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A Shadowed Alliance

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:34 pm
by Ben-Jammin
The distant planet of Talsira lies on the very edge of Republic space. Known for its ancient ruins and large resources stockpiles, it is vital in the Republic war effort. However, many of the minifig inhabitants of the planet have grown dissatisfied with the Republic and the Litesiders/Jedi, and have turned to the Separatists for support.

The CIS has now established a massive base on the planet and are preparing to blockade the system. But even worse rumors have reached the Jedi council. Some believe that the CIS has managed to capture a powerful artifakt of unknown power, and that they plan to use it for some strange evil.

The Republic is currently preparing and invasion force to send to the planet, while at the same time trying to ensure that news of this development does not reach other galactic nations. Meanwhile, the Jedi council has sent master Kit Fisto and his apprentice Nadhar Vebb to find some way to penetrate the Separatist fortress and recover the artifakt before it is too late.

Nadhar: "Master, why are we here? The shady slums of this city aren't going to help us find a way into the Separatist base. We should be trying to find out what secrets they are keeping!"

Kit: "Patience, my young padawan. Sometimes even Jedi and their allies need help, and sometimes we must look for it in the most unsuspecting places."


Nadhar: "But master, are you sure they can be trusted? And what will the council think? If they-"

Kit: "The council won't care who aids us. Just as long as we get the job done and ensure that the galaxy remains safe. They may even reward our allies. Much depends on the success of this mission, Nadhar. You must promise not to fail me."

Nadhar: "Of course, master."


The two Jedi enter a small, derelict building to meet with their (hopefully) new ally.

Kit: "Are you the one they call Ben-Jammin the Exile?"

Ben-Jammin: "I am."

Kit: "Then you know why we are here."


The lights in the room suddenly grow dim, as Ben-Jammin turns to meet his guests.

Ben-Jammin: "Do you realize just how many of your kind I have slain?"

Kit: "Yes, but the danger that the Separatists pose to both of us are far too great. You already know that they have stolen a powerful artifakt, and if they use it, it could mean doom for us all. We are willing to forgive past mistakes if you assist us."


Ben-Jammin steps around the table, allowing the two jedi to enter


Ben-Jammin: "Your offer intruiges me, but I'm afraid that I will need more than that."

Nadhar: "You can't be serious! We've told you enough already!"

Ben-Jammin: "You padawan should learn to hold his tongue."

Kit: "Enough! What else could you want that we haven't already offered you?"


A slight grin appeared across Ben-Jammin's face.

Ben-Jammin: "I have reason to believe that the CIS, in addition to the artifakt, has a number of valuable computer files stored in a data core at their base. If you allow me and my allies to have access to those files, we would be willing to help."

Kit: "Just what do these files contain, exactly?"

Ben-Jammin: "I do not know, but rest assured, we will give them back to the Republic once we have examined them ourselves."

Kit: "You would give valuable computer files back to the Republic just like that?"

Ben-Jammin: "I seek to work for the benefit of all galactic societies."


A look of concern appeared across Kit's face.

Kit: "Consider it done." He said hesitantly

Ben-Jammin: "Then we have a deal. I'll keep in touch, but I believe our discussion is over for now."

Kit: "Then we shall be on our way. Thank you for your time."


The two jedi leave the building and begin heading back towards their ship.

Nadhar: "Master, how could you have done that? Giving that information, any information, to the likes of him could cost us!"

Kit: "Don't question my desicion Nadhar. What's done is done. And besides, we will need all the help we can get to take back that fortress."

Nadhar: "Well he did say that he works for the benefit of all societies..."

Kit: "Yes, and that is what troubles me."

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by enders_shadow
... I read this one second.

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by morganm

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Don't be rediculous, it's just a piece of cheese with a shade, to keep it nice and cool in the hot su- Wait a minute.....