Homebrew Idea and thing : Legscom: Enemy Known

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Homebrew Idea and thing : Legscom: Enemy Known

Postby loafofcheese » Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:20 pm

This was An idea I had while playing XCOM, a Lego based, stripped down version appropriated for Brikwars.
The main idea is that there are two teams, 1: Alien minifigs who are attacking a planet, and the defenders of the planet. (look the aliens up on the XCOM wiki of you want to see them)
Aliens can field more troops (up to 14) but are much more specialised than the Human defenders (4cp each), who can take bonus traits, armour and weapons to allow them to work better in a squad (each trait or piece of equipment adds +1 cp per tech level, there are 3 tech levels; ballistic, laser, and plasma for weapons, and Flak jacket, power armour, specialised power armour for armour), but are limited to a squad of 5, each team gets an allowance of 30 CP,
Human classes and abilities:
Assault: Uses shotguns and Assault rifles, gets close in to enemy, health of 8.
traits: Sprinter: adds +2' to movement; Run and gun, allows minifig to shoot after using move twice in a turn, cooldown of 2 turns, Double tap; Allows 2 shots to be taken per turn
Sniper uses sniper rifles: Health of 7, hangs back
traits: Squadsight; any unobstructed enemy seen by a squad member can be targeted by the sniper, even if they exceed the sniper's limit of vision; Snapshot: allows the sniper to move and fire in the same turn, with an aim penalty of -1 to the roll or changing the UR to 5; In the zone: Killing an uncovered enemy does not count as an action
Heavy uses machine guns, aim penalty of -1 permanently, attacks do Area of effect for 1' health of 10
traits: Grenadier: Allows the heavy two extra MK 1 explosives; Mayhem: All attacks do an extra 2' of area of effect, grenade damage increase of +2; Suppression: Allows the heavy to suppress a target for no damage unless they are using mayhem, but if the target moves the heavy takes a free shot
Support can provide medical assistance and support the squad; uses assault rifles: health of 8
Traits: Medic: Gives 3 medkits that can be used for an instant heal of 2 on any soldier; Smoke grenade:  all units in a 3' area around the smoke grenade receive a defence bonus of +2 when shot at; Saviour: allows the support to revive a dead soldier for the cost of 1 medkit
Weapons and armour:
Assault rifles:
ballistic: 1d6 damage
laser: 1d6 +2 damage
Plasma 1d6 +2 damage and 1 damage per turn for the next 2 turns
Ballistic: 1d8 damage
Scatter laser: 1d10 damage
Alloy cannon/plasma Shotgun: 1d10+3 damage and 1 damage on the next turn
Machine guns:
ballistic: 1d6+2 damage
Laser: 1d8+2 damage
Plasma Cannon: 2d6 +2 damage and 3 damage on the next turn
Sniper rifles:
Ballistic: 1d10 damage
laser: 1d10 +2 damage
Plasma: 2d8+2 damage and 2 damage per turn over the next three turns
Flak jacket; +1 to health, reduces movement by 1/2
Power armour; +3 to health, reduces movement by 1/2
Archangel armour: +2 to health but allows flight,no movement restrictions
Ghost armour: +3 to health but allows cloaking for an extra D6 on the next attack roll,no movement restrictions
Titan armour; +4 to health, immune to fire damage and poison, reduces movement by 1/2

Sectoid; Health of 3, damage of 1d4, can boost an ally's roll by 1, but if the sectoid buffing an ally is killed, the enemy is too (CP cost of 1)
thin man: Health of 3, damage of 1d6, can spit poison for 3 damage and 1 damage every turn after (poison can be cured by medkits)(cp cost of 2)
Cryssalid: health of 7, damage of 1d8-1 can only attack in melee, if it kills an enemy: the enemy becomes a zombie, with health 10, who after 3 turns becomes another cryssalid (CP cost of 7)
Floater: Health of 5, damge of 1d8, can fly (CP cost of 5)
Muton: health of 8, damage of 1d10, can use the suppression ability: (CP cost of 8 )
Cyberdisk: health of 15, can fly, does 1d10 damage and explodes after being killed (CP cost of 10)
Drone: health of 2: can heal the cyberdisk (CP cost of 1)
Ethereal: health of 15: can mind control soldiers with a 1d4 chance of success, does 1d6-1 damage, immune to Damage over time (CP cost of 12)
Battles come in 3 varieties:
Terror:Aliens have to kill 20 Civilians to win, Humans have to kill all aliens and rescue the civilians: a soldier must move next to a civilian( 1') to rescue them, once a civilian is rescued, they are removed from the board. The aliens kill civilians by attacking them.
Abduction: Standard Skirmish, eliminate all opponents:
UFO: Humans have to kill all aliens and Steal UFO components, aliens have to repair the UFO, repair is a standard action taking 1 turn, or 1/2 a tun for a drone

there are 2 types of cover; full and half; full cover means the unit gets a chance of 25% to be hit, while half cover gives a 50% chance, full cover comes up to the minifig's neck, half cover comes halfway up the torso; cover can be any object that fits these requirements on the battlefield

please give feedback and helpful criticism.
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This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
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Re: Homebrew Idea and thing : Legscom: Enemy Known

Postby IVhorseman » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:40 am

I've also noticed that the newer X-COM plays almost exactly like brikwars. I've used the argument to try and convince one of my friends to play it, lol.

I think that going with the exact same health and abilities as are in X-COM is more than uncreative: you're transfering from a video game to a tabletop game, and things are gonna get messed up because of it. However that does NOT mean that you shouldn't at least play test this... it could be a lot of fun, and you'll find out which abilities end up being unfun horseshit.

Squadsight, for example, is actually a really good idea for Brikwars.
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