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island game

Postby CreatioNZ » Fri May 30, 2008 9:42 pm

hello, my friend and i have come up with a game based on Brikwars. it mainly uses minifig stats and weapons and part of the special creations stats.

Here it is

both teams have an allocated small island
the map also has a larger more central island.

Every team has 500-1000 cps to start with. they may spend all their points on minifigs/weapons or purchase bricks during your other turns
in a turn you may. you cannot buy special creations before/during the game.

During your turn you may:

use actions to take bricks (from the map), build with them, or attack minifigs/creations.

before you start your turn (this applies to every turn) you can pick out 10 bricks (this includes anything from BURPS to wheels) from a large collective pile. For every stud on a brick it cost 1 cp per stud. so a car chassis would cost about 10cps. Once purchased, minifigs may use the bricks to build whatever you want (buildings boats etc). You may sell previous brought/taken bricks for studs divided by 2 = cost.

you can also trade other player at an arranged price.

Propulsion on creations

the bigger the engine the faster it goes.

1" engine (Paddles, minifig hands, 2x2 brick) = 5 inch movement

2" engine = 10 inch movement

3" engine = 15 inch movement

4" engine = 20 ich movement

For special creation armour I am not sure about. I thought maybe everything having like 2d10 or you purchase the armour similar to Brikwars 2005 rules. (amount of studs x armour level = cost) or different colours have different armour levels.

So the idea is to pull other peoples islands apart,sell the bricks and build a fleet and destroy everything. once you ru out of Contruction points, you can only trade with other players. The trading with brick pile stops.

tell me what you think. Im pretty sure there are some other rules so i will write them later.
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Postby piltogg » Fri May 30, 2008 10:25 pm

sounds like empire earth or age of mithology or any other of that kind of game.

I have thought of doing something like this too exept with a pirate ship instead of an island
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Postby CreatioNZ » Sat May 31, 2008 3:52 pm

yeah we were coming up with all these ideas and found out were were just recreating age of empires with a small lego twist. :lol:
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