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Reports from the East

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 10:13 pm
by BriksKrieg
A soldier from the rebel forces (now called the Nationalist Shivarian Social Republik: NSSR) clears a room, somewhere in the space center outside Tristengard.

A couple STFU soldiers walk past a destroyed shop, likely in the city of Nu-vak.

Some troops from the 35th Pioneers Guard retreat to a safer position. This was taken not long before the unit was cut off and subsequently destroyed by an STFU armored unit.

Since the beginning of the Shivarian Civil War following, the assanantion of Chonnor Mikel by a soldier named Nikota Dvar,  nearly 1.5 million troops have died, along with nearly 2 million civilians, and countless cities and towns have been leveled in the fierce fighting in the early stages of the war. 2 months ago, the rebel forces took control of the vital planet of Kang-mor, and gained access to a vast amount of surviving transportation vehicals, supplies, military assets, ammo, and 2 of only 5 remaining battlecrusiers capable of combat. This then became the center of their defensive line, and both sides dug in, forcing the war to a stalemate.

In the East however, the war remained mobile untill around a month ago. Heavy fighting, poor leadership, and poor equipment led to many catastrophes for the NSSR, and 87% of all total casualties sustained in the war, were in the East. The STFU didn't know the planets system very well, and this prevented them from exploiting the Nationalists issuses. By this time, no unit in the East on either side is above 50% strength, and battles usually involve a squad at the most. Encountering anything larger is rare, and is a sign a large push is about to happen. Before the war, the STFU had a decent amount of tanks, APCs, spacecraft, and areocraft, but due to the split of the Union and the war, what few remaining assets each side has are confined mainly to key sites behind thier own lines, and on the capitol planets. The entirety of the Shivarin Celestial (space) fleet has been destroyed or scuttled. A few battle cruisers remain, but are either in no condition to do anything, or are just to valuable, and without an air force, moving them into combat is too dangerous.

THE NSSR has been receiving some aid from the NGC, although nothing in the form of military equipment or personal, although the NSSR does use a bullpup auto-rifle that they designed, but has the NGC produce for them, for which the NSSR  pays a hefty sum of money to receive.

Fighting has slowed down, although niether side has made attempts to contact the other for peace. The new NSSR wants to become a major power alongside the NGC or on their own, and the STFU wants to shut them down, restore control, and kill Dvar.

The East used to be where most of the Unions industrial power was. Now, most of it is either rubble, gutted, or void of workers, and thus possess now value. Efforts to build industrial centers elsewhere is slow going, but the NSSR was able to gain a small lead thanks to NGC support.

Hopeful this was interesting and you actualy read my beautiful text wall!

Re: Reports from the East

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:08 pm
by Archduke
Emperor Ato wrote: The Empire of Space Austria will send humanitarian aid ans non-military supplies to the people of the STFU. Al though we do not wish to become embroiled in this conflict, the STFU is viewed well by our people, and we will do whatever we peacefully can to help them.

Re: Reports from the East

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:29 pm
by AnnoyedZebra
From the office of the kaiser wrote:The armoured divisions and space squadrons of kampfgruppe 69 shall be assigned to help nationalist forces, should they be requested

Ayanami Bureau of foreign travel wrote:It has come to our attention that many Ayanami citizens live in the vincinity of this civil war. Any attack against these people will be interpreted as an act of war against the Ayanami Empire and the one true Rei

Re: Reports from the East

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:35 am
by BriksKrieg
The National Bureau of Security wrote:That would be greatly appreciated. A recent development in the East has eased some pressure off of some of our brave troops. The 12th, and 47th infantry divisions have been pulled off the line in the Northern sector of the East. That region is perfect for armor, albeit a large number of AT weapons are stationed there by STFU forces.

The Institute of Foregin Integration and Security wrote:It is unfortunate that citizens of the Ayanami systems are in the vicinity of our war. It is advised they be evacuated to a safer zone, to prevent the possibility of Foregin civilian casualties. It is not in our interest to fight another war at this time. It is highly unlikely they will become victims of the conflict, but we will not claim any responsibility for any unfortunate accidental deaths caused among the population.

The Federalist Embassy of Foregin Affairs wrote:The Shivarian Territorial Federalist Union sends its regards to those Ayanami living on the outskirts of our war. With support from Space Austria, it is believed the extra supplies will be enough to push back the NSSR and the move the fighting away from your citizens. However, let it be said, for any civilian casualties, however unfortunate they may be, the STFU will not claim responsibility for their unfortunate deaths.