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Postby Vason » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:49 am

Quantumsurfer wrote: I don't understand how the second one is a big deal to anyone. I have an understanding of the size of things before the game starts.

While anon may not have been talking about this, I would guess he was referring to the rules about Cover, as it isn't always easy to hash out whether a fig is in 1/3 or 2/3 cover in relation to an opponent if said cover isn't right next to them. Nothing a What I Say Goes roll can't quickly handle, though.

IVhorseman wrote:What if super-fast flimsy vehicles had a static bonus based off of their maximum speed? Basically assume something's moving at either max speed, or none.

I'll second this idea, making use penalties a function of the target unit's base speed would make that part of the game go much more swift, as now it could be included on a statcard along with bonuses for Size for a static modifier. I think -1 per 6"(?) up to a cap of -5  was a good metric, and worked well during games I've played.  Perhaps add a bit about when a unit can benefit from this (Must be moving at greater than a 45° to a unit?), and the prerequisite "don't be a dick and fight about being at 44.5°", and I'd say it's sorted.
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