QuickWars: Overly Stupendous Feats?

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QuickWars: Overly Stupendous Feats?

Postby morganm » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:08 am

Do you just work it out with everyone at the table how stupendous a feat can be?  My son is pretty young and imaginative, which is great, but he's also keen on wining... even if it means being stupendously ridiculous.  Is the idea to just get away with as much as everyone else will let you get away with?  Or do you guys really let anything go as long as they make the roll?  There's no inherent limit on range, area of effect, etc... it's wide open.  

I'm wondering if others do it 'sandbox' style where everyone at the table works it out.... or... It's a stupendous feat, the rules are wide open, if you make the roll you can do whatever you want.  

Also; how about failed feats?  Who gets to decide what happens?  Sandbox and everyone has a say in it?  The opponent who defeated the stupendous roll gets to decide?  The player who attempted the feat decides?  

Maybe I'm over thinking it and trying to put too much structure on something that is meant to be wild and free.  I just don't want a game to end in one turn from a stupendous feat after we spent about 3 hours building stuff =P  

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Postby MicVash » Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:20 am

As for just focusing on creating the feat itself, the 2005 Core Rules mention that heroes fall under certain action-hero cliches.  And obviously these cliches create certain attributes for a hero.  For instance, a super soldier with herculean strength could pick up a car and throw it or something.  This also creates some great opportunity for background fluff for your hero.

The Master Rayhawk has some statcards made up for the Knights Kingdom heroes, Jayko, Danju, etc., under the supplements section. These could give you maybe the "balanced" ideas you are looking for.


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