The Inner Workings of a plot

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The Inner Workings of a plot

Post by Archduke » Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:03 pm

Location: Unknown, the area is believed to be a once-soviet contorted planet, decades ago this place was one of industry, but now it has begun to crumble, a shadow of its former self, the great factories turn to dust under the hulking ruins of rusted machinery.


Empress Aprilia: I am glad you could meet with me here.

Officer: As am I, but I would like to know, will I receive audience with the Emperor himself as well?

Empress Aprilia: The emperor is at current, ahem, busy with other mattes, and even if he were available, the early discovery of our ambitious plan might not sit well with him.

Officer: Wait, what? I had assumed that you had the full backing of your government, is this untrue?

Empress Aprilia: It's complicated, But unfortunately no. The traditionalists would likely not support a move like this, even though we could have relied upon them in the past, and the new officials will staunchly oppose it. With all of the new ethnic groups we've been taking in to our empire, it is harder than usual to maintain a sense of unity outside of the armed forces.

Officer: I had hoped you had gotten your people on our side, I have my rebels, but I suspect that we will be opposed by both the traditionalist and nationalist forces as well. If you can't offer me this support, who will?

Empress Aprilia: For goodness sakes man, stand on your own two feet for once, I suspect that we will gather support once your forces have begun to seize power.

Officer: Do you have the support of our allies in this matter? You risk ruining the ties of both of us if you don't.

Empress Aprilia: Listen, for now, we're not connected to what you do, if you fail, we won't act against our allies to save you, but if you do experience some success, I can offer you a blank check to produce results.

Officer: and what about the resources you promised?

Empress Aprilia: They will arrive as scheduled.

To Be Continued...

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