Forgotten Soldiers

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Forgotten Soldiers

Post by Gorthaff » Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:39 am

Major Stavro Mávros took a deep breath.

"Remember to always keep your aim steady. Remempber to control your brething!"

The corshair swayed over the tiny black speck on his visor.

"You will be the best, and you will only have one shot!"

He let out the breath.A brilliant blue light illuminated the barren surface of the moon for a fraction of a second. The body of the crater-stalker under the scope colapsed soundlessly. Through its midsection one could see the molten rock behind it. The edge of the wound was still glowing faintly, as Stavro rose from his perch.

As he made his way towards his felled prey he kept to the shadows covering the crater wall. He was in hostile territory, and all the ECM in the world couldn't hide him from the mark one eyeball. As the monotony of the jurney set in, a thought welled up in his head. The same thought for a thousandth time this day: "Four months... Four Gods-damned months!" That's how long he and his squad had been stranded on this Godsforsaken moon.

He reached the corpse. An ugly beast with a thick rocklike hide. Pulling it with all his might did not help. It was too heavy. He checked the suit's charge before turning on the exoskeleton. 45 percent. Sooner or later they were gonna die. Either the charges ran out or they made a mistake. The only question was which happened first. He turnrd off the suit again, having effortlessly dragged the carcass into concealment.

He was making his way back to the hideout, with the corpse safely buried under a rock. The stench shouldn't matter. the place had no atmosphere. The goal was over twenty miles away. Life was scarce on Riegel Kentaurus One. The eventless travel brought him bakc to his thoughts:"It's been too long. If they haven't contacted us yet, they probably aren't going to. That means they left us hear for dead. Fucking bastards. Drilly was right, never trust the flyboys. They would sell their own mother for a promotion."He continued on his way always sticking to the craters' dark edges. Then a realization hit him. "...we ain't worth squat in their eyes, unless...They were found, and now they are all dead. Way to keep up morale you asshole."

As he was nearing the cave carved into a crater wall where his squad was holed up, he briefly turned on his IFF transciever. Right as he reached the rock blocking the entrance it moved aside. They timed it.

"Welcome back major, Hey fuckwits quit moping, dinner's here!"

"Any news corporal"he asked instead of a greeting.

"Afraid one more CO2 scrubber broke. That leaves us with two."

"Brilliant, so we will die even sooner than expected."Stavro replied without emotion. Four months in a cave with nothing to do took away one's emotions.

He dumped the stalker leg in the corner of the cave and removed his helmet, and drew himself to his full heighth. He made a decision. So he spoke:

"Men! We have been here for no less than four full months. Four months on this barren wastland. Four months of witing like cattle to be slaugthered. I say enough!"

The troopers hanging their heads around faintly glowing a power core with looked up at their officer with anticipation.He contineued:

"Either the Fleet has forgotten us and left, or the Scythians wiped them out. I say it doesn't matter. If they are dead we will avange them. We will teach scythia you don't just beat Hellios!"

Faces hardened and nods could be seen in the dim light. The major wasn't finished yet:

"And if the Fleet Forgot us? We will make them remember! And if any of you start talking about a 'diplomatic incident' I suggest I get yourself checked. You might not be a minifig. And those wo think of rather offing themselves I will shoot personally."His voice swelled to a crescendo for the final sentence:

"So Who's with me?!"

The soliders let out a roar they didn't even thought they still had in them two minuites ago.

For better or worse this vacation was about to end.

Yes btw this I aim to make into a forum battle.
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