A Silence Rising.

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A Silence Rising.

Postby Semaj Nagirrac » Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:28 am

When the battle of Hopklis Nur was over, Uther Pendragon and Myrna Von Prussia found the map to the Avalonian home world of Cyrmu. Pendragon and the Prussian could not remember discovering the map, in fact, they don't remember the battle ever ending. Weeks later, Pendragon found himself standing before the High Chancellor facing trial when a mysterious enemy attacked. Their signals were traced back to Cyrmu and the Avalonians rejoiced when they found their long lost brethren.

But the rift between the Avalon and Cyrmu was still too great. The home world fought against Avalon. Total war enveloped the dueling systems. Eventually, Avalon overcame their brethren and subjugated the system. After centuries, the worlds were reunited.

It is said that Semaj Nagirrac shut himself off from the rest of the Brikverse. Decrees and communiques were received by the public, but it soon became apparent that the High Chancellor's mental health was beginning to decline. The public demanded his resignation, but when the military acted in favor of the citizen's, Nagirrac had vanished.

More decrees came. War was declared on the Hammersmith Empire, the Third Alliance had left the Allied Nations, and it seemed as if Semaj Nagirrac, ever a peace maker, was demanding that the Brikverse submit to his rule.

In preparation for a preemptive strike from the Hammersmiths, Avalonian soldiers were ordered to train a newly arrived batch of conscripts from Cyrmu, but the training is not received well...

"Lay down your weapons or we will open fire!"

"You lost the war, now serve the empire!"

"The blood of traitors is unfit to rule over us! We'll kill all of you where you stand!"

An officer makes his way through the crowd.

"Out of my way!"

"Hold your fire, men!"

"And you! Lower your weapons now!"

"Now will someone tell me why my platoon has decided to tear itself apart?"

"You Avalonians are warmongering bastards! You'll force us to die in your war and take our rights from our families!"

"If you want to end up in the cooler for a few days, then I suggest you keep spreading lies like those."

The officer addresses his men, trying his best to encourage them and have them work together seamlessly.

"The High Chancellor has cracked, but there isn't anything we can do to take him out of office. He's managed to piss off the rest of the galaxy and because of his mistakes we have the pleasure of fighting off possibly hundreds of nations. I know there is still a bitter gap left between our nations, but Cyrmu and Avalon were one and the same in the past. We can be one again..."

No one notices a lone agent preparing to take out a light...

The men are too stunned to react in the darkness. Silence descends on their weakened morale.

No one hears the blade moving through the air...
No one feels the dagger's bite until it is too late...
No one was prepared for the death that can't be seen...

The emergency generators kick in. The lights go back on...


"Excellent... most excellent..." says the ninja master as he views the carnage.

"I only live to serve, master."

"And you have done well. Your training is over. Take this uniform and sword. You are now a full fledged member of the Ying Si Society."

"I am honored, master."

The new ninja rushes off.

Two more appear from the shadows.

"Master, what is our next move? We can not take the entire military by surprise, even if they have not yet been alerted to our presence."

"The client has informed me that he will handle the military. Our mission is to find Pendragon and silence him."

"Our sources indicate that he went into hiding before Nagirrac was removed."

"He can't hide forever. When the crisis continues to degenerate, he'll show himself and try to repair the damage. He'll be too late and we'll be waiting..."

Meanwhile, in a remote facility...

"Oh Nagirrac, I wish you could see these reports. The AN does not seem too pleased with Avalon and its High Chancellor."

"You bastard! I should have made sure you were dead! You'll never get away with this!"

"Oh, but I already have. Avalon is backwards kingdom. Many have been waiting a long time for this day."

Semaj spits through the bars on his captor.

"Now, now Semaj, you mustn't react to hastily."

"Soon the master will be here. Soon our work will begin again..."
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby Bragallot » Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:39 am

Yay, it returns! This seems like the ideal situation to send in Cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger to mop up 8)
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby Zahru II » Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:48 am

Oh my, where's that trans-red lower body piece from?
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby Colette » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:23 am

I feel like I'm part of something historic...
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby Robot Monkey » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:17 am

Now that explains all the shit going down with avalon...

Good job, Semaj!
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby Whiteagle » Sun Apr 01, 2012 12:08 pm

Zahru II wrote:Oh my, where's that trans-red lower body piece from?

Indeed, that piece looks like it'd be epic for droid building.
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby NapalmKing » Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:34 pm

Really cool I love the scene of destruction that the ninja makes.
Also if you are actually going to war with Hammersmith count me in.
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Re: A Silence Rising.

Postby Silverdream » Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:40 am


Best photo ever.
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