skelatons, elves, and dwarfs

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skelatons, elves, and dwarfs

Postby bigbigdogbig » Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:20 pm

here are some more fantasy races.

skeleton  6cp

skill: 1d6+1
move: 6"
armor: 4

no flesh +1: skeletons get +1 armor against ranged attacks and are not damaged by fire attacks.

elf  9cp

skill: 1d6+4
move: 7"
armor: 4

elven grace +1: parry for elves is 1d6+2.  
bow proficiency +1: +1 damage with a bow.

dwarf  8

skill: 1d8
move: 4"
armor: 6

dwarven resilence +2: can not be damaged by fire attacks, a dwarf can never be pushed, and dwarves take half damage from rams.
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