Space Austrian News Hub ~ Special Report

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Space Austrian News Hub ~ Special Report

Postby Archduke » Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:14 pm

This is inspired by Kastrenzo's piece with the vyse news guy, I just wanted to do my own take on that story

Anchor: we open in the Planet of Kolorad, this territory in the South of the Gold sector has recently become a major flash point, with rival groups jockeying for power. Several cities have already been been leveled in the intense fighting. The fate of this zone is still up in the air, as civilians hide from sniper fire, cowering in homes that may be blown to dust with every coming attack. We take you live to just behind the front lines, to our field reporter Sabrina Richter, as she talkes to a group of West Zagorian freedom fighters who are holding down one of the planet's population centers. Viewer discretion is advised, as this story takes place in an active war zone, and may contain some images that younger viewers could find disturbing.


Sabrina Richter: Thank you very much, I'm here with the leader of one of the groups holding down this city, He says that his men have been fighting for months in this city against terrorist groups, we speak with him now;


Freedom Fighter: Fighting has been intense for long time in this city, there are many groups we are fighting against, and we have little backing from the state. I lose two or three men to Northern snipers every day. Those pigs, they do not know what we are going through. We are neglected by all the powers in this area, too busy with their own garbage. I have seen families survive firebombings, only to starve in the streets, the atrocities committed here make me sick. Just yesterday, thirty innocent people were mowed down by machine gun fire not two blocks behind me, terrorist sharpshooters are everywhere, we were hoping to level those tall buildings on 14th street, but we can't get men over to them without being blown to shreds. My greatest anger is at the Government for not supplying us well enough, you supply those peach fighters don't you, if you would just..

he is interrupted by shouting and nearby gunfire, the news team runs for cover


Anchor: (over radio) Sabrina, what's going on? get your team to safety

Sabrina Richter: A group of rebels has just started firing on our position, were going behind a building now


the team arrives behind the small building

Anchor: (over radio) Get back to the safehouse!

Sabrina Richter: There's too much heat, and besides, it's our job to cover this story, we plan to see it through.


Sabrina Richter: As you can clearly see, these freedom fighters are in the middle of an intense firefight with a local extremist group, several people have already been killed, I've been told firefights like this are commonplace in this region, Cameraman, are you getting this?


Sabrina Richter: This battle seems to be wrapping up, it looks like the freedom fighters will maintain control of this...



Freedom Fighter: Sniper!

Sabrina Richter: There, on top of the tower!


Sabrina Richter: The sniper seems to have a Galacian uniform, while it is possible that his soldier could be sent from the Northern Government, but he is likely a militant who just got his hands onto a military uniform

Gunfire continues, and the sniper falls dead.


Sabrina Richter: Come on, the battle has died down, we need to finish this story, (in reporting voice) As you can see, the violence here is almost constant, although we do not live in a certain time ourselves, we can consider ourselves lucky that we are not stuck in this cycle of violence. One thin is certain however, without influence from external powers, the violence here will go on indefinitely.


Sabrina Richter: Back to you in the studio. (to crew) be sure to tag this with as many phrases that contain the word Pulitzer as you can when we upload it.
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Re: Space Austrian News Hub ~ Special Report

Postby BriksKrieg » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:50 pm


I'll try not to subtract from your thread bro, but

The STFU is willing to send relief aid to freedom fighter groups in the reigon, if it is wanted. Military support and aid is currently up for debate in the Shivarian government.
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Re: Space Austrian News Hub ~ Special Report

Postby Kastrenzo » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:51 pm

I have no idea what the fuck is going on here.. and it fits perfectly.

West Zagoria is basically the northern Ireland of the gold sector. And Un uniformed nut bags shooting at each other fits just fine.. militants and paramilitaries and shit
One request,  Change Kolorad to Kirov or Adiivka,   Then it fits with my gold sector kanon.

Kirov and Adiivka were the two systems handed over as a buffer zone,   There wouldn't be militia vs militia violence in Kolorad as it's Zagorian territory,  if it were, Black and yellow clad Zagorian soldiers would be present

Also... that sniper wearing a shulga costume is savage af.. 10/10 good troll
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