"Medik" and Support Figs

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"Medik" and Support Figs

Postby feuer_faust » Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:30 pm

Just an idea I had bouncing around my noggin, so I figured I'd share. It's a couple of standard archetypes for miniatures games / dungeon crawling parties... Brikwarsified. The only thing is that I could use some succintifying of the rules, as I feel as they might be a little too verbose for this game.

"Medik" 7 cp
A medik has access to state of the art medical stuff, and can do amazing things with it. However, he'd rather use it in some horrifyingly hilarious ways instead. His Hypocritical Oath demands it!

Skill: 1d6
Move: 5"
Armor: 4

Take zis und you vill be right as rain (1 cp/dose): If a non-creation unit within 12" would die (including himself of course), the Medik may use his reaction this turn to summon a spare minifig with no gear next to the victim, and the new minifig redshirts for them. He may have a maximum of three spare redshirts waiting in limbo at any one time.
Zis is just vhat zee doctor ordered (2 cp): The Medik may attempt a sedation attack on any non-creation unit he can melee with his weaponry. The attack has a use of 4 and a damage of 1d6-2, and if successful the unit does not strictly die, but is removed from the table, stripped of equipment, and added to his reserves of redshirts. If full, one of the four has got to die, decided by the Medik's player.

Support Fig 6cp
This guy really loves to see his teammates succeed. However, some suspect that he's really just a more patient kind of princess that loves it even more to see his teammates fail. Who knows?

Skill: 1d6
Move: 5"
Armor: 4

"Motivational" Techniques (2cp): The Support Fig may use his reaction this turn to react to a friendly non-creation unit's skill roll, so long as the friendly unit is within range of one of his weapons: he adds an extra +2 to the initial roll. If the roll fails, the Support Fig takes a shot at the friendly unit with one of his in-range weapons. If the roll fails and is a 1, he automatically deals damage exceeding the unit's armor and kills it.
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Postby Keldoclock » Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:35 pm

Didn't we have a long thread on Mediks a while back which ended up in a few statcards being made?

Also Stubby has official Mediks in the parts of Brikwars 2010 he hasn't released yet.
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