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[Anno] You can (Not) Prepare

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:07 am
by ComradeGreen
Several weeks after the Lost Sector was revealed to the galaxy...

Deep within the central Lauch nature reserve.

"And that's pretty much all i have to report, Prime Minister."
"You know, I was TRYING to have a walk here."
There is mumbling as the Prime Ministers guards chat with eachother, bored out of their minds, and also fully aware they're not really wanted right now.

Suddenlly, There's a flurry of footsteps, and an officer of the Legotavian Mass Produced Army rushes to his commander in chief. One of the guards grabs for his weapon, and only manages to make a fool of himself as his comrade looks at him in dissapointment.

"So thats how it is, sir! You have to get to HQ now!" Andrew Wright just sighs and nods in agreement "Let's get down there then." His guards making comments back and forth after their former embarassment

Later, in the secret bunker complex beneath the city-continent of Lauch...
"As you can see here, sir, There are two craft heading towards Legotavia as we speak. One is refusing to answer our hails, and the other says it will only talk to us if you're here, sir!" speaks General Jackson, the high general of the Legotavian army, and personal leader of the Commando unit. A soldier of the genestock of the mass produced army speaks up "Sir! We've got a hail coming through right now. Patching you through."

"Greetings, I presume you are the Prime Minister of Legotavia? I am the ambassador sent from the Reiist State, Envoy Raikou. Currently, the German Confederation, our enemies. Have sent an attack against us. We are in the midst of defending against it, but one branch of their attack involves striking at you with their proxy, the Ottoman Empire. A vast and primitive empire with less regard to Best Girl then your kind. They wish to defeat you, as they believe your isolation in the Lost Sector has given you great strength. My mission is to warn you of the coming threat, and prepare you against it. The other craft you have likely detected is of Ottoman origin. and it will be full of their best troops. I would like to meet with you on the surface of your homeworld."

"I suppose its in our best intrests to help you then... I shall see you on the surface, I know the perfect spot."

"Greetings, Prime Minister. What a welcome! Your men are armed to the teeth. Your security is impressive. And this planet! I must say it's not what i expected would come out of the Lost Sector. I expected a wasteland." The envoy chuckles, rather interested in this place.
"Mhm..." says Andrew

"Let's cut to the chase, Raikou. You're not tricking us into being dragged into your conflict, no? This wont anger these 'Germans'? And what exactly are you going to be helping us with, in terms of preperation?"
"Not at all, Prime Minister. And we will be providing small reinforcements, including one of our most valued warriors. We can also give you contacts in the galaxy that can aid you in securing your.. fine republic here."
"I suppose we're in. "

"My Sultan! We've entered orbit around the jewel of the Lost Sector, Legotavia!"

Re: [Anno] You can (Not) Prepare

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:16 am
by AnnoyedZebra
wow! this is three kinds of awesome!