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Re: Death of the Alliance

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:00 am
by Colette
“AN Headquarters sighted across the Eastern River, over.” an RIN Omega Doom pilot radioed. He unleashed another furious blast from his main cannons, leveling another home. He was having fun like he never was able to in his life. When were tank drivers going to learn? Nothing ever beat the experience of stomping around in a giant mech.

Meanwhile, Herr Direktor Alec, now in a dreadnut, picked up a squishy businessman and crushed him in his power claw. He was having so much fun, so much glory trashing the USA, while Omega Dooms loomed over him, leveling entire structures with one shot. He felt so glad he listened to Siri. When he was a child, he dreamt of one day visiting the New York Stock Exchange- now, he was in front of it, impudently releasing streams of bullets from his obnoxiously loud chain gun and crushing the one-percent to their demise. The galactic economy was going to wake up to quite a surprise.

But, of course, Kommander Alec remembered his duties. He beckoned to a few Omega Dooms behind him to follow, as he attempted to find the AN building in the endless sea of towers and spires. He ordered a good portion of the RIN forces to rendezvous with him at AN HQ and storm it.

At this point, Kommander Alec began to regret being in a dreadnut- it was so slow, and he had to navigate over piles of dead bodies and burning remnants of tanks. The two Omega Dooms behind him were his personal bodyguards, while an elite RIN scout team covered them as they went along. When Kommander Alec ran into an obstacle he couldn’t cross, the Omega Dooms incinerated it with their cannons.

They reached Third Avenue without much resistance- just desolate, abandoned streets with refuse and broken cars.

“Something seems off here,” noted Kommander Alec over the radio, when suddenly, one of the Omega Dooms behind him sustained a tank shell to the leg, and collapsed. That was when he yelled at everybody to get behind cover- a barrage of depleted uranium quickly followed.

Kommander Alec ordered helicopter camera feed patched to him, and what he saw amazed him.

AN tanks of all different nations were dug in with USA tanks around the Allied Nations Headquarters, while PAX Corps troopers were systematically exterminating any survivors. USA fighters swarmed overhead like vultures to deal with the high speed Gekka units- one Gekka had even managed to get as far as the lawn to the right of the General Assembly building, leaving a trail of ruined tanks behind it, before a deadly twelve-foot Peacekeeper missile kept it down.

The PAX Corps had also deployed lag projectors around the perimeter of the building, reducing the tanks’ accuracy but also making Briktoid’s mass armies useless around them. The Allied Nations was the one bastion in a New York that was falling to pieces.

“Shit.” was Alec’s response. The invasion was definitely not going as planned.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:02 am
by Colette
Within, the Allied Nations, everything was going on as usual, except for the fact that the committees were moving through their resolutions a bit faster now with the ever impending threat of death. Oh, and the Allied Nations Security Council unanimously authorized the deployment of the PAX Corps on the Third Alliance after they kick the invasion.

The Acting-Secretary-General, Kristina Ozolins of the Assyrian Star Empire, assured everyone that the situation was fine. She persuaded the delegates present that there was no need to transfer to the secondary AN headquarters in Geneva, Calvaria- however, the Secretariat knew the true reason, that escape was impossible anyway given the Third Alliance blockade over the planet.

The most worrisome part, though, was that the Secretary-General elections were to be held today. She had to ensure the safety of the candidates, even despite the shitstorm going on outside. And the tanks would only last so long; it would only be a matter of time before the Third Alliance would try something else like orbital bombardment. The only hope for the Allied Nations was if a USA carrier group showed up to the party.

But for now, she put on a smile, and pretended that everything was just fine. And then, she herded the General Assembly delegates into the main chamber, and motioned for the first speech, by Emperor Harlek of the MASS and pertaining to his candidacy for AN Secretary-General. By Force Commander Payton’s estimates, the Assembly would get to maybe the Realm of Storm’s leader by the time the Third Alliance broke through.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:26 am
by Colette
Spoiler: show
We're one chapter away from the most epic part.

NightOwl and what remained of his forces reached the top of a building to get a better vantage point. By that time they were already exhausted, fighting practically nonstop against an enemy that seemed to them, infinite, when all of a sudden, they stopped.

Commander NightOwl felt there was a trap somewhere, and wanted to take a look at the AN building himself to survey their location. He was instead greeted by an entirely different sight.

Yes, there was the tall Secretariat building, just like the depiction in the mission briefing except with a few windows missing and some chipped marble. But in front of it, lay one of the biggest agglomerations of tank forces he had ever seen. Before the entrenched line lay wreckages of fallen Omega Dooms, burning Trattorian Super Death Tanks, and shattered Gekkas lying on their sides. Truly, the invasion was hopeless without orbital bombardment. Without warning, a Geraldden ninja approached his master.

“Master, I could penetrate those lines and get demo-man to install charges along the way,” he suggested.

NightOwl was impressed by his courage yet doubted the feasibility of his plan.

“How could you? All these super-weapons that lay waste to armies in and of themselves have failed their task. You’re just a few minifigs,”

The ninja was offended. “Just a few minifigs? We are the foundations of armies- without us, there would be no war-machines. The beauty of war is that we can still make a difference no matter the foe. I simply ask that you approve of our plan and let us use demo-man.”

NightOwl gave thought to the subject, but not too much, since time was short. “Alright, that speech was incredibly cheesy, but I will approve your plan since I guess we don’t have many options left. Good luck.”

The three ninjas immediately seized demo-man and pointed him to the perimeter of tanks.

“Think you have enough charges for that?” they asked him, before jumping off the building.

NightOwl waited nervously. This might be their only chance.

He couldn’t see the ninjas- that was a start. He could only hope the clumsy demo-man wouldn’t give them away.


“Almost done” demo-man declared. The ninjas had escorted him through the enemy lines, enabling him to plant his explosives underneath the tanks. The incompetent AN PAX troopers hardly noticed them- obviously, the members countries donated their most incompetent soldiers to the AN and were thankful for being rid of them. Now he was on his last one, when they overhead a pair of PAX Corps soldiers having a conversation and walking towards them. The ninjas stealthily blended in with the tanks, while demo-man’s reaction was to drop the explosive he was holding with a heavy thud.

Immediately, the PAX Corps ran towards the source of sound, quickly dialed their Amygdala-Disruptors to “lethal”, and fired continuously at the general area. The ninjas dropped dead, while demo-man found himself gibbering in a pool of his own blood. He wanted to speak, but found the amygdala-disruptor to have fried his brain to the point where he couldn’t even remember how to form words. He lay helpless as a PAX Corps soldier calmly lifted the dropped detonator. The trooper stared at demo-man and asked him his name. Demo-man could only answer with choking noises.

“‘Tis a shame,” the PAX trooper replied. “I could put your name on a form for bringing illegal devices on Allied Nations property. What is this thing anyway?”

This time, he was answered by an OTC in through the neck. Demo-man stared in wonder at the black figure and his shining silver eyes.

“Demo-man, no one may know your real name, but I assure I have even more enigmas surrounding me.” proclaimed NightOwl, before finding the detonator and stepping on it.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:40 am
by Thesson
Holy crap dude! I fall asleep and wake up to THIS!!! NightOwl is just how I imagined him too. Well done!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:56 am
by Colette
Epic music, so it's not metal, it's relevant

Kommander Alec had resigned to orbital bombardment at this point. Nothing was left that could pierce the steel wall surrounding the AN except orbital bombardment.

Ultimately, this is what Siri’s plan came to- utter failure. No glorious flag-raising, no massacre of the delegates left and right- just a cowardly bombardment from orbit, having run out of other options. Piltogg was likely to punish them all for their waste of resources. He opened up his comms channels:

“Order: All RIN forces withdraw for...”

Suddenly, he received a radio transmission from his recon team’s commander.

“Direktor, reports of a large blast around the Allied Nations Headquarters.”

Alec was in utter shock- what kind of Deus Ex Machina caused this sudden turn of events?

“Confirm this! I want helicopter feed backing this up!”

“Affirmative, helicopter reports a large blast crater surrounding the Allied Nations. Less than a dozen tanks remain, and they have all they sustained some form of damage. The explosion also knocked out the Lag Projectors. Helicopter feed incoming.”

Alec gasped- First Avenue was now just a hole in the ground. He opened all Comms channels.


He charged with his dreadnut, his remaining bodyguard Omega Doom following.

He found himself in the crater of First Avenue, spraying bullets at despondent and surprised AN PAX troopers. As he crawled out of the dirt pit, he discovered the arrogant Eagle banner of the Immortal Empire among the row of flags, crooked at an angle, and kicked it down. “Siri told the truth,” thought Alec to himself, as he saw amber waves of droids flood in and Trattorian STD’s assault the Secretariat building. Soon, the green park where the Gekka had fallen was alight and burning.

As he hulked towards the General Assembly building, a small figure opened the crystal door and stumbled out. She got on her knees and clasped her hands together towards Alec.

“Please, the Allied Nations has nothing left. As Acting-Secretary-General of the Allied Nations, I declare that we will accept peace.”

Alec snorted. “All the more reason to eliminate the pussies.” he thought.

He activated his flamethrower.

As he turned around, he saw a mix of various Third Alliance soldiers knocking down the AN flag in the center of the plaza, instead replacing it with the glorious colors of the Third Alliance. The Trattorian STDs sounded a warning, as the Secretariat building collapsed to the ground and ignited itself. Alec radioed Siri and the Zweitekaiser, and they all agreed they could now firebomb the rest of New York into submission.

Kommander Alec pulled over a Briktoid robot and ordered it to do a photo-op. He posed, gun raised high in the air, with flames licking the remains of the AN in the background. At long last, their hated enemy was vanquished.

But there was still one more thing to do.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:17 am
by Robot Monkey

Amazing job, man! Alec is exactly as I imagined him.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:43 am
by Colette
Emperor Harlek made a motion towards the silver android next to him. “Bring me a sandwich,” he ordered.

When the robot was off to fulfill his duty, the Emperor tried intensely to focus on the Scythian Under-Secretary-General that was running for the position. Even so, he couldn’t help but feel that the election was a foregone conclusion. The MASS was genetically engineered to be the most efficient in war and murder, and he was their leader. He had a birthright to become the ruler of the galaxy. Besides, he would probably earn the sympathy vote for almost being assassinated.

Of course, if the Allied Nations survives what was going on outside. He had no idea what could possibly causing the ruckus, but the Acting-Secretary-General had informed them it was simply some rogue terrorists. Then, he noticed, she surreptitiously left the assembly.

By this point, there was un-ignorable sounds of machine gun fire and explosions. Tanks rumbled. The ground shook accompanied by a loud crash, panicking the delegates somewhat. Emperor Harlek, rather annoyed by all the noise, left the chamber and walked into the lobby. The General Assembly lobby was noted for its large glass wall, that gave an astounded Emperor Harlek a full view of the devastation.

Outside, it looked like a cliched warzone, TA soldiers sharing beer on rubble, while the black, red, and yellow standard of the Third Alliance waved in the wind. He regained his focus just in time to see a dreadnut thunder towards him, shattering the glass with nothing more than his bulk.

Harlek recognized the figure by his RIN label.

“Kommander Alec? You idiot! I was this close to taking over the AN!” he yelled, pinching his fingers together in an angry motion.

Kommander Alec was silent, opening his steel-bending claws and tearing open a hole into the General Assembly room. The security guards emptied their magazines on him, but it was to no avail, the bullets bouncing off like gentle drops of rain. The delegates could do nothing but be very still and watch.

There was nothing but silence. Even the teams outside had ceased their work temporarily, and the air hung still, only disrupted periodically by a distant bomb exploding.

The two viewscreens at the front of the chamber lit up, with Siri’s stoic face. She assumed a calm, news-anchor position, and began her lecture.

“Greetings, Allied Nations.

I apologize for not being able to meet you in person for my Secretary-General campaign  speech, but I hope you understand.” Siri paused for a moment, and looked around at her nervous audience. They were being held at gunpoint, anyway.

“The first thing I want you to understand, is my opinion on democracy. Here, every country from the insignificant FELC* to the grand Scythian Empire have the same number of votes- one. This system is inadequate for the new brik-verse. Instead, the Third Alliance has two classes of empires- those worthy of survival, and those that will be enslaved and whose lands will be seized for lebensraum. The current system is an upset of the natural order of superior minifigs ruling the inferior class. If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the Revolution.

The Allied Nations is a failed venture. It had no power, and moreover, focused too much on humanitarianism, the expression of stupidity and cowardice. Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.”

Siri paused once more, standing up and raising her arm in the air.

“We will salute one nation, Der Deutschen Allianz. We will march to the one heartbeat of our Uberkaiser, Piltogg. After all, the great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.” By this point, the delegates collectively were sweating bullets.

“I will spare you all to report to your leaders, and give you the one chance to accept the true nation.”

Siri then blinked out from the screen, and it reverted to static.

As everybody tensely got up, Kommander Alec advanced up the aisle. He saw the Immortal Empire delegate, a typical Immortal.

“Except you.” he said, shoving his chain-gun against the immortal’s nose, and firing.


*@Ross: I think the FELC is pretty cool actually so don’t take it personally

Also, I was surprised how many piltogg quotes fit seemlessly into Siri’s speech.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:49 am
by Thesson
Hmm! Interesting. Wonder what happened to NightOwl and his mercs...

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:07 pm
by Colette
Just as a note- I'm not done yet. The second half is where all the reveals are and all the questions get answered. (Like how the DMF got blown up, why the focus on the Scythian lieutenant, and the significance of the immortal). The first half was all pre-written over a course of a few days, so it'll be a while before I can get the next few installations up.

Come to think of it, this would make an awesome live-action movie.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:23 pm
by Robot Monkey
Amazing work. Can't wait to see the rest!

:guinness: Cheers.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:37 pm
by Thesson
I just hope NightOwl survives this.

Wait is Demoman dead? Or severely injured?

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:59 pm
by Colette
Thesson wrote:I just hope NightOwl survives this.

Wait is Demoman dead? Or severely injured?

Don't worry all the TA leaders will survive this in some form or another (except maybe Zweitekaiser Klaus just to troll silva and also for being unmänly and not participating in the land invasion).

If demo-man died you could always hire a new one.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:57 pm
by Whiteagle
Colette wrote:Instead, they hit a mass of mechanical, unfeeling Mass-Produced Frigates. If Briktoid’s IR337l could laugh, it would have.

Bereft of using her main weapon, Admiral Payton became a little distraught.

“Go ahead with a good ol’ fashioned 1800’s broadside on these TA bastards.” she ordered.

And so they did, wiping out a few hundred Mass-Produced Frigates. They were simply replaced by some extras hiding in the back of the group.

“What kind of a space battle is this!?” bitterly lamented an Assyrian gunner down below. “These invincible, unkillable littles shites! They bring in a force somewhat close to one hundred times the size of ours! And most of it is cheap cannon fodder. Let the Great Triangle damn the Third Alliance, then Briktoid, then Akkadia. And RIN and Trattoria while we’re at it too!”

Shouldn't the Program's name be IRL337 (I are leet) or FunkyB4c0n?

And yes, it does have a Laughing Sub-routine, how else would it mock your pathetic organic limitations?

Colette wrote:The interior of the TURD was cramped, lacking in creature comforts, and all-around, utilitarian.

At least, that was what the enigmatic Commander NightOwl noted. He was at the helm of his own personal TURD, leading a force of Geraldden mercenaries.

“Alright boys, we’re making landfall soon. We’re already in atmospheric descent. Be prepared to shoot the moment you get off.”

The mercenaries nodded grimly- the lure of riches and women had attracted them to the offer, but they soon realized even their entire mercenary company couldn’t hold a candle to the forces they were facing in a war they were thrown into. They were fighting in the biggest city of the country that spends more than almost the rest of the brik-verse combined on military expenditures.

Soon, the TURD crashed through some skyscraper or other, with a loud crunch of metal and brick underneath. The access doors opened, and immediately the first few Geralddens were blown away by a tank shell. An Assyrian Artemis light tank, now painted white with a black AN logo on its turret, was reloading and preparing to fire another shot.

Love this bit, exactly how dropships should be used!

Also loved the earlier imagery of the Briktoid fleet spewing TURDs, like it was taking a giant diarrhea dump on the planet.

Colette wrote:They wandered through this sector of the city, looking for any sort of landmark towards the AN Headquarters. All they found were helpless civilians, their homes and family destroyed, and the never-ending armies of the Briktoid Automata, tricked into believing this was some urban map on Planetside. Off in the distance, he could see the heads of RIN Omega Dooms leveling the city. Commander NightOwl reflected upon the misery they were inflicting- what had these people done to deserve this nonsense?- but regardless, ordered them to attack any American or AN troops and tanks. Soon, USA Commissioner hovertanks began to roll in, demolishing indiscriminately buildings and enemy. NightOwl took up a minigun from a fallen comrade, and sprayed wildly with reckless abandon. What time was there for philosophy now? His mercs fought with all their effort just not to be driven to extinction. All that mattered now was blood, and explosions.

Uhhh... yeah, they weren't tricked.
They may consider them non-player characters, but Civilian Organics are free bonus points after all!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:57 pm
by Zupponn
Cool story so far.  Here's to hoping for a ZMC cameo! :)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:31 am
by Colette
In the vacuum of space, a Kentaurus-class Scythian destroyer hung motionless. Not that anyone could see it.

The captain watched the raging battle between the Third Alliance and the Allied Nations in a sort of spectator mode- the occasional errant shot would hit his destroyer, only to be silently absorbed by the powerful shields. He had been assigned as the leader of this experimental vessel, an unholy love-child between the best of Scythian and captured Immortal technology, yielding practically infinite antimatter power to fuel the undetectable Immortal cloaking fields.

The unsuspecting Third Alliance forces thought their meteorblitzkrieg was a complete secret, but nothing could escape the omniscient eyes of the Scythian Office of Naval Intelligence. They knew it all the moment that upstart “Siri” started whispering plans on Trion. But it was not his duty to intervene- rather, the Emperor himself had relayed to him his new strategy, interwoven with this sudden turn of events. His task was of a different nature entirely, disconnected from this tiny brush-war between the AN*US and the Third Alliance.

But still, the Emperor kept certain things close to himself. Somehow, the Spirit of Ragnablok had become classed as a KINGUNDERTHEMOUNTAIN artifact, and no amount of inquiry would enable the Emperor to reveal his intentions.

His informant onboard had told him things became utter chaos upon the news of the dissolution of the Allied Nations. With no diplomatic agreement between them anymore, Assyrian killed peach, and soon would find a Brittannian wrench in his back. The informant said this would complicate the mission even further.

He only said that because he didn’t understand how far Scythian technology has come.