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Mega Space Strategy Forum Battle Game (BETA) (MSSFG) (rules)

Postby warman45 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 8:18 pm

Alright. These are the rules for the most epic strategy game to hit the internet since Age of Empires. except that it's a board game/microspace/forum battle/ headache/buttheart/triangle job'd all at once.

   Rules for Submitting Desighns.
1-All ships MUST be made in LDDand submitted to me (in hotmail you can change the extension to .txt to e-mail my email is
2-All ships MUST have a components list attached to them so i know what you'r ship has on it. this should be .txt format (low filesize)
3-All ships MUST conform to the ship creation rules assed below.
4-It is NOT my responsibillity to post threads or info about you'r ships, unless they are involved in a battle. (you can therefore have secret weapons.)
5-NO one has to post information about their ships or status.
6-ONLY ONE OF EACH SHIP TYPE PER FILE (i don't need 100 revenge class frigates only 1)
7-If you are submitting multiple desighns you may have them in one LDD file BUT you must have seperate .txt and an additional .txt identifying each ship based on it's position after loading. (3rd to the right)
8-Name the LDD and the .txt as they same name as the ship. (venator LDD) or i swear i'll call it Insert Name Here 1 or something like that.

if for whatever reason you cannot make LDD then you must include GOOD pictures and i MUST be able to re-create the model in LDD

   Rules For Construction
1-the ship may not have more parts than slots (there is an ass with all the components and the slots they take up)
Note: you calculate slots by taking the number of studs per plate (1 stud that is 1 plate thick = 1 slot a brick is 3)
2-You may ONLY use components for you'r current technological level OR a PREVIOUS technological level (these are assed in the parts list)
3-Be awsome

   Battle Procedure
First ships move. Speed is calculated by (Slots/3)/engine(power) a ship can rotate 45 degrees every 3 inch of movement (and 45 at start) there is also a boost engine wich adds x movement every OTHER turn

Then ships shoot. this is brocken into steps
   -Ramming (auto hit) both players roll a die. >3 = 1 damage to HP
   -Accuracy (die roll > 3 = hit)(missile projectiles ignore accuracy)
   -Shield (Subtract 1 shield to negate 1 hit of an equal or inferior tech level) shields regenerate every turn
   -Armour this requires rolling. attack(damage)/Armour(deffense)
   -hits a ship can take a number of hit's equal to it's HP ((Slots/3)/3)
If a ship is out of HP it explodes (COOL!)

Other (this is special weapons and stuff)
   certain special componnents (like hanger) require their own phase. hangers launch fighters and other stuff happens.

   Battle Map
every turn player's manage their planets move their fleets and kill each other. orders are excepted for the battle map every week (for now)
   -first people build using their planets. a planet has an industry number. you can spend these "points" on any of the following:
1-build 3 slots on a ship (per industry)
2-build industry (1 per point (you may not exceede the planets population in industry))
3-research (costs assed in list section)
   -next you move you're fleets.
   -you gain control of the planet you just conquered (if it isn't their homeworld)

example of properly submitted fleet


left: Needle Corvette
Center: Sword Light Destroyer
Right: Punisher Battle Cruiser

Needle Corvette

Slots = 18
1 Base plate
2 RocketI
2 ThrusterI
1 light Turret

Sword Light Destroyer

Slots = 24
1 Base plate
4 RocketI
2 ThrusterI
1 light Turret

Punisher Battle Cruiser

Slots = 57
2 Base plate
6 RocketI
3 ThrusterI
3 light Turret
1 Advanced Bridge
1 Hanger
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