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Requiem for Basil pt1

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 10:29 pm
by Kastrenzo
Unknown lab at the Bratva Base

Image20190520_235648 by Charon, on Flickr
Vaclav: so what can you tell me about this Artifakt we recovered?
Image20190520_235718 by Charon, on Flickr
Engineer: The staff is known as the "Dramacron", one of about a dozen rare power staves.
Vaclav: How's it work?
Engineer: Research Papers have claimed that the Dramacron has limited power over the mind. It can be used to influence the actions of other individuals.
Vaclav: That's great! we can use it to win once and for all!
Engineer: Not quite... There are stipulations to it's use... First, It can't be used to create signifigant drama on it's own... and second it can never be used against the same target twice..
Vaclav: So If we use it, we have to be crafty with it...
Image20190520_235854 by Charon, on Flickr
Moskal: What if we lure our enemies into the open, the Administrators are dying to get their hands on the ones who bombed the tower!
Image20190520_235944 by Charon, on Flickr
He calls over a communicator
Vaclav: Pracka? You wan't to get your staff back and see the Black Legion's demise? Bring a team to Basil. Let's finish this.
Image20190521_001119 by Charon, on Flickr
After using the Dramacron on Charon, He and members of his Legion are lured to Basil for a showdown for the ownership of the Staves.

Image20190521_001159 by Charon, on Flickr
Armata and Bratva troops stare across the field at the Legion enemies

Image20190521_001204 by Charon, on Flickr
Charon waits.. His troops silentley stare back at their enemies waiting for a fight.

Image20190521_001300 by Charon, on Flickr
Pracka approaches and confronts Charon

Image20190521_001351 by Charon, on Flickr
Pracka: You're going to pay for everything you've done... and I'm gonna have the Pulsar back before we're done...
Charon: You're going to be dead long before I'm done..
Image20190521_001512 by Charon, on Flickr
Then from behind, Vaclav arrives with several of the Powerful Administrators, the Magikal leaders of the Anwar City
Vaclav: Charon!
Anshe: Charon! By the authority of the Anwar Administration, For the crimes of Terrorism and Vandalism.. you're under arrest !
Image20190521_001616 by Charon, on Flickr
Charon: ... You didn't bring a staff.. Because you already used it... the Dramacron... I hope it was worth it!
Image20190521_001634 by Charon, on Flickr
Vaclav: To be rid of you, no price is too high... Now it's over.
Charon: It's over.. for you..
Image20190521_001854 by Charon, on Flickr
Suddenly, one of Charon's champions. Kain warps in front of him... brandishing a dark energy sword..

Re: Requiem for Basil pt1

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 10:30 pm
by Kastrenzo
Image20190521_001944 by Charon, on Flickr
In a furious charge, he immedeatley lops off the head of an Administrator.

Image20190521_002015 by Charon, on Flickr
The Administrator crumbles into a pile of bones... Killed forever... Vaclav swings at him but Kain misses, and stabs at another Adminstrator

Image20190521_002056 by Charon, on Flickr
Another Administrator is stabbed and crumbles to dust..

Image20190521_002157 by Charon, on Flickr
Behind them, the Legion charges.
Charon: Rejoice in your Oblivion!
Image20190521_002214 by Charon, on Flickr
Charon Warps out of the battle

Image20190521_002338 by Charon, on Flickr
Kain slaughters Anshe.. and Vaclav swings at him again, missing again

Image20190521_002506 by Charon, on Flickr
Kain swings back at him, and he barely misses

Image20190521_002619 by Charon, on Flickr
The lines of enemies begin to crash

Image20190521_002713 by Charon, on Flickr
Kain turns his attention to the lines, and starts slaughtering the troops. With no chance against Kain's weapon. Vaclav calls a retreat
Vaclav: Full retreat! Get out of here! Run!
Image20190521_002742 by Charon, on Flickr
Pracka is distracted by the commotion behind him

Image20190521_002810 by Charon, on Flickr
... He gets stabbed through the back... the second time in as many days he's been killed.. but at least it wasn't by Kain... he will return at an L-Gate later.. unlike those being killed by the Dark Energy Sword

Image20190521_002903 by Charon, on Flickr
Bratva snipers cover the retreat

Image20190521_002926 by Charon, on Flickr
Slugs explode Chaos Marines running up over the hill

Image20190521_003454 by Charon, on Flickr
The Bratva-Armata alliance troops flee in terror.. Dark Energy weapons are the one thing that can kill a Minifig's soul.. thus killing them forever.. the battle is lost and the forces of Evil reign supreme

Re: Requiem for Basil pt1

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 8:31 am
by Falk
Oh man, now deaths really matter

Re: Requiem for Basil pt1

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 10:52 pm
by Kastrenzo
the basic idea is that when a minifig dies, their ghost floats around, but because of mad science. They have clone bodies produced for them within a few hours. Dark energy will kill the ghost as well as the body. Only really bad guys dare use them, as they are banned by the Magikal Administration.... Who are now dead