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Postby Warhead » Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:14 pm

The guns, very retro so very awesome.

The last guy, I have one of those helmets too and wondered what it would look like without the wings, not bad.
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Postby HVNSNT SOLDIER » Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:15 pm

Glad you like'em  :wink:  The Bat Knight helm conversion is probably my favorite i've done so far. And yeah, my main goal was for a retro style classic space army, retro futura if you will lol! Here's another Kustom Weapon coming your way, this time its based off of the Artifax expansion!
(the chart below still under construction)

Name: Blood Grail
Type: Artifax
Cost: 50 CP

A dark artifakt from an ancient civilization, the Blood Grail is a weapon of terrible, gory power. It is said the blood of it's past victims fills those who wield it with inhuman power, but at the price of their own mortality. For eventually, the Blood Grail claims its wielder's own blood for itself, a maniacle and horrible death awaiting the poor soul foolish enough to use it. For the grail doesn't care for who's blood flows, only that it flows...

Heroes/Sigfigs wielding the Blood Grail have a +5 to armor and health stats. Anytime the Hero slays an enemy, the hero gains +1 to his stats mentioned above per kill. However, should the Hero him/herself take damage that would outright kill them, roll a D6 on the chart below:

1: Soul Feast: The grail's spirit becomes manevolent and blood-drunk, craving the souls of all around it. The hero is killed in a plume of blood, along with anyone within the immediate 1d6" vacinity, their gore, chunks, and bloody mess sucked into the goblet with a burping noise and evil laugh.
2: Blood Boil: The grail bloats and boils the hero's body from the inside out until they burst in a bone and bile shrapnel explosion, equal to a Mk 3 missile explosion.
3: Blood Rage: Fueled by the malice within the grail's spirit, the hero goes on a berzerk rampage. He has double his stats until the end of his/her turn, in which the hero collapses dead from his heart bursting. (hey, the grail craves blood, it gets what it wants)
4:Wrath Golem: Bursting forth from the hero's insatiable lust for battle, his own emotions turn against him as the grail fuels his rage to such levels it becomes a sentinent being, tearing from the body in a crimson mist and attacking the nearest target. The Wrath golem has a life span of 1d6 turns, but insta kills anyone who fails a morale test against it. Otherwise, it has the stats of the hero doubled (movement the same) and attacks normally.
5: Gristly Metamorphosis: The hero's body snaps, cracks, rips and tears itself into a grisly icon of gore and bone. All minifigs within 10" of the icon are thrown into an uncontrollable rage, their attack values doubled. The icon and it's effects last 1d6 turns before being absorbed into the blood thirsting grail.
6: Seemingly Normal: There seems to be no effect.... for now. The hero can feel the grail's power coursing through their veins, adding a +1 modifier to the roll on this chart the player must take their ext turn.
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Postby Warhead » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:28 am

Pretty good, I like the Blood Grail name, the spells are good too, I seem to remember using a few in either Diablo or Balders Gate.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
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Postby Magic Soap » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:16 am

In retaliation/retort/response to the grenade comment:

Here are some ideas for other grenade effects other than 12345boom:

6: Soul-stealers: latches onto a group of targets (1D6). Next turn, roll 1D6 for each target. On a 4 or more, the target loses 1 wound, which is added to the grenade thrower's (to maximum of grenade thrower's, so only high troops and heros would use these).
7: Sonic grenade: Massive sonic force, causing feedback in electronics and a physical force pushes targets in (area of effect 3" +1d6) 5" away from centre of impact.
eight: Vegetable: Does what the packaging says: Vegetates the minds of targets. (No rules, so sod off.)
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