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The (more-or-less) Complete History of the Shivs

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:12 pm
by BriksKrieg
This is going to be the official history of the STFU, up to the present day. This is a living thread, so it's subject to additions and the occasional change.
NOTE: I include what I think is needed to understand the coming of the STFU and it's backstory, if you feel like skipping the early conflicts, then ignore the whole first paragraph. The second paragraph is more about the Shivarians actualy doing stuff.
Hope it's enjoyable.

All artifacts of Shivarian civilization lead to a long dead planet called Ashravian (which was about twice the size of our Earth). The Shivarian people were separated by large mountains and chose the remain in 12 separate tribes. Other civilzations, such as the Moraktians, Levkites, Amredeaians, and the Dramakitorians to name the larger ones. The first major conflict to occur was in the southern part of the planet, and the north stayed out of it. The south had split it self into three alliances; The Southern Peoples Freedom Alliance (heavily communist), The Nationalist Movement of Unification (democratic, but was based on fascism), and the United Sections of the Southern Unification (loosely founded on national socialism/Piltogg ideals, but near it's end, a change in leadership made it become a representative democracy). The wars start had roots in numerous attempts to gain favor with Dramakitoria, which was the most powerful at the time. First the SPFA acted against the NMU and launched border raids on the USSU. The USSU threatened use of mass-yield weapons, and the SPFA quickly halted raids. The NMU however, had a small standing army, so SPFA leadership reasoned the NMU would be easy to conquer. The SPFA massed nearly 20 million soldiers (infantry, with an armored car every 20k men), on the SPFA/NMU border, and launched an assault on the NMU within the week. The only thing that halted the SPFA advances was the hasty use of mass-yield weapons, deployed by the USSU. The USSU had panicked and launched the weapons, which killed nearly 15 million SPFA, and NMU soldiers and civilians. The SPFA respond by launching it's own few mass-yield weapons at the most populated cities in the USSU. Seven cities were flattened, and the USSU leadership was wiped out, the military took over until the end of the war. At this point, all out war was declared, and USSU and SPFA soldiers fought in very possible nook and crannie on their borders. The war soon shifted to NMU and it was trampled under the feet of USSU and SPFA soldiers. The war ended after seven years of fighting when a second strike of mass-yield weapons hit the SPFA, and annihilated the population. The USSU collapsed and anarchy ruled until a terrorist group set off a final M-Y weapon, and poisoned the water in the south. The complete and utter collapse of the south planted the seeds for another great war.

About ten years after the fall of the south, Geraldis IV, king of Dramakitoria, was assassinated by a Levkite rouge group, now know only as The Hands of End (which was composed of figs of NMU desent, and felt payment was required for causing the destruction of the south). With the death of their king, the Dramakitorians looked to the top leaders of the military war was declared, and it was announced that anybody standing in the way of Dramakitorian victory would be invaded. The Shivarian mountains lay directly between the opposing armies, and would become the site of most of the battles in the war. The Shivarian peoples decided it was now or never, and quickly declared themselves as the Shivarian Federation, and any attempt to cross their mountains would be met with force. Both Dramakitoria and Levkite governments laughed. Their initial attacks were repulsed with heavy casualties. The next twenty years pocketmarked the Shiavarian mountains with shell holes as three armies fought each other in the cold and snow. The war ended with the Shivarian invasion and occupation of Levkite, whose population accepted. Two years of peace went by, and Dramakitoria, still under military dictatorship (whose leadership was shaken by the Shivarian victory), sent a scout plane to look for a potential site for oil drilling(and an excuse to build a fort by Shivarian territory), which the Shivarians tool as an excuse to attack Dramakitorian border facilities, calling it an invasion. It should be understood that Shivarians resented Dramakitoria for dragging them into a war that destroyed a large part of their culture and mountains, as well as the use of chemical weapons. The second war started and ended within hours. Several precise missile strikes and  sh!tton of luck allowed Shivarian troops to parade throughout the Dramakitorian capital. Again, the population welcomed them with smiles and open arms.

That's all for now, more text walls coming soon.:warhead: hope if you actually read it, you enjoyed.

Re: The Rising

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:00 am
by BriksKrieg
Not long after the Shivarian occupation Dramakitoria, militant groups sprang up, intending to remove the Shivarians. A couple major groups were the Liberation Peoples Forces(commies), and The Nationalist Liberation Front(democratic, with hunts of communism). The LPF was essentially a slightly toned down SPFA, while the NLF directly resembled the USSU just before it's annihilation. The Shivarian Federation had difficultly keeping a grip on the eastern part of the territory. A massive network if airports and transportation hubs(about the size of Texas) was a major battleground. The SF would seize one building, then take a couple behind enemy lines, then find that the house they just left has been re-occupied. The LPF and NLF also fought each just as much as they fought the SF. After about two years, the NLF pulled the remainder of it's forces out and scattered into the Northern forests, where they were eventually hunted down and surrendered or were killed. The LPF started to lose its grip on the hub after three years if fighting. At the start, they held the Central Overwatch Center, but SF troops managed to infiltrate the lower levels and with great difficultly, the building changed hands to the SF. Not long after, the LPF disbanded itself and skirmishes continues for a few more weeks.

The fighting in the east of former Dramakitoria, drew Shivarian attention away from a very deadly event. Deadly Space Mem had accidentally crashed their ship on Ashravian, and wiped out the other two nations north of Shivarian territory in the time it took SF troops to deal with a few insurgents. Shivarian forts and outposts quickly fell and soon, so did large portions of Shivarian armies in the north. Ten more years of fighting and the feeble defense line broke and DSM streamed through the shattered Shivarian defences almost as fast as the Shivarians could run. Within days, DSM began a siege of the Shivarian Capitol, Mlati-klay. Tasked with lifting the siege was the 43rd ArmoredAirborne. After seven months and 78% casualties, the 43rd arrived, blaring the sound of a condor to announce it's arrival. Two weeks later, the Capitol was abandoned due a collapse in the right flank about 14 miles away. The Shivarians were loosing ground and men faster then either could be replaced. A last stand was set up in and around the city of Arrr-on. The largest trench network ever built in their history, complete with bunkers, killzones, artillery, and heavy infantry, the Shivarians prepared to give the DSM hell. Meanwhile, a massive evacuation project was underway, with nearly 850 Morchan class starships built in less than two years. They could carry nearly 4,000,000 people/minifigs. With the final one built, the remaining populace began loading onto the ships. After all civilians were safe onboard the ships, the military activated Object Yeildrunner. Originally designed to produce energy from the planets massive core, it was modified so the entire Shivarian ordinance of M-Y weapons could be rammed and detonated in the planets core. The military began loading it's own evac ships and any available space on the civilian ships was filled with soldiers too. The evac ships, filled past capacity, left the planet, leaving behind nearly a million soldiers. Orbital laser weapons employed by the DSM destroyed nearly 300 of the slow evac ships. The event keeping them from destroying more was the detonation of the planets core. The planet was vaporized, and took 20-30 stragglers with it. The survivors navigation instruments were fucked with by the massive radiation pulse given off by the explosion. By the time the ships found another planet, named Sectvator, only 47 of the original 850 remained, the rest having strayed, ran out of fuel, or been blown up earlier. A search party was sent to Sectvator, and they reports that the whole planet was uninhabited. Sectvator was the size of Earth. The Shivarian Federation changed it's name to the Shivarian Unification, as it was made up of every other nationality (including Shivarians) from their former planet. The rebuilding process took nearly 5 generations, and during this time, Pulse-Light Teknology was created. All Shivarian ground weapons were equipped with the new Teknology. More efficient space travel was created too. It was during this time that portal transportation and interdimensional travel was meddeled with. Their efforts lead them to what they call, The Rift. Their portals took them to a dimension were there are no figs, atleast not like them. These figs are twice as tall on average, had long claws, and teeth. They were not hostial at first. Once they realized why the newcomers were setting up camps by their portals, they got pissed off.
I can post a storything on the Rift in a different thread if people want.

Again, that's all for now, hope you enjoyed my textwalls.  :mrgreen:

Re: The Rising

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:30 am
by BriksKrieg
These things are my version of a mass-casuality device, which made up because the timeline I was creating required such a device. Also note, Ashravian is a massive, massive planet compared to our Earth. These M-Y weapons came in both bomb, and projectile from, but have similar effects. The M-Y weapons employed during the Southern War of Ends, used fusion of atoms, and a special gas called, OcxKygen. When the bomb or projectile hit the ground, the shock would cause the inner casing to vibrate at high frequencies, and cause the gas to enter a state called, Aggitation. With the gas in this state, the atoms began colliding and fusing with Uranium and Thermyte atoms, releasing energy. The gas multiplied this energy, and produced more of it's own atoms. When there were too many atoms in the space, the inner shell exploded, sending explosive atoms and gas and minerals to mix with a blend of carbon dioxide. The result of the mixture with the special CO2 blen resulted in a bigass explosion. About twenty times bigger than a Tsar bomba. Three times the radiation too.
The modern ones rely on the nuclei of atoms splitting then combining with depleated uranium particles, and they have a bigger blast radius by 1.5 times. As learned from early history, they are only used as an absolute last ditch effort to stop an enemy, and only ten of the newest models were ever produced, production was halted because of the horrible damage they cause, and chemical weapons are easier for Shivarians to clean up. Only the President of the STFU knows the launch codes, and he has to get 100% approval from his entire head military leadership, and his Representatives. He also has to give a speech on why he's choosing to launch one. Shivarians absolutely hate M-Y weapons, and any versions of that kind because of the destruction they have wrought throughout Shavarian history.

Re: The Rising

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:25 pm
by Omega Prime
why is the text in this tread so big? It looks kind of strange.

Re: The Rising

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:46 pm
by BriksKrieg
Omega Prime wrote:why is the text in this tread so big? It looks kind of strange.

They're normal sized text walls.

Re: The (more-or-less) Complete History of the Shivs

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:41 pm
by BriksKrieg
Brief over-view of The Rift
The Rift is the one place Deadly Space Men didn't make a mark on, largely due to it extremely hostile environment. The Rift is almost exclusively dark. The "sun", only rises once, for about four hours, once every seven Shiv months. There is no source of wind, yet dust particles are thrown around as if wind exsisted. Most of the terrain is rocky, with huge canyons and cuts in the ground. The two most common Rift inhabitants are the Rift Shadows, or sometimes called 'Ghosts', and a creature simply referred to as 'That one b!tch', and The Rift Dweller. The Shadows are non-hostile, usually docile creatures. They are capable of killing a fig or if in groups, a Rift Dweller. They enjoyed messing with and playing pranks much the same way children and minifigs in general do. They are not capable of 'verbal speech', but they do have their own 'language', which is surprisingly easy to understand, but impossible to speak, as the Shadows have no vocal chords, which prohibit certain manipulations of air that are required to 'speak' what the Shadows 'speak'. Shadows have no mouth, or really even a face.They have two eyes about were they'd be on a fig or the mythical human. Their eyes change color depending on mood, and if they're communicating and the emotions they are convaying. They are also about the size of a minifig, and are exclusively black colored. The Rift Dweller is much more aggressive and is two figs tall, 1.5 figs wide and muscular, with three eyes, teeth, and long claws. They are commonly varying shades of grey and black, with bright green eyes. They are a group animal, like figs, and the leaders have yellow or red eyes, and have blue or green stripe patterns on their bodies. Ther are a few more less common creatures, but they are confined to the southern most reaches of explored territory.

The Rift was accessed in attempts to create a blink travel system, to teleport civilians, material, and possibly military assets to a chosen location faster than Jimmy Johns can deliver a sandwich. Freaky Fast. Throughout The Rift, there are gateways that lead to other diemensions, but due to difficulties with Rift Dwellers, and communication issues, especially to units sent to dimensions were the Shibarians don't yet exists, the project was sent down and troops were pulled out. The project was continued in secret, on a much smaller scale, and some of the old camps, or in many cases, the remains of the camp, can be found throughout the explored region. The project was shut down a second time because Rift Dwellers got through a portal, and into a portal facility. Not long after, they broke out and caused havoc in a number of nearby cities. It was discovered that Rift Dwellers can survive outside The Rift, but the Shadows can not, as too much oxygen disassembles their atomic structure, and ultimately kills them. Prez. Chonnor Mikel has not shown any interest in reviving the program, although efforts by a private company that managed to acquire a portal continues small operations, mainly to make contact with Shadows, and to test soil and rock samples.

Re: The (more-or-less) Complete History of the Shivs

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:33 pm
by BriksKrieg
Back to the confuzing, semi-poorly written history  :D

Since thier arrival on Sectavar, the Shivarins have expanded little outside thier zone of control. They abandoned Sectavar, a while ago, and have since halted the use of chemical and M-Y weapons. Thier military has also shrunk, its about 20% the size of when they first left Ashravion, able to maintain control of a sizeable area in the galaxy, only because they are mostly far off from any major power. The military had fallen into a state of disrepair, as it was not needed for a long while. Issuses became apparent after the force on Majoria got wiped out. Border skirmishes with the Space Nazis, while present for as long as anyone can remember, have increased in tempo.