my random stats for random stuff.

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my random stats for random stuff.

Postby solvess » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:03 pm

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Basically I made a bunch of stats for stuff, tell me how you like them. you are free to use the stats just say they are mine. Also if there is something here you would like me to attempt making just ask.
-troll with club and shield cp:11
skill:1d6 armor:1d10+3
club- dmg:3d6 use:4 range:cc
shield- dmg:2d6 (shove 4") use:4 range:cc may be used to parry.

-centaur cp8
skill:1d6 move:10" armor:1d10
half horse- may be ridden like a horse.

-medium (If you know D&D you know that it is (human) minifig size) fire elemental cp:15
skill:1d8 move:6" ar:1d10
fireball- dmg:2d6 use:4 range:9"
fiery body- any thing that attacks this creature in cc takes 1d4 fire damage. This creature takes damage form water. and fire damage inflicted on this creature adds to its armor instead.

-necromancer cp:15
skill:1d10 move:7" armor:1d10
scythe- dmg:2d6 use:4 range:cc
necromancy- use:5 summon 1d6-1 skeletons.

-skeleton cp:5
skill:1d6 move:6'' armor:1d6

will post more later (there is alot).
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