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"Super-Sized" Brikspace Stat Dump

Postby Colette » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:52 pm

Oloth's Brikspace Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VgA ... 5-_WE/edit

Colette wrote:...
Regarding Normal Weaponry

-“Antennae” turrets are small, with 1d6 damage and 4d6 accuracy
-Medium turrets are any other turret designs, that do not qualify as large. For example, I’ve decided to bump down the tri-barreled Praetorian turrets to medium. Claws and cones are typically indicative of this size. 2d6+2 damage and 3d6 accuracy
-Large turrets must be at least an inch. For example, I still maintain the typical double-barrel Scythian turret as large, as well as. 3d6 damage and 2d6 accuracy
-Mega-class turrets have a 1d6 accuracy and 4d6 damage. Must be at least 2 inches.

-Superweapons are special weapons that are too big to fit in the typical framework of Brikspace. Superweapons must be at least 3 inches or longer- for every inch past 2 inches, the superweapon gains another die of damage. All superweapons share the same accuracy rating to accommodate their vast variety of sizes- they have 1d6 accuracy, and are restricted to either other battleships and dreadnoughts (or other entities of that scale, such as orbital colonies and Elder Gods) or smaller objects that have been stationary for at least one turn. I.E a superweapon is useless against swarming fighters or even destroyers and cruisers, but if say their engines are taken out and they become stationary, then that gives the superweapon enough time to aim and fire at them. There may be exceptions to this, such as superweapons that by virtue of their design act as burst cannons or explosives, but at that point I will expect that the person in charge of that faction homebrew their own stats and provide them to the gamemaster.

Example superweapons in this battle include the USA frigates, and of course the USA dreadnought’s deadly turrets.

-The antimatter projectors on the Emperor will be considered equivalent to light missiles in terms of damage (that is, 4d6 damage and 2 inch blast radius), except as turrets they reach their targets instantaneously instead of having the missile slog through the intervening space over the course of several turns.


Of course I am still soliciting suggestions for microspace-melee stats.

Missiles gain 4d6 damage and 2" extra blast radius per extra inch of length.

Nukes double damage and blast radius per extra inch of length (so exponentially). Starts at 4d8 damage and 6" blast radius as base (one inch or less)
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