Best anime since the last time I posted about the best anume

Weaboo うんこ is over. Now it's all magical girls all the time

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Best anime since the last time I posted about the best anume

Postby Insert_blank » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:59 am

Typing on mobile so sorry i fi make some mistakes.

First off the shows I didn't like: most of them. They all sucked.

Now onto the ones I liked:
Made in Abyss: this show is about torturing lolis and pedophilia and the backgriu d designs are cool. I limed the one oppai loli too and her back story was pretty interedting. The trap boi was also cute.

Children of the Mid Fish: i don't think anyone watched this. There were a bunch of cute girls and the magic was cool. I wonder if theyll make seaosn 2. I may read the anime book.

Mage'sWofe: this shiw is about a girl who falls in love with a weird showdow monster with a giant skull. He's pretty cool.

Card Capotr Sakura: I didn'twatch tgis but Mei Lin was best girl across all itterations especially the original manga.

Ultraman Geed: this wasa great show and the bad guy was super cool.also they brought back zero's buggest enemy and gave him a son who zero mebtored so it makes an even longer ultra chain of students and teachers which I thought was cool.

Attack o  Titan: that shit was lit how they were on a penal island the whole time and the whole world hates them for having titan power. I loved the outside world arc and seeing how technogically advamced everyone is compared to the shitty main characters. Also I liked how they made all the different titan powers and explained how eren'sdadwas gonna use the titan power to kill the empire and save the titan weilders.
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