Federation Falling

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Federation Falling

Postby Omega Prime » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:05 pm

Remains of Fawkes City, Beitac III, Omegalon Federation
B.R. 2018

The war torn plains of Beitac III were quiet, tranquil beneath the inky black sky. Blasted hulks of once great cities stood, a memorial to the terrible carnage that occurred here. Billions lay dead in those cities, and a billion more died in the subsequent DRK takeover, invisible. There were no lights to display them.
In the midst of it all, a single point of light remained. Campbell Base, headquarters of the reclamation effort, was a beacon of hope among the glassed plains. It was here that the lone, unmarked drop shop headed.
It hovered in a neighboring field, engines glowing blue. Over the dull whine, voices.
“Come on! We don't have all day!” A grunt, then footsteps. “Damn, this thing is heavy. I hope the compensation is worth it.”
“Trust me, it is.”
Another voice.
“It better be good.” Silencing their voices, the men quietly walked into the distance, hardy grasses lightly crunching beneath their feet. They returned without their load. The voices, and the people they belonged to, faded as they re-boarded the dropship. Engines whining, it soared off into the sky. Not soon after, an explosion lit the night, as night was briefly turned to day. Then the night was silent once more.

Only the orange glow of fires remained.

Dakar, Alphacen, Omegalon Federation
Emergency Council Meeting

“Damn it!” the voice rung throughout the white council hall. “Damn it all!”
“We've discussed this, Hayato, we simply cannot, I repeat, cannot, invade the Confederate Star Systems! There is no evidence showing that they were behind the attacks on Campbell Base! With all due respect, your plans to invade them are rather severe, considering the good relations we've had with them over the years!”
“Ibir, my friend, I have conclusive evidence that they were behind the atrocities committed a day ago!” Hayato spoke again, rushed, impatient. “We need to strike now, and not give them warning!”
The other Governors, each a representative of a group of 10 systems in the Federation, watched as Governor Ibir spoke again. However much they all disagreed with Hayato, the young upstart he was, they let him speak his mind. The more ideas the better, after all.
“My young friend, it seems as if you are not well acquainted with the values of the Federation! It is not honorable, in any way, to attack others based off of inconclusive evidence and the wishes of an upstart young Governor!”
The Arch-Governor, seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, spoke. “All in favor of war?” Nobody, except Hayato, raised their hand. “That is settled, then. Next order of business: budgeting for the Navy…” Hayato fumed in silence.

Unknown, Unknown, Omegalon Federation

A lone figure sat in front of a holoscreen, listening to an incoming call.
“You want the hit man, as well as the falsification?”
A computer generated voice on the other end spoke, in a drab monotone. “Yes. You know the mark.”
“It won’t be easy, and you know it. For that kind of security, it’s extra. It’ll be ₸2,000,000 Federal Yen for the entire thing. Is that acceptable?”
“Alright, nice doing business with ya!” The figure turned in his chair. “Hey! Rob! Prep the hit squad! We’re going in!”
Within the night, Governor Ibis was dead.
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Re: Federation Falling

Postby Omega Prime » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:44 pm

Dakar, Alphacen, Omegalon Federation
Another Emergency Council Meeting

The purity of the stark white walls of the council chamber sharply contrasted with the hellish profanity being thrown about the round chamber. Room buzzing with anger and to a degree, nervousness, the chamber felt emptier with the stark absence of one of the men. The Arch-Governor stood.
“The recent atrocities committed in our lands, first with the attacks on Campbell Base and now, more recently, an assassination of one of our members has drastically changed the course of the nation. Does anybody have anything to say about this?” Hayato stood. Everyone groaned.
“I have conclusive evidence that the CSC was behind this horrible act!” The room was filled with gasps of astonishment.
“Show the evidence!” Governor Ikasaki, a thin, aged, man stood in a perfect parade rest position. “You always claim you have proof, and never show it! I have had enough of this!”
“Ikasaki, calm down. There is no need for the theatrics,” the Arch-Governor interjected.
“No, your honor, his concerns are valid. Ikasaki,” Hayato stated, turning to face Ikasaki. “... ask, and you shall receive.” Activating the rooms holographic display screen, he turned and faced the collected group.
“I received this recording from one of my sources earlier last night, and I… felt you should see this. The time to declare war is now.” With that, he pressed the play button.

Recording: Dakar, Alphacen, Omegalon Federation
Governor Ibir’s Residence Security Footage

“At exactly 11:57 Standard Federation Time, airspace sensors around Governor Ibir’s private residence in the mountains detected an unauthorized dropship making a combat insertion towards Ibir’s home. It was caught on various cameras dispersed throughout the mountains.” On the screen, various angled shots caught the briefest glimpses of the outline of a drop ship, angular lines cloaked in active camouflage. Each shot caught a brief ripple in the background, faults in the camo revealing the craft’s position, if only for a split second. The view then shifted, this time a wide shot of the residence’s back yard.
“The craft landed, and a hatch opened. The only reason we caught it landing at all was because they opened the door on the wrong side.” In the shot, a rectangular area rippled, and a rectangular opening appeared, almost as if the atmosphere was tearing a hole in itself. Out from the hole poured several soldiers, all wearing black battle armor, bearing the crest of the CSC. Their computer expert, obvious as their backpack was covered in antennas, moved their command deck over to the door, and with a few deft hand movements, the door opened.
“As you can deduce from the rest of the clips, they quickly infiltrated the house and shut off the cameras, which means I have no more footage to show you. However, with this footage in mind, I propose another vote.”
The Arch-Governor looked up, and said, “All in favor of declaring war?”
The vote was unanimous.
gotta love knitting needles. i can make you a scarf. i can make a hat. i can stab your eyes out. i can make mittens.

What was that middle part again?

i can make a hat
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