Bioshock scenario.

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Bioshock scenario.

Postby dilanski » Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:09 pm

build a large battlefield full of interesting points, have chokepoints, open areas with balconies. place weapons around the battlefield each with very particular stats. Also place various plasmids and Eve hypo's also place some gatherers gardens to buy better plasmids. place several splicers around the field, have variety over the whole battle ground, but put suitable splicers in suitable areas, have leadheads in chokepoints, spiders in open areas, houdini's in obstacle filled terrain. aswell have Big daddies and little sisters around and have them re-spawn.

The following rules are in effect:

Plasmids can only be bought from GG's for ADAM, ADAM is only found on little sisters, Ls's can only be harvested when an accompanying big daddy is killed. Players can only carry one weapon but Infinite plasmids. Everything, And i do mean EVERYTHING! respawns, When anyone is killed others can search there cold bodies for ADAM and Eve Hypos etc.
Grant bonuses for combo attacks, for example a water plasmid followed by an electric plasmid, or a freeze plasmid attack followed by a melee attack.

For every eve hypo a player has he can use 3 plasmid attacks, note down the number of plasmid attacks a player has on a sheet of paper.

Little sisters can use a full turn to get 50 ADAM off any dead body+ADAM they are carrying, note down the amount of adam each Ls has.

Possible games:-

each player has control of a group of splicers who want to kill off all other splicers in the area, have cruddy weapons to start. aswell have a load of NPC splicers controlled by basic dice rolls.

Have several players each with a powerful charecter, have them try to control the city, use Hit point rules. play until theres no point.

Have several players in a splicer infested horror land, first on to the last batheysphere wins! obviously you'll need to collect parts, tools, keys certain plasmids etc, players respan at vita-chambers.

You may want to add:-
Multiple ammo types to unlock for guns, to create nice combo's, e.g. incendary arrow to a group of splicers standing in a oil pool.
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