Solar Federation Stat Cards

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Solar Federation Stat Cards

Postby HAL-9001 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:32 pm

Hello, fellow BrikWarriors.  Here are the stat cards to my Solar Federation, making use of my GIMP template.  I will be making modifications in the future (changing the color, for one thing), not to mention making more cards when I've got the models done.  I would also like feedback on Engineering and Medical Training (I think they're about right -- the big change is that Engineers and Medics can buff Creations and Creatures, respectively).

First edit: Changed the color to a metallic cyan (sorry about the black border -- MOCpages' HTML uploader doesn't handle the transparent border very well).

The Solar Federation is one of the youngest star nations, but its rate of expansion is unparalleled; it is said, only half-in-jest, that the Solar Federation's primary export is Exploration Fleets. However, the Federation quickly learned that the galaxy is a dangerous and unforgiving place to those who would venture into the uncharted wilderness, and so the Solar Federation Armed Forces were founded to protect their fleets and colonies against the dangers of the void. The threats of the galaxy are manifold, from the all-consuming Ever-Builders, to the xenophobic Imperium Constructor, to the myriad Space Pirate fleets which plague the trade routes between the stars; regardless of their nature or number, the Solar Federation stands firm against them all!

Command Units:

Coming Soon: Navy Captain, Marine Commander, Flight Commander, Chief Engineer, Medical Officer, Executive Officer, and characters thereof

Core Units:

Coming Soon: Marine/Sergeant, Spaceman/Petty Officer, Pilot/Wing Leader

Assault Units:

Coming Soon: Marine Scout, Raider Jet-Pack

Foehammer Drop Pod


Full-size stat card available here.

Lancer Pursuit Fighter


Full-size stat card available here.

Support Units:

Coming Soon: Marine Demolisher, Fat Man Hardsuit, Pillbox, Mule Hovertruck, Thunderbird Shuttle, Bunker

Defender Sentry Turret


Full-size stat card available here.

Fury Gunship


Full-size stat card available here.

Specialist Units:

Coming Soon: Medic, Engineer, Gunner, SF Intelligence


Mk. I SF Armor (+2 CP)

The Solar Federation Armed Forces use the best equipment available, and that includes their armor.  Mk. I SF Armor grants a +1 Armor Bonus without a Movement Penalty, and includes a clip for a wearer to store a Short piece of equipment.

Mk. II SF Armor (+3 CP)

The Solar Federation Armed Forces use the best equipment available, and that includes their armor.  Mk. II SF Armor grants a +2 Armor Bonus without a Movement Penalty, and includes a clip for a wearer to store a Short piece of equipment.

Engineering Training (+3 CP)

An Engineer with a Tool can spend an Action to initiate Construction.  At the end of his player's turn, the Engineer rolls skill; until the start of his player's next Turn, he can grab any loose element within that many inches to Build new objects (SL 0) or Repair existing ones (increasing Effective Size and/or Structure Level by one with an appropriately sized patch, up to SL 3).  Alternatively, if he is in contact with a Creation for a full round, he may spend an Action to add his skill to that Creation's Armor (as long as he remains in contact) or Disassemble the Creation by removing (Sk -- SL) components.

Medical Training (+3 CP)

A Medic with a Med-Kit can spend an Action trying to heal a Creature (living or dead) by one point of Size Damage, at UR 6.  Critical failure means that the Creature takes one point of Size Damage (or becomes Dead For Real and cannot be healed again), although if the revival is being done in a Medical Bay (3 x Bed Size CP per bed), the Medic gets a +1 bonus to healing skill rolls and cannot critically fail.  Alternatively, a Medic in contact with or in the same Squad as a Creature can help bolster their immune systems, spending an Action to add his or her Skill to the Creature's defense.

Fleet Units:

Coming Soon: Unity-class Frigate, Monitor-class Cruiser, Thunderbolt-class Destroyer, Enterprise-class Battleship
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Postby GeneralOfDeath » Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:51 pm

Nice so far, get some more up!
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Postby Rev. Sylvanus » Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:26 pm

I love the turret concept; it feels very TF2
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