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Entrenched in the East, Part 1

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 9:37 pm
by BriksKrieg
Seventh moon of Bolitar, Sector 5, East

*gunshots ring, followed by bullets whizzing through the air*
He concentrated on his aim, ignoring the shots snapping by his head. Gently, he squeezes the trigger. . .

. . . and smiles as his shots connect with their target

he continues to lay down fire, until he hears the metallic *cling* of his weapons' bolt sliding into empty. He reaches for another magazine. . .

*Rifle cracks*

2 minutes later. . .

Pvt Vladriech: *sighes*
Lt Levi: Hey Vlad, you good man?
Vlad: Whu .  .  . oh, yeah, Im good.

Levi: You did good. Granted, this wasn't anything like what we could get thrown into, but for your first action, not bad. Very nice shot, by the way.
Vlad: Thanks. . . it, startled me, how natural it felt, how fluid it was.
Levi: Yeah, well *motions to his smg*, these things do what they were made to.
Vlad: We lost 3 guys though.
Levi: It happens. Don't get me wrong, it sucks, but I've been out here waaay too long too show feelings about it.

Levi: I have to ask though. How did someone like you, someone with a life still back there waiting, end up in this shïthole of the East?
Vlad: A sense of duty I guess. Im no stranger to anything we'd find out here, I grew up on the Northern part of the Federalist capitol, before my family moved into the Southern parts of the Old Union.
Levi: Eh, you have seen some things, I don't doubt that, but - *pauses to listen to headset*

Levi: You know that building complex down the road?
Vlad: Yeah?
Levi: Command wants us to check it out, said they've received reports from an armored unit that there may be Unionists inside.
Vlad: *laughs* Aren't tankers a bit jumpy?
Levi: Heh, yeah. They usually are, still gotta check it out though. You go, and I'll catch up once that damn med-truck gets here.
Vlad: Alright. This shouldn't take too long.

Hopeing to get part 2 up soon. I'm going to be busy, so we'll see how it goes. Hope you enjoyed this little intro!