of our homeworld were stuck in the castle age,  and were dying off from disease.  A group of humble refugees saved and uplifted us,  we're all their progeny, in a way.

Ziegler: Interesting,  I do find this quite touching... but I suppose we can continue this lesson another time hmm?  You wanted me to look at your scarring and prescribe if necessary?


Shulga pulls off his mask and helmet,  steam hisses out of the vents for a moment


Shulga removes his helmet, revealing a bald, burned and horribly scarred face

Ziegler: I don't understand Alek, you keep asking for pain reduction when you know full well that I could have your figure fixed in an instant,  why do you do this to yourself?

Shulga: The scars remind me of what I went through in the great war,  I owe it to the fallen to carry their memory

Ziegler: I don't see how living in pain and behind a mask is any way to honor your friends...As your doctor I should urge you to undergo the treatment however... As your girlfriend,  I kind of like them

Shulga: Oh,  well... to be honest the mask kind of scares the shit out of people too..

Ziegler: Uh huh.... I guess that's why there are legions of those robots with helmets just the same


She hands Shulga a bottle of salve

Ziegler: Take this for now,  and we'll talk about it later,  get back to work

Shulga: Okay, remind me to tell you the story about Kherjit this weekend,  I think you'll like it

He leaves the room and goes back to the meeting room

Ziegler: ... Kherjit,  you sound interesting... hmph.. I wonder what he would think of meeting you.. Ressur... No. no!.  I shouldn't... I..  ugh...

She then runs out of the room before she acts on her thoughts.


Shulga re-enters the room and opens the door to the sound of alarms beeping, and several of the officers standing around a communicator listening to a computerized voice bark cryptic messages back at them

DUGA: Threat condition saber one. Outpost Sundown under attack... confirmed sighting of hostile forces... handle ... Imperial Magikstrate... Stearus System....Threat condition saber one in effect... awaiting directive from central command. Code.. Sword.. King..Midnight


Colonel Gonchar: It just came in, sir.  as you were coming in...
General Bryzgalov: ... They finally did it. oh boy...

Shulga: YARMOSHUK,  Confirm confirm with forces in that area, I want to talk to a person,  not DUGA,

Yarmoshuk presses a button on his communicator and it starts playing a recording of a soldier yelling


Galacian Soldier on Radio: Flash flash flash, priority message all stations. This is outpost sundown,  Surface base in Outer Haven I, we're under attack. I say again we are under attack,  They're peach,  and they're shooting magik missiles.... there's no doubt about it, we're under attack by Magikstrate forces. Authorization 9-9-delta

Yarmoshuk: The code checks out,  there's also this

Guardsman Lukash on radio: Lukash reporting.. however unlikely or crazy it seems, I'm vouching for any reports coming out of t he Outer Haven system,  Magikstrate trespass and attack has been confirmed, Casualties sustained, Magikstrate force was destroyed spare one,  I have their leader captured aboard my ship and am en route... destination and route to be uploaded only via secure channels..

Shulga: DUGA.  Bring up Gal-Map,  give me the closest, populated, strategically important system in Magikstrate space...

Everyone looks at a monitor on the wall

DUGA: Analyizing command... searching... searching... complete


DUGA: Arhus, Winston system,  Magikstrate space... Colony sparsely populated....... WARNING.  Sat-Com has identified ... Handle.. M-Throne Empire. Level 5 Teleporter teknology detected on surface... eastern continent.

Shulga: Level 5 Teleportation?  That's a superportal!  they're building a gateway,  that's a fucking staging point for an invasion.  DUGA, Full tactical assessment of M-Throne forces on Arhus

DUGA: Teleporter construction not complete. currentley non functional.  construction nearing point of limited functionality.  Teleporter will soon be able to teleport vast numbers of footsoldiers, vehicular teleportation not  available until full functionality.  WARNING. Window of opportunity closing

Shulga:  They must know that that we found out,  and they're rushing to finish it.  They've got a single reactor core installed and it's enough to bring through some troops and supplies,  they need at least 6 for that thing to get to full capacity,  but if we don't act now,  the Tharcan scourge will flood through and we'll have to back down... We'll never have another chance like this again.  DUGA. Route a carrier group, I want an air strike,  I want that facility taken out!

To be continued... *via battle*
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Re: Operation Schadenfreude (Prelude)

Postby Hiremas Alkerith » Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:32 am

Holy shit this is OSSUM!!!
Make this a god damn forum battle, I beseech you!

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