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[Anno] A close escape

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:48 am
by AnnoyedZebra

Quantumsurfer Zee is taking a relaxed drive through the window zone

Up a head, a figure appears.
Cosmic Enforcer: Halt! You have violated your contract for Quantumsurfer News by sharing reporting information with the mortal fig Thomas Buchanan. You must enter the thunderdumb and answer for your cri-

Before the enforcer can stop speaking, Zee has already bailed out of her tank and it has slammed into the enforcer, giving her enough time to escape

Zee links up with an old friend, to work out what to do next

Re: [Anno] A close escape

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:45 am
by AnnoyedZebra
Columbia's crack hostage rescue unit, Seal Team Briks, is preparing to rescue Tom Buchanan(The Americanan ambassador who was detained by the Reiists)

An operator runs up to Captain McRonald
McRonald: What is it?
Operator: We've just received word from the white house; The President says to expect some surprise company and specifically requests that we do not shoot them on sight.
McRonald: Now why in the hell would the President need to tell us not to shoot a friend?

Suddenly, an Ayanami tank lurches into view, as if out of thin air and its occupants jump down to meet the Captain
McRonald: Now wait justa God damned second! Who in the hell are you?
Zee: I'm your ticket into and out of Ayanami, you nerds.
McRonald: Now why in the hell should I trust you?
Zee: Mhhhhm, maybe because the president said so?
McRonald: Fine, but you better have a great plan up your sleeve!
Dr. Monkey Head: Leave that one to me...