Impromptu ballads

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Impromptu ballads

Postby Vami » Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:39 am

These are some impromptu ballads that I've scribed. Decided to post them in this subforum rather than Artwork because a few of them might be in the Brikverse.

Defense of Praven (I composed this initially while playing the NordInvasion mod for Mount and Blade: Warband)
Bodies on the ground lay thick;
felled by arrows and bowstrings quick.
Bodies on the ground lay sundered;
in blood, our final service [to the king] is rendered.

The streets are choked with their mass,
into the sweet afterlife we shall all pass.
Shield is splintered, axe is chipped and sword is broken,
each kill makes our own deaths hasten.

Our city is home to no craven.
For miles around, naunt can be heard but the Defense of Praven,
whose mighty walls are eyed hungrily by the Raven.
In these dying moments we brawl in our haven.

Our stand Swadia shall always remember;
And Swadian men who work art, steel, ore, and timber
shall rise to answer the King's call in September,
and decimate Ragnar's hordes in December.

The blue field behind the Jarl's Raven
shall turn crimson with the blood of Praven.
Upon every alley, street, and stretch of wall
Not one inch without a fight shall fall.

Industrial Dragon
I slam down the lid and pull back the bolt,
then place my finger upon the trigger.
With the cry, "Deus Vult!"
OASIS fighters know me as "Grave Digger!"

The Dragon awakes, spraying hot lead breath into their midst
and with gleeful cruelty devours souls a plenty.
I can see through the lovely crimson mist
This moment I have felled twenty!

More fools come, and the Dragon turns on them!
With this beast's wrath I shall make of them mere flotsam and jetsam!
Though I cannot hear the screams over the demonic roar,
thinking of their deaths is assuredly no bore.

When they cowards stop coming
Here I shal be laying.
In the Morn they shall think me gone;
but that matter is a decision forgone.
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