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Axeleron Cutscene: In The Halls of The Faerie Queene

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:51 pm
by Bookwyrm

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A Spring Court war camp, in the ruins of a long destroyed fey settlement.



The Erlking: *Slams fist into table* This is madness, Titania! Even with all of our forces combined, Balor's traitors from Winter and the wyldfey he's recruited outnumber us two to one! He doesn't need to move quickly on our forces to crush us, all he needs to do is hide out in that fortress until winter, and then he will swoop down and smash us like bugs. My scouts also report that squads of mercenaries on hire from the Dungeonmasters Guild have been seen arriving to further strengthen his forces, and what's worse, they’re saying that Ankou have been spotted in his ranks. We cannot afford to risk waiting on him to make the next move, he will only grow stronger over time! We must strike at his heart before he can become more powerful.


Oberon: Be that as it may, wise hunter, the fact remains that Arctis Tor is the most fortified of all the Court strongholds. Though I agree with you that we ought not to wait to engage with him, we also cannot yet risk a full frontal assault on the heart of Winter unless we are sure the need is dire.


The Erlking: Mab is captured! An entire Court has been thrown into anarchy! And we still have no idea how or why this rebellion even took place! How much more dire do you want things to be?

Titania: Calm thyself! Until we know what we are dealing with, my word is final. The Spring Court will not risk the wellbeing of its people to try and help the likes of Mab. And my husband agrees with me. Stop muttering dear, you know that you do. Our duty is to protect our borders from the Fomorians, and nothing more. Autumn may siege Arctis Tor if you wish, but you will receive no aid from the Seelie.


Spring Guard: My lady, Goodfellow has returned, and seeks an audience with you.

Titania: Let him pass.


Robin: Your majesty, I have returned from my mission, and look who I found wandering about! These humans have an urgent matter to discuss with you!

Galvyn: Queen Titania, we have traveled to seek your council and deliver a warning. Our town was attacked by the Fomorians, and The Warden of Bredon sent us to ask for your knowledge on the Seals. One of them was taken from its safe place in our village by the Unseelie fey that you seem to be fighting.


Oberon: The Seals? Titania, you are aware of their purpose?

Titania: Their true function is a jealously guarded secret known to very few. I know of the existence of the Seals, and the danger they pose, but I know not their nature, or of this "Warden" you speak of. Where is he?

Galvyn: He was slain in the attack, but before he died, he told us to seek out the Queen of the Fey. He died before he was able to tell us more.


The Erlking: Boy, ye are mistaken. It is not Titania you seek, it is Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness. Only she of the four of us was involved with the creation of those fell artifacts, and she has been usurped by Balor of the Evil Eye. It is for that reason that my fellow Unseelie fey destroyed your town.

Galvyn: Balor?

Titania: He is a fachan of tremendous magical might, and was one of the top warlords of Mab's army, before he turned on her and overthrew her rule naught two months past. His Fomorian rebels have caused the rest of the Fey kingdom much grief in the passing weeks.

Oberon: This is most troubling news. Though I know not the true power of the Seals, I am aware that dark forces are bound to them, and if Balor is seeking them out, then this must be beyond a simple grab for power. Perhaps there is more wisdom to the hunter's words than I previously thought. Perhaps freeing Mab is the correct course of action.


Corrik: Hang on just a moment. Mab's the Queen of Winter! All of the most vicious creatures in the Fey Kingdom are under her rule. Why do we want to help free her?

The Erlking: As much as the Seelie monarchs would have you believe, Mab and I are not forces of complete darkness or destruction. Even I hold that she can be overtly dangerous and cruel, but she is first and foremost a being of order. Without her holding them in check, the Winter fey are going wild, and Balor is doing nothing to stop them. If left to their own devices, the Fomorians will continue to spread and destroy everything in and surrounding the wood. The path is clear; the natural order must be maintained, Mab must be restored to her throne. And Arctis Tor must be retaken!

Oberon: As unpleasant as it is to admit, the Autumn Lord has a point. If the Seals are involved with this matter, we cannot wait longer for Balor to be able to amass even more dark power.


Titania: Very well, it seems that I have been outvoted on this matter. Lord Oberon, we will have a discussion about this later, in private, but for now, we must mobilize our forces if we are to have any hope of breaching the defenses around Arctis Tor.

Corrik: We'll do whatever we can to help as well. We have to speak to Mab and find out what is going on with these Seals.

Titania: As you wish. Guards, outfit the mortals with whatever they need to prove marginally useful. We march for Mab's kingdom immediately.

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Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:18 pm
by RedRover