QuickWars: Shooting off one wheel instead of the whole axle

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QuickWars: Shooting off one wheel instead of the whole axle

Postby morganm » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:12 am

It shows in the diagram to blow off a set of wheels, or an axle assembly, that it's 4 studs... but what if you just wanted to shoot at the wheel hub and blow that one wheel off the axle?  Fair game and only takes 1 dmg?  Or you need to blow off the whole axle assembly?
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Postby Warhead » Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:58 am

I would say you are effectively doing the same thing even if your trying to hit something smaller so either you...

1) Still have to take down the same 4 stud damage (1 stud damage to do what is in essence the same thing is cheap and lame and not very sportsmanlike).


2) Trade off the 1 stud damage for a hefty mod to hit the smaller moving target.

Either way you should always have to pay for your cunning success, there are no free lunches and I hear the cake is a lie. But this is only my way of thinking, others may have better advice.
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Postby MicVash » Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:01 am

I agree with Warhead here.  You should have a skill penalty for trying to aim at something so small and specific, and especially if the vehicle is moving.  In fact, these penalties are all ready covered in the 2005 core rules.  -1 Skill to a 2x2 target area.  -2 skill to a 2x1 target area.  -1 skill per 6" of movement.
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