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Postby warman45 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:18 am

Patton 20cp

skill 1d12
movement 5"
armor 2d6

heroic feat: once per turn as appropriate for a general figure

special abilties
red shirting:
Any time a General takes damage from an external source he may try to inspire a nearby unit within 1d6" to RedShirt. This does not take an Action; the General can inspire any number of RedShirts in a single turn, but only one for each specific incoming source of Damage. If successful, the RedShirting unit will leap in to take the damage instead, knocking the Hero out of harm's way if necessary The inspired RedShirt must be on the Hero's team, it must be capable of leaping. Additionaly if the general's army killed more men per turn than the enemy, vehicles can also redshirt for the general up to 2d6" away.

Inspiring the troops:
once per turn a general can inspire the troops, he may +1 to thier skill rolls for this turn. however this can only be used if his team killed more enemy troops than he lost last turn or if he got shot at last turn explosive area affects count.

a general is only suseptable to crankiness from another general and not another hero. any hero will not gain crankiness from a general, a hero of Lawful intentions can be redshirted for the general. note hero's are still suseptable to crankyness from eachother

+Really Really Angry. if patton was attacked last turn (and lived) he gains +3 to his next attack roll. (this is a heroic feet so if it fails he might shoot his own toe!)

++ Vehicular Manslaughter. the only way patton can die is if he crashes his jeep. all other outcomes have him critically wounded however still alive. so no points for you unless he crashes his jeep sorry!)

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