Mahō no samurai bōken notatakai, Season 2 (魔法の侍冒険の戦い)

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Mahō no samurai bōken notatakai, Season 2 (魔法の侍冒険の戦い)

Postby Archduke » Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:07 pm

After a few months Hiatus, the semi-popular "Legonime" is back!


Kōkatsu: So much has happened in so little time...

Isan: The Emperor was poisoned by his own daughter, who was then captured by the Shogun, and now there's a foreign armada in low orbit. And worst of all, Ajairu has disappeared.

Kōkatsu: I suspect that mysterious samurai is behind it! What does he have to hide behind that mask of his?!


Masuku: Ah, Mugen-no-ken domo. I'm glad to see you.

Mugen-no-ken: And I you, cricket, but for other reasons.

Masuku: ha ha ha. I look forward to testing my skills upon an opponent I cannot hope to defeat.

Mugen-no-ken: Shall we write your death poem as we fight, Masuku Kun?

Masuku: I like it, but perhaps a better honorific for your Emperor...

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