The Blood War 2014-2017-present

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The Blood War 2014-2017-present

Postby militaryfreak » Wed May 23, 2018 6:08 am

To Understand the Blood War, one must first know history. In the 1960 Civil War, The city of Jagerstolz saw heavy fighting and fell to the communists, it changed hands in 1986 with Northern Victory in the 1984 war. Only to be taken by the South Mirthanese again in 1999. Finally in the 2012 Reclamation war it fell again to North Mirthan. Over these years, the city has remained a perpetual ruin. Both sides have attempted relief efforts, only to have the next war undo all the work. For many citizens, a sense of allegiance and unity fell away more and more after each conflict.

Sometime in 1985
A group of children are pulled from the rubble of a building being used as a civilian shelter, by rescue workers. the center-most child is believed to be a young Joseph Hundt.

In 1970 Joseph Hundt was born in Jagerstolz. Not much is known about his childhood, although it’s believed he developed a hatred for South Mirthan and its communist party. In 1984, North Mirthanese forces would lay siege to Jagerstolz resulting in the death of Joseph’s family. He was raised by foster parents in North Mirthan.

July 8th, 1990
An OFH civil rights protest turns violent, with disgruntled students hurling objects at law enforcement. at the July 8th incident, and 2 people were killed, and 6 were arrested, among them was Joseph Hundt, age 20, pictured in the foreground in cuffs.

Hundt would never forgive the North for the death of his parents. His animosity mounted further as he found his homeschooled lifestyle actively repressed by the northern government. At age 22 he returned to Jagerstolz where he worked as a bank teller. He joined a prominent civil rights group, the OFH. During his time, he met his lover, Marcus Kruger. He took part in many protests as part of the OFH, eventually becoming chairman in 1998.

January 26th, 2000
Joseph Hundt, and his boyfriend Marcus Kruger, greet Jagerstolz's "Liberators". The South Mirthanese Army.

In 2000, the city was retaken by the South Mirthanese, who subsequently instated the OFH’s demands to such a degree that the group disbanded for lack of purpose. Joseph would marry Marcus in 2001.

August 1st, 2009
Joseph Hundt at a campaign rally, he proudly holds a replica musket, in spirit of South Mirthans military legacy. Hundt was also known for his passion for firearms, and advocacy for lighter gun regulation.

Working through municipal politics, to regional, Joseph Hundt was elected as a councilman of the Landung Province in 2010.

May 16th, 2013
North Mirthanese troops depose the provincial government of Jagerstolz, pictured are council members, Joseph Hundt, Deborah Reiss, and Friedrich Helmstadt. The three had locked themselves in the governors office in refusal to hand over the government to the North Mirthanese. In the end Northern troops smashed down the door, and escorted them out.

In 2013, Jagerstolz was captured by the North Mirthanese and Hundt was deposed from his position. He used his influence to reinstate the OFH and garnered a level of popular support for his new opposition party to the provincial government.

December 8th, 2013
A still clip from one of Hundt's campaign ads. Hundt promised 3 things, Freedom, Equality, and Guns. He never gave up on politics, and continued as an independed candidate in the upcoming elections. He was sponsored by crowdfund donations, and the OFH.

In late 2013 civil unrest across North Mirthan was widespread, especially in Jagerstolz. When 4 provinces were released from North Mirthanese rule, the people of Jagerstolz saw a chance at freedom. In 2014 Joseph Hundt’s opposition party won a majority of seats in the provincial government, and demanded Jagerstolz’s independence. The people acted separately and instated the City-State of Jagerstolz. None recognized the new state, officially they were still part of North Mirthan. Joseph Hundt would assume leadership on February 24th 2014 as first president of Jagerstolz.

February 28th, 2014
A band of "Patriot's Militia" (one of many pro-independence groups), patrol the streets of "their quarter" of Jagerstolz. such bands, armed with irregular weaponry and technical vehicles, became the only source of order in the newly independent city.

Hundt was beloved by the people, he brough liberty, civil rights and real independence, however the city remained a ruin. Infrastructure was in shambles, civil services non-existent and law enforcement a joke. Hundt sought to bring his passion of firearms into a major part of Jagerstolz, and the city became a hotbed for arms dealing. Many militias sprung up, pledging themselves to Hundt’s cause and Jagerstolz’s independence. (in the meantime shooting at each other over various agendas)

March 20th, 2014
North Mirthanese National Guard troops raid a home suspected of housing an operation to smuggle goods through the cordon around Jagerstolz.

North Mirthanese president Wernher Hautzig sought to end the venture towards independence by blocking the import of resources to the region. Jagerstolz militias would attack North Mirthanese checkpoints and on June 3rd captured 8 North Mirthanese border guards in an ambush. The guards would be executed, and bodies burned. Video of the shocking execution circulated online much to the outrage of the North Mirthanese. Hautzig decided it was time for action and readied 15,000 reserve troops to retake Jagerstolz. Hundt accused Hautzig of tyranny. Among many other accusations, Hautzig was accused of homophobia. Which many youth latched on to. To many young, angry progressives in both Mirthan and beyond, the idea of a “Crusade for fabulous Liberation” stuck. Causing many to give the thumbs up to Hundt and his war against North Mirthan.

July 10th, 2014
North Mirthanese soldiers at a forward operating point for their invasion of Jagerstolz. With the current tensions with the south, The Northern military didn't want to risk weakening their position. Reserve forces, with no combat experience were readied for the operation, hoping their superior technology and organization would prevail.

On July 9th 2 mechanized columns advanced towards Jagerstolz. Resistance was fierce, and only one of the columns would even reach the city. Once there, they were facing an urban setting with markets overflowing with military-grade weapons. The war began with heavy losses on all sides, and many civilian casualties

October 10th, 2014
A North Mirthanese tank, first immobilized by an IED, then destroyed by an anti-tank missile, likely a Kornet or a Blackout. It is unclear whether or not the crew was able to escape.

In the face of heavy losses, and stiff resistance, the North Mirthanese were forced to withdraw. Allowing militia fighters to claim victory in the 1st Battle of Jagerstolz. The Northern army then redrew plans, with the strategy of aiming every gun and firing every minute, of every day. Jagerstolz was pounded by non-stop artillery and airstrikes.

November 14th, 2014
Believed to be the last taken image of Hundt. Hunkered down in one of his many makeshift headquarters. He often moved from place to place, trying to remain hidden.

Throughout it all, Joseph Hundt maintained regular radio broadcasts criticizing the North Mirthanese, and preaching the destiny of Jagerstolz’s independence in order to boost morale. For his threats, he was targeted and killed by a North Mirthanese cruise missile on November 15th 2014.

March 7th, 2015
After months of bombardment, fighters began to retreat into the surrounding countryside. Leaving the North Mirthanese to limp into the city, winning the 2nd Battle of Jagerstolz on March 10th 2015.

May 30th, 2015
Marcus Kruger, posing with weapons and money (aid from a foreign beneficiary) for one of many social media posts. With the death of Joseph Hundt, many turned to Marcus as a popular figurehead.

Sporadic fighting continued across the countryside, with fighters unwilling to accept defeat.
Initially, fighters called themselves “Jagers” meaning hunters, in patriotism to their city of Jagerstolz. Hundt’s husband Marcus Hundt, now being propped up on a pedestal by the rebels as a link to their beloved leader, coined the term “Hundtsmen” as a clever play-on-words. These so called Hundstmen would attack Northern troops in and around the city of Jagerstolz. Many took it further, and mass shootings, bombings, and other terrorist attacks began to spring up all across North Mirthan.

November 1st 2015
Hundtsmen cross a stretch of barbed wire somewhere in the outskirts of Jagerstolz. despite loss of the city, a few groups continued the fight.

On October 10, 2015, a fabulous rights protest in Jagerstolz turned violent and Northern troops fired into the crowd, killing 23 people. The people of Jagerstolz were reunited once again.

December 29th, 2015
A Hundtsmen T-55 is blown sky-high by a TOW missile during a clash with North Mirthanese Mechanized units.

After a radio broadcast from none other than Marcus Hundt, who condemned the killings. He urged people to take up their guns. By December, the city was a warzone as militias sprung up, backed by returning Hundstmen from the countryside, and clashed with Northern Troops on a daily basis in an unexpected push.The Hundstmen were able to retake the city, ending the 3rd Battle of Jagerstolz on January 20th 2016.

April 3rd 2016
Wernher Hautzig meets with the North Mirthanese forces involved in the ongoing "Blood War". It didn't take long for South Mirthanese meme artists to play the clip to the tune of "Imperial March" from star wars.

North Mirthanese president Hautzig was infuriated and began announcing plans for yet another offensive, this time with active duty forces The disgruntled public was skeptical of the plans value. Hautzig announced they would defeat rebels at any time, and any place. And that “there is no border with Jagerstolz”. In a surprise interview, a progressive minded reporter inquired whether or not his unrelenting approach had anything to do with Joseph Hundt’s legacy as a fabulous activist. Hautzig would reply “LGBT rights are not human rights, discussion is over”

September 3rd, 2016
Police and National Guard troops in the Capitol of Dry Wells, embattled with Hundtsmen during the infamous Capitol Casino Attack.

On June 30th a much larger, better equipped, and far more prepared force moved on Jagerstolz. The Hundtsman knew they would have to act fast, as the force began to descend on Jagerstolz. A particular fighter, Maximillian Koba. Devised a heinous plan. On September 3rd 2016 In what be the worst hostage crisis in Mirthanese history, Koba and a large band of Hundtsmen stormed a Casino in the Capitol of Dry Wells, emptied the vault, and took over 700 people hostage. Police, and later National Guard troops surrounded the casino and demanded the hostage’s release.

September 4th, 2016
Hundtsmen fire a Blackout Missile at North Mirthanese troops in the ongoing 4th Battle of Jagerstolz.

September 7th 2016
Maximilian Koba (Camo and Hat) ties up two unruly hostages in an employee only area of the casino. He would bring with him 10 volunteer hostages for his journey to Jagerstolz, upon his arrival, the hostages were released.

Koba demanded to speak to North Mirthanese representatives to broker independence for Jagerstolz. The Northern troops were ordered to storm the casino. Over 100 hostages were killed, and the Hundtsmen were able to hold out. After 4 more days, the Northern government said “to hell with it” and Koba was able to get his ceasefire signed, and secured his safe return to Jagerstolz. Maximillian Koba remains North Mirthan’s most wanted man.

November 22nd, 2016
The new president of Jagerstolz, Friedrich Helmstadt, inspects the newly formed 1st Brigade of the new Hundtish army. In particular, 3rd Battalion, at the time they were the only uniformly equipped unit.

The Northern troops withdrew, and the Northern half of the Landung Province was ceded to the new state. The new country was officially named “Hundtland” named for Joseph Hundt. Friedrich Helmstadt would take head of the new Republic of Hundtland. However he had no way of rebuilding this nation of rubble. Koba had secured the Hundtish people peace, but nothing more.

April 7th 2017
South Mirthanese soldiers patrol the streets of Jagerstolz. 2 Battalions of South Mirthanese soldiers are always present in the country, as part of peacekeeping and relief operations.

South Mirthan came forward with aid and a guarantee of independence. Hundtland remains an extremely unstable state. Casualites numbered 5,300 North Mirthanese troops and somewhere around 26,000 Rebel fighters. Civilian casualties were appalling, with estimates ranging 100,000-170,000 some have even gone as high as 300,000.

Mirthan Post Blood War
It may be that the Blood War is over, but the fighting certainly hasn’t stopped. Under loose and unstable administration, many Hundtish commanders continue to initiate border clashes with the neighboring North Mirthanese, hiding behind their Southern allies to prevent reprisal. It can also be seen in the dozens of Hundtish terror attacks that kill North Mirthanese citizens every year. Most are convinced that President Hautzig has not only a political interest in Hundtland, but a personal one as well. He has seen them push North Mirthan to its knees, and what levels they’re willing to stoop to. Hautzig has made it clear that he sees South Mirthanese support on the basis of LGBT rights to be flagrantly antagonizing his country. It is his relentless attitude as an aggressor which is why so many young South Mirthanese men and women are willing to pick up their guns in defense of Hundtland or enter the current Vagarese civil war. Because while it’s obvious that South Mirthans interests are not moral based, the people who will fight and die there’s are. The South treasures its LGBT rights, and sees the North’s moralistic stance and Vagar’s mass persecution as an offense against liberty on their island. The Blood War has helped define the burdens of modern North Mirthan, and has drawn the two Mirthans further from a lasting solution to their differences
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Re: The Blood War 2014-2017-present

Postby Omega Prime » Wed May 23, 2018 9:57 am

Brilliant soap as always. Nice work and storytelling!
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Re: The Blood War 2014-2017-present

Postby Maraxous » Wed May 23, 2018 3:22 pm

Love the action shot of the exploding tank.  :tiger:
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Re: The Blood War 2014-2017-present

Postby AnnoyedZebra » Wed May 23, 2018 3:56 pm

I was gonna be grumpy and complain but I forgot why because I was quite absorbed in the story.

Anyway now that weve had the fabulous uprising its time to kick things up a notch with the trans uprising
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Re: The Blood War 2014-2017-present

Postby BriksKrieg » Wed May 23, 2018 7:30 pm

This was neat. Good job!
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