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Mega Space Strategy Forum Battle Game (BETA) (MSSFG) (main)

Postby warman45 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:51 pm

alright these are the version 1 rules that i have created for the PLANNED forum battle of awsomeness sorta thing. their are planets. you control a few. they have industry and population (population = max industry possible industry = amount of crap you can do a turn.)

   This will be the general Topic thread that will link the game and make it simpler (hopefully) i MUST point out that currently this game is in a BETA stage. i have semi-randomely chosen people who SHOULD be recieving a PM telling them that they have been invited to participate in a test of the game concept.


   The game currently Features:
1-Basic planet Upgrades (Industry)
2-Custom built ships (there will be a thread with rules for submitting custom desighns and outlining how to build a ship.)
3-Basic Battle Rules

   If anyone has played risk. then you have a rough idea of the game. if anyone has played axis and allies. then you should be good.

   The game will be seperated into regions called planets. Every planet is accessible from every planet. i will keep track of you're tech level. you're planets, you're fleets, the different classes of ships you have desighned, and you're battles. the battle's will be played with papper on my bedroom floor HOWEVER i will re-create scenes on LDD for awsomeness.

   Thank you and have a nice day.

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