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Treaty of Planet Masuku

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:43 pm
by Colette
Conselia, Planet Trattoria, Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria

Dr. Xiaoqing Xianghao, Chief Ambassador of Trattoria: Good evening, Your Majesty. I am glad you could make it.
Ato Hapsbrik, Emperor of Space Austria: Likewise, Your Excellency.

Emperor Ato: This war, though short, has wreaked much destruction on all involved. I pray for a productive discussion today.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Of course. The nation of Trattoria is not naturally inclined towards war.
Emperor Ato: One question - is it “ksianghow”?
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: “Shee-ahng-how”.

Dr. LeCoze: Good evening, madam and gentleman.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Seven o’clock reservation.
Dr. LeCoze: Of course, a server will be right with you. Also, if I could ask your guards to remain in the waiting room for the duration of the dinner.
Emperor Ato: Not that I distrust you, but is this measure necessary?
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: We would not want to upset the experience of the other many wealthy and famous diners here, would we? Of course, you’re also welcome to pay ₮225 a head for them to join us.
Emperor Ato: No, I understand.

Emperor Ato: Thank you.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Of course, let us get to business, shall we? It is time for Space Austria to end the war. Have you reviewed the treaty draft my team sent you?

Emperor Ato: I will speak with frankness, but I am not the third-world king of rags that you probably view me as. Space Austria is a superpower too. All this finery and pomposity does not cow me, and I have many great chefs and works of culture back in Space Austria as well. The beauty and richness of your world does not compensate for your nation’s strange combination of belligerence and lack of martial skill.

Emperor Ato: I believe your nation has forgotten that it is losing the war, and the proposed treaty terms are preposterous and arrogant to a blinding degree. We have crushed your forces time and time again and can continue to, so why should we give in to harsh concessions now?

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Two tasting menus, please.
Turning to Emperor Ato.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: The Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria is the most teknologically advanced nation in the local galactic group. With a single phone call, I could end your entire star nation in thirty minutes. We find the proposed treaty terms quite generous to you.
Emperor Ato: I’ll be the judge of that. And all the good your teknological braggadocio has done you, unless you mean superweapons. Space Austria has also developed these, and in fact they were a part of the reason you invaded. What moral high ground does Trattoria possess to demand our forfeiture of these weapons of mass destruction if you plan to use yours to bully us into submission?

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: But of course, your nation was the first to use them when you targeted the galaxy’s banks, something no other civilized nation has done. Extraordinary recklessness from your regime will require extraordinary compliance measures.
Emperor Ato: Recklessness? You have bombed and invaded my planets in an unprovoked act of aggression unparalleled since, of course, your previous one on the Trion Empire in the AN-TA War. For all your talk of peace, order, and civility, your nation is the one that plunges this galaxy into war.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Any powerful nation has many interests across the galaxy to defend.
Emperor Ato: But, and I'll repeat my original question, why should Space Austria agree to a deal now?
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: We will concede that we have not enjoyed the best military success in this campaign so far. But how many legions of your fine Burgher troops have died against our walls of robot drones? It only costs us money and material to wage this war, but for you lives are at stake.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Do not be mistaken, however - Trattorian politicians abhor wasting money, sometimes even more so than lives. It is in our mutual interest to settle on an end of the war.
Emperor Ato: Very well. We have already begun the dismantlement of our superweapons, as I announced at the Allied Nations. The provisions for the complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantlement of our superweapons are already being enacted, so of course we agree. I will also grudgingly accept AN inspectors at our weapons facilities to gain the trust of the international community. Generic statements opposing terrorist groups are incontrovertible, but I would also like to change the language somewhat to include yellow-supremacist factions.

Emperor Ato: Yes, thank you.

Emperor Ato: However, the other impositions on other Space Austria are unpalatable. Reparations, the elimination of magik, the dictation of our trade and financial investment policies, these are all excessive and your nation is not in a position to demand these. If anything, Trattoria must pay reparations for the damage it has caused to our civilians.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: You know that my politicians will not like that.

Emperor Ato: It is not necessarily a concession of loss, although I must confess that is the state of reality on the frontlines. But your nation invaded ours after indications otherwise at the AN. Your planets have been untouched by the war, so it is only fair that you assist us in rebuilding our own. Diplomacy is a two-way street, as I am sure you must be very well aware.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Very well then. My staff has found that the reparations your diplomats have proposed is less than the cost of continuing to wage the war, so in the end I am sure the numbers will sway the Legislature.

Emperor Ato: One day Trattoria will pay for its arrogance.
Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Perhaps. But that day is not today.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Anyway, I appreciate that we were able to come to an agreement.
Emperor Ato: Yes, this meaningless war needs to end, for both your people and mine.

Dr. LeCoze: Madam, gentleman, I would like to present a special from the house tonight. A pinnacle of haute cuisine you will not find anywhere else, I like to call it “the food of the gods”.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Thank you, Dr. LeCoze. Regrettably, I must say there is no way I am finishing this.
Emperor Ato: I’d like to take some home, if you wouldn’t mind. Four courses is already more than I usually eat.
Dr. LeCoze: Of course.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: My team will work with yours, we should have the final draft of the treaty with the terms we discussed today by tomorrow, maybe sooner.
Emperor Ato: Excellent, again I’m happy we could come to an understanding. Let’s meet again on planet Masuku in Space Austria for the formal signing. I have prepared a very nice tea garden for the ceremony.

Chief Ambassador Xianghao: Actually the AN Minifig Rights Council has invited me to speak at a conference on planet New York that day. I will send my assistant, Dr. Koothrappali, to represent Trattoria on my behalf.
Emperor Ato: Very well then, nice to meet you Dr. Koothrappali, pleasure working with you Dr. Xianghao.

Re: Treaty of Planet Masuku

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:07 pm
by RedRover
Very nice restaurant build

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:34 pm
by ninja_bait
Love the wall art.

Treaty of Planet Masuku Part 2

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:13 pm
by Archduke
Location: Planet Masuku, Ato's Tea Garden

Emperor Ato: We captured this planet not long after the beginning of our expansion era, the inhabitants were a very honorable warrior culture, however they put up little resistance.
Dr. Koothrappali: I can see why you are very proud of this planet, it is very appealing, however I think we should continue working on the treaty.

Emperor Ato: I have had a copy of the treaty prepared for us, it may be signed when you are ready.
Dr. Koothrappali: Have any edits to this treaty been made?
Emperor Ato: Yes, I still disagreed with many of the provisions, and I made edits which I thought to be a viable compromise.
Dr. Koothrappali: Where do we stand on the magik proviso?

Emperor Ato: We will not simply give up one of our greatest strengths, however I have proposed a system by which we exchange magikal assets for more advanced Teknology. However, The wizard Emandiputs will still be allowed to operate his guild.
Dr. Koothrappali: That is too much to ask. We would be happy to see your assent from the archaic powers to a more civilized means, but the wizard has to go.
Emperor Ato: Then we shall appoint him as our ambassador to the IM
Dr. Koothrappali: I supposed that is passable.
Emperor Ato: We have also agreed to a policy of increased openness, and although we do wish to maintain CLANDESTINE (the parent branch of COLORBURST) as a leading member of the galactik community we will be more overt about our actions.
Dr. Koothrappali: Very good, did you add any other provisions?
Emperor Ato: I would like my seat on the AN council to be increased to reflect our superpower status, as well as the beginning of a trade partnership between out two powers.
Dr. Koothrappali: Your seat will be made to reflect your standing, however while I do support the increase of trade, I do not have the power to do anything more than lay the groundwork for such an agreement.
Emperor Ato: Very well. Although this conflict was abhorrently violent, I feel it will serve as a message to our enemies, that the Rubum Crucesignatis will be defended should any of its members be attacked.

The words on the holopaper change to reflect their discussion
Dr. Koothrappali: Once we sign this treaty it will be very difficult to amend, However, on behalf of the Trattorian people I agree to all terms denoted.

he signs the treaty, then passes it to the Emperor


Ato signs the treaty and the two shake hands


Suddenly, a guard runs up to them

Austrian Knight: Gentlemen, we have picked up numerous hostile landing craft not far from here. We need to retreat to the Garden Residence (a nearby fortress) and prepare a defense


The Ayanami sector has brought all of the forces it can muster to bear against the planet. Each day of the war brought them new strength, If the two officials were to die here today, the treaty would be ripped up, and the war would continue, possibly with no end...

But the Garden residence is strong. And both men brought a "small" compliment of soldiers to defend themselves if need be.

Soon, a great siege will begin...


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:25 pm
by ninja_bait
Oh ho ho ho ho ho this is going to be excellent :omnom:

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:18 pm
by BriksKrieg
Spicey. Nice builds!!

Spoiler: show
The STFU wishes them luck, it would suck if they were to die.

Re: Treaty of Planet Masuku

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:50 pm
by Omega Prime
The restaurant build is really excellent! I really liked the use of the 1x1 transparent studs as a stained glass window, as well as the tile wave painting on the wall.

Re: Treaty of Planet Masuku

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:16 pm
by Zupponn
Now somebody needs to swoop in and save the day.

Re: Treaty of Planet Masuku

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:31 am
by Kaplan
The restaurant scenes are very high quality stuff. Once again you showed us how good you design photo-aesthetic rooms. I like how you use backlights to lighten the restaurant interior. Well done!  :tiger: