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Here we go again

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:05 pm
by Archduke
Emperor Ato and his adviser stroll the halls of the Imperial palace, Ato looks more troubled than usual, something is brewing. The former Burgomaster looks to his overseer, the man has been listening to speeches by that Drumpf fellow again, if you can even call them speeches. The Emperor is paranoid.
Ato: It's going to be a shame seeing you go my friend, You were one of the best diplomats I had, you negotiated peace with the DRK, something I never taught possible, We have gotten on good terms with the Omegalons, you have aided a secure dismantling of our super weapons.
Adviser: You will retain me as a trusted friend and your minister of foreign affairs I presume? I think I can get some trade going with the Federalist Star Union if our Allies do not disagree.
Ato: I will certainly do so.
Adviser: I lost a lot of the Yellow vote do to some of my policies.

[i]The conversation is interrupted by a parade of soldiers, Ato is pulled aside.


New Burgomaster Stephan Katz: Hello there Emperor sir, I have been looking for you. Might I have a talk in private about your policies on immigration?...